Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Gray Antelope Rule

Digital Revelation of Eclipse Photo (above)
Below, New sculpture today "emergence"

05 March

The Gray Antelope Rule

In these days we make the fire each day. The Sacred Fire, sometimes called the Morning Fire, also the Tobacco Fire.
If you make the fire every day you will change things. From now until the Spring Equinox (21 March, 1 am cet) we make the fire each day.

The wood is Olive, Lemon and Eucalyptus. The 3 sacred wood and plants of this island. The Lemon tree is very happy on this island. It grows typically in what is called an "Arabic Garden". This is a very tall circular shaped in stone, a large house really, and inside you grow the lemon tree. The shape captures the condensation and so conserves water and also protects the tree from the formidable winds.

The Tobacco Fire is an opening, a kind of mouth through which the earth can speak to you....but also an ear so you can hear yourself when you talk to the earth. Does the earth listen as well as speak?It depends entirely on the subject.

On the Equinox I will make a Ceremony For the Passito, the magical and unique in all the world wine of Pantelleria. In
ancient times these ceremonies for the wine were very long and very intense. Today things are different, more quiet. The emrgence from Winter into Spring however is very intense. You can feel the earth hum and buzz hear on Pantelleria, a very particular sound. We will gather for a feast and then make a circle around one fire and at the end pour the Passito into the fire. There will be a long old Indian Song, possily the water drum.

I want to pile the stones up to make a gigantic Turtle that can be seen from outer space and y the NATO jet fighters that sometimes practice in our skies. I had this idea when I first came to this island.

The Gray Antelope Rule is very simple: What You Want Is Nearby, Within 10 Feet. Whatever it may be. That You Think. You Need.

On the night of the Eclipse 10 of us gathered around the fire in the night. The red moon was over us, a little to the north. Red and sweet. For a moment each phase of the moon was made by the progressing shadow. The shadow was as spectacular as the red light. Sometimes we call the moon The Changing Woman.

Gray Antelope was a Master of the Mystery Life. A man who understood why water is sacred, why Blue Corn needs to feel the dancing of the women coming up from the earth into her roots. Life should feel very good.

Inside the circle of the little fire, we have the mountain to the left of us, the sea to the right of us, the village in front of us, the valley of the volcano behind us, the sky above us and the open heart of the earth below us. We sing softly and the sounds of life are like the sails of the sea being moved by the wind of the sea.

Each day the fire says something, each day the meditation is the same but also different. 8 things become true all at once. Inside the fire we put our tobacco, we put in nothing, shadows of light and root sprinkled into the void, asking for nothing. Everything we need. Is 10 feet away at most. Nearby. Your life is just nearby. Right were you are.

I think about the little fire and the circle of people singing an old indian song as I fall into sleep.

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