The Spiral Spirit

Breaking the boundaries of your normal life.

Above, Apache Dream Society Shield, and below, Women gather in Pantelleria for the first ceremony of the Womens Circle.

Art (Life) as a Revelation (The Spiral Spirit)

It is possible.

You have to take a chance.

You have to understand that the moments you have of pure light, even if for only a single heartbeat, contains all the information your spirit needs to awaken into a life of walking in beauty. Every person has a moment of light. Sometimes the light is like thunder, and so you can become frightened. Every seed of light which reaches inside your soul, so that the dreamer within is excited and open, even for the briefest moment, this is the real treasure of god.

Sometimes I guess I think I tend to ramble on, tend to repeat myself. I have found myself struggling at many times in my life. To move my life into a new culture, into taking my little bundle wrapped around an old red sacred pipe is a little breathtaking at times. Where will the means come to go step by step around this earth? Will people come forward to believe in the work of one old indian man? Will people help me or must I go alone, the old pipe strapped to a sack on my back?

Maybe I will make a painting of that. That idea, that image....

The Elk Dancer is shown in the ancient picture writing doing the work all alone. The Elk Dancer is one who carries something sacred.

Am I to go and stand with the thunder beings inside my own skin right there around the world. Stand there and make my song, feel the earth and make a little mark on the ground with a fire or a stone? It seems like such a good idea, something exciting.....something that might make a difference.

The Sacred Fire of Saint Antonio blazes inside my eye
awake in the floating world
i see and feel some light
like the way a wind blows through a crack under the door,
I sing my song between the shadows
of time
even of hope and fear
in between
my heartbeats
I believe in the promise I made
in its beauty and in the power to do right
to do the right thing
at the right time and in the right way
so i burn
burning here, right on this earth
......................................................................a spiral spirit


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