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Equinox: Ritual Touching of the Earth

5 men and 15 women moved in circles and put Tobacco around the little tobacco fire and went into the sweat lodge; the womb of the mother earth. Eqinox has opened a door. Passing through this door we made the old singing, and this opened the door between our bodies and the earth. The stones were very hot. Yes, the stones were very hot. We embraced many times and many things were said in Italian, as we did this ceremony in Parabiago Italy, a village near Milan.

Equinox and Solstice ceremonies take place with the little fire ceremony. One group also made the all night singing ceremony. This is a special ceremony for The Dreamer, for the Dreaming. It is a good ceremony to do for 9 days. Possibly on Pantelleria we can have one day the 9 day ceremony. The ceremony moves; yet we have had more than one dozen strong ceremonies here in this place, in the home of Carlo and Paola and their 4 children.

This is the ceremony we did, the songs we made and sent to the mystery life on these days. The Wor…

Sweat Lodge Stories: in the village of the shoes.

17 September
Parabiago. In Parabiago perhaps the most beautiful shoes for the most beautiful feet in all the world are made privately and by the good group of people all came together for a ceremony in these two days. The ceremony starts at a small tobacco fire, a morning fire. This is the First Place. The starting point. Beyond this little fire you find the sweat lodge fire heating the stones. After the sweat lodge there is the Night Singing for the dream, for the dreaming, a ceremony for the dreamers. The sweat lodge was very strong, the rocks very hot. We have done about 10, maybe more, sweat lodge ceremonies here in Parabiago. On each ceremony, the group and the circumstances have been different. There is a core group of us who work to keep the lodge going. In these days I am here to do 10 days of ceremonies. The last one will be the equinox moment and throughout that day.

We made the little morning fire, the little fire in the front of the house. That fire has been he…

Pizza Oven: Cooking Fire in the House

Pizza Oven restored and made to work for us this night!

While America bleeds and George Bush stumbles and mumbles......I am here, where tonight we fired up the huge stone pizza oven we have .....inside the kitchen of our house. Earlier in the year we did a big cleaning and restoration of this old pizza, or really just an old baking oven. We were waiting for the right moment and tonight came quickly and suddenly to be the night. Clouds hang over the island. The air is cool and the oven fire in the old house is very magical and sweet. I remembered to get in the auto and run out and get beer at the last minute, minutes before they closed. Meanwhile Filippo had gone into town to buy the big long opizza shovel, but they only had the one for bread. He brought that one home with him. It was ok for taking the pizza out. To put the pizza in we used a wide and floured cutting board (which we made last year from an old wood cabinet)….Silvia floured the board and made a lovely slide gesture and th…

Spirits of Water and Wind

the big water bowl.............

The water tends to reflect the emotional terrain of the house in any given moment. The daily meditation to put water into the big stone bowl is part of the revelation which has been unfolding in the world journey....after two years keeping water in the bowl I accept that this is a strong addition to the sacred space where the fire is living.

On the night of the full moon rising over the rim of the old volcano, the rum cubano slightly chilled is one of the fortunes of my rebellion in style, here on Pantelleria. You can find information about Pantelleria elsewhere on the pages here.

Since I made and finished this stone bowl in the photos here I knew that each ceremony of the sacred fire is accompanied by the small ceremony of keeping water in the water bowl. Pantelleria has no fresh water, anywhere. Never did have it. Rain water. Every house and out-building is a water collector. Even today many people depend entirely on the rain water filling their cisterns…

Dreaming: A neglected tool in human development and growth!!

Art of the Dream
AICAP Digital Tribal Arts Quarterly

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The old Indians believed in dreaming. For centuries before the coming of the modern people dreaming held a very active and important place in tribal life. It as used to guide ceremonial migrations, finding food, names, and a whole range of services and experiences.

For whatever strange reason the modern people did not have this knowledge at all. Dreaming right now is the key to an opening into life we do not yet know at all….a new life a new society is longing in the hearts of so many people in this world.

The particular object.
In my culture if someone gives you something in particular…a medicine object say, then you have an obligation to take your thinking to a special place. You cannot just believe something ordinary happened, like someone gave you a cookie or a glass of water. When something particular …

Lacie: A computer hardware company that could care less

Lacie Computer Hardware (Disk drives, monitors)

Customer Support: 0 (possibly the sorriest customer support ever)

Reliability of Products: 0. If they work; ok....if they don't, throw in the trash.

As a traveller, and the manger of a humitarian project on a budget, I need reliable and portable hardware. A little over a year ago I searched for hours and hours to find a small bus-powered harddrive for my Apple Powerbook laptop. I needed something that was tough and strong and reliable. After my long search I choose Lacie 40 gb Databank Firewire hard disk drive. It was nearly twice the cost of every other drive I reviewed, coming in at almost $400 for a 40 gb drive.

The hype on their web site was to promote the reliability and service of their company in offering this drive.

Well, a very short time after the warranty expired the drive failed. The case failed, not the drive. So I contacted Lacie to get a repair. I was told they do not do out of warranty repairs on any of their products. Fur…