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Bloging Into The Void

Though our news is good, perhaps even profound, we continue to Blog into the Void. While jabbering blogs on every conceivable subject elicit millions of comments and international attention, the news of the world journey of the four directions unity bundle talks only to itself. Even our friends do not visit or write comments…even our families ignore us. Usually if you do something, like sell cookies, there is at least an auntie or a neighbor who will check you out just for the cause of good manners.

I have been dealing with the relative invisibility of this work for decades. I remain unbowed. When I think of the long road ahead, I know we are doing our part to make something useful, something that can be carried into the future.

The seeming contradiction of invisibility versus progress is not intimidating, it changes nothing. When I travel around and visit the old Indians I always learn about where what is real is revealed. The old Indians have never heard of you, or of even the most fa…

Strangers on a Lake

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17 december 2007


To run ahead and go where the others have yet to follow. To be responsible for all the people near to your life. A person able to move directly and without hesitation into the unknown. An energy of exploration made possible by the obligation to take care of those who will follow.

You cannot run ahead and leave everyone behind. Running ahead really means “bring back something useful”.

108 Sacred Fires want to be lighted upon the mother earth, in a circle with its home point being Pantelleria Island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a place with a great Manitou. It is a Small Turtle floating and dreaming on an emerald sea. In the beginning of time Sky Woman made the Mother Earth from a tiny mound of earth brought up from the bottom of the sea.

By placing a long sacred morning tobacco fire here we are appealing directly to the mystery life in what is a visible language and intentions.

For the next days, until the Winter Solstice at 7:08 am he…

Tanit and Apollo

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The meaning of is: In this mystery life, the meaning of is, is that it is my privilege to speak freely. I told all of the elders with whom I spoke and dreamed and smoked that I would exercise this privilege in a circle around the world. They said the meaning of is is that it is ok.

16 November
A tiny spot on my left thumb itches beyond all measure of the space, or tiny spot that it is. Among other things, Pantelleria is itchy.

Everybody has heard of Apollo. Not the perfume or sports-car apollo, but The Apollo. He was seduced by with and around a mysterious sacred woman that we all know as Tanit. Tanit was the Daughter of the Wind.

When she told me her name, I knew my life from now on was going to be on her belly. I changed virtually everything in my life, everyone in my life, my country, my past, all in that moment, without hesitation.

When Apollo met Tanit, she gave him a cup of Passito, in the sunlight. In that moment the golden light of Passito capt…

400 years ago . . . how time flys

Native American Awareness Month (November 2007)

400 years

All those shadows of time

I have made a free screen saver that works on Windows or Apple Computers. It is a series of painting showing ancient petroglyphs or rock art images from all over North America. There are some other photographs and images, but the theme is mostly images of the ancient mystery, ceremonial life. It is FREE, a gift for the digital new world. Follow this link to reach the download page.

400 years

My birthday was 400 years ago. I was born along an ancient river. The water looked like diamonds as the light from the sky kissed my belly, floating in the river. I was a little otter at that time. Sometimes I could hear the old drums. Some of the other sounds I could hear was the sound of so many feet, feet moving to sound, feet moving through time, feet covered with the dust of the earth. I think they were dancing on the earth, following the flowing river as it carried me along through blue skys and winds filled with …

Shadows Pretending to be Light

“…secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny”

The quote above could be from any of our heroes of the past…writers, scientists, the occasional politician, artists.

At Taos Pueblo, and other tribal communities with Casino operations, there is a lot of secrecy. The money comes in one door and no one ever sees it leave. The people have nothing, being one of the poorest tribes in an otherwise affluent New Mexico economy.

In the United States Government there is a tiny, ugly little man who moves around in secret. He has made a government which ignores the Constitution and basic human rights in favor of doing the war on terrorism. He is the guy the terrorists are after, not you and me. So he hides in his secrets and all the men and women of power in the government seem powerless to stop him, or even question him. His name is dick cheney, the so-called vice president of the united states.

In your heart there is a voice which speaks the truth to you. You know it is the truth because it always asks you…

Pilots, Guides, Teachers and the Rule of Silence

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There is so much more on the earth that we have yet to discover. Science has yet to credibly decipher and understand even the most simple of the rock art in North America. How did those ancient artists paint such vivid colors in caves where there was no light. The paintings also show no carbon stains as might be expected if one were using candles, torches. Some Indians have argued that people were disciplined members of special societies and that seeing in the dark was no great challenge for them. Sometimes I believe this explanation…or if not believe, at least can imagine it.

As any good strategist knows, moving and living invisibly is a particular requirement of people with secrets. Poor people, working people, the ordinary people of the world leave great heaps of rubbish and marks of their passing. The members of secret societies leave no mark or trail, unless one knows precisely what to look for.

Advanced trickster would leave advanced t…

Mudjeekwas (Equinox)

Equinox. Mudjeekwas.

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In these days I have had to gather up my body and go for some consulting with Italian doctors. I have a gathering collection of problems, some of them quite serious. On Pantelleria we have the equivalent of no medical care for anything except the most simple injuries. It is very sobering to have these problems. Sickness or injury comes to almost all of us sooner or later. My problems have really slowed down the work this year. On the positive side I have been able to focus time on myself and understanding more clearly where I want to go with my work with the sacred pipe.

For sure I want very much to stand in a few other countries with this sacred pipe. the thought of my life ending now is something i am not ready for. I want to make more progress with this work. Now I understand my time is limited. That is the most important new information I suppose…my time is limited.

My body feeds my senses. Sometimes it tells me that bringing s…

Notes from DreamTime

(Picture: Gigantic Pipe seen in a dream by an Italian woman on Pantelleria, Italy)

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“My friend, you must live. Yes, live and endure everything. That is contained in the promise you made when you became awake and choose this life, this red road. You must endure all and prevail with silence and without tracks. How far you have to go! Any fool can die. Any fool can quit. But you must endure right up to the very last moment. Everything you know, everything that you will become and what you will leave behind, to help all the others find the way, depend upon this. It is here, in your hands and there in your heart.”
…from the councils of the Tobacco Indian

I settled own, stretched out in the water
sacred water, rain water
heated by the sun and the old volcano
stripped bare, open to the touch of the wind
i floated and not quite dreaming
my belly was open and the sky went inside
endure everything
like the sacred water endures the sky
even stars have seeds
trails of …

Waiting...............(part 2)

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"I have always believed I could trust my own senses, my mind and heart, my body and my spirit to help me understand when I am present with the truth. I believe that the teachings and rituals of the Sacred Pipe and the other ceremonies have helped make this possible for me in the strongest way. I believe that is the real purpose of these teachings.

Indian religion is not a faith religion. Indian religion is about a way of behaving and thinking and taking responsibility for your life.

The Sacred Teaching is a Warrior Teaching. This is why we call it Sacred. The great teachings give you power to stand where it is true and safe and bright.... But it ain’t easy." ...Tobacco Indian

A life with the Sacred Pipe, all life long

©2007 Turtle Heart.

Reflections (only)

I grew up with the sacred pipe in my life every day, since I was a very young man. Through many talks, some of us came up with the idea to take the morning light, or first light of day pipe ceremony aound the worrld. Sometime we got really excited about the possibility. This was almost 30 years ago now. My father was an Ojibway Indian man. I was never sure about his enrollment status. He hated being an Indian. He was one of the ones they sent to indian school in Illinois. It ws an ugly thing to do to an entire generation of American Indian people. I came to know other relatives of my father’s family when I was younger and this is what brought Sacred Pipe into my life.

The idea of taking the Sacred around the world appealed to me as an Indian boy then, and now as an Indian man I feel the same way. Back then the first thing we needed to do was take the first sacred pipe we had (now we have 14) and take it to as many elders as we could for their bless…

Feeding the Spirit

©2007 Turtle Heart
We are down here
waiting with the wind
we were over there burning in the dryness
and emptiness of those who guide us
except in line
now we are waiting with the wind
here on the other side of the world
I put down my dreams
I feed my earth and sing an old song sometimes
down here
waiting with the wind
on the other side of the world

Spirit bowl is a daily practice when practiced in its pure form, but can be done at anytime. Anyone can do it, rich or poor, in the city or the country.

Each time you eat you prepare a small plate of food. This small plate of food is taken to a place near to your home and left there. It is food for the spirits, for the hungry, for the mystery life. It does not matter if it is eaten by birds, or dogs, or cats, or whatever might be out there and passing by.

Many of my old friends would put their favorite foods or the favorite foods of someone who has passed away into this plate. I knew one elder who really lo…

The Sheiks of Zuni : Middle East Family Seeking To Control Lucrative Tribal Art Markets?

©2007. Turtle Heart, Ojibwe Artist for the AICAP Group

Middle Eastern family Business associates (possibly one family in control) are moving to dominate and control American Indian Art sales in the lucrative Southwest.

When I first starting visiting around in Indian country, as we call it,1975 or so, I was surprised to see so many art galleries selling American Indian Art. A lot of this art was really fantastic. In those days the Indians were still making art for themselves, for other Indians. Believe me there is a big difference in the art Indian people make for themselves and the art they come more and more to make only for the sales at market. This is the quality of stuff you would see everywhere. fantastic things of great beauty.

I first came to the plaza in Santa Fe, for example, at 2 in the morning. I had been driving all night. The plaza was utterly quiet and deserted. Every shop was crammed full of masterpieces of bead-works, fetish necklaces, cradle boards for babies, beaded c…

I Am A Wa-beeno : Part Two

©2007. Turtle Heart

Shamanism requires life and death awareness. The knowledge of suffering and pain (the underworld) overwhelms and destroys most good candiadtes for this work inside tribal culture. You must enter into and survive the dangerous journey into the underground. How many people do you know who have done that? There are no lawyers or 911 to come to your aid inside this underworld. It seems these days many modern people read a few books, beat on a drum they bought in a “shamans supply store”, take some “workshops” and they are ready to be “the chosen” to take away suffering and pain. Usually it is not suffering and pain they seek to relieve but something they call “personal power”. Many of them seem especially interested in this concept. Modern literature, when it talks about these practices romanticizes them with such seductive phrases.

One of the problems is that many people hunger to feel “chosen”...the one special “star” apart from the others. In a good shamanic Indian so…

I Am A Wa-beeno : Part One

©Copyright 2007, Turtle Heart

“Let us kill all the Indians, then we can use their drums and songs and feathers and then we will be The Indians. Or, wait, we can all be Shamans, so we don’t even need the Indians anymore.” (…anonymous)

At the beginning let me say that this word shaman is nothing. It is a manufactured word that comes from the dead world. Maybe we can call it a marketing word. It describes nothing. The common confusion over what is what in the world uses this word to describe something very few people know anything about at all. It is not a specific word, it is a general word. It means way to many things to far to many people to mean anything at all.

The old Indians had very few formal rules. Even so, a person was expected to speak clearly and use words in a very specific and accurate way. It is called being impeccable. The Sacred Life is an impeccable life. This word shaman is sloppy. It is a pretend word. Bad language clouds the air and leads to tension, and the need for …

Keeping Tobacco Sacred

Tobacco, before it became the most enslaved and abused plant in the world, was a sacred gift, a medicine, a prayer of the American Indian people.

Today, many tribal religious and spiritual/cultural leaders and teachers continue to honor the sacred traditions and values of tobacco. Though as a young man I had studied the stories and been to many ceremonies of the Sacred Pipe and Tobacco, it was first from an Elder of Taos Pueblo that I felt emotionally and spiritually the real power of tobacco. I first met him when I was just starting out traveling with the Sacred Pipe. This was around 1976 or so.

Strawberry Jim and the Sacred Tobacco
He was very welcoming of the sacred pipe into his home. On my very first visit to his house I stayed for nearly a month. It was right in the middle of winter and soon after I arrived there was a gigantic snow fall, several feet. This stranded me in the house. After a few days I started digging through the supplies in my old Chevy. I came up with a jar of hom…

Alignment (Shadows of Sacred Stones)

©Copyright 2007, Turtle Heart

Why was the summer solstice so important to ancient people? Why did they labor at such great length to understand the precise moment of celestial events? Their labors of precision and complexity go well beyond simple agricultural needs. Why is this information, that was so important then, nearly unimportant now?

The very act of having to work so hard to have something makes it precious. Something that is precious has strong thoughts and many moments of time in the minds of those to whom it is so important. The ancient people knew something about the earth that we have forgotten. Though not so many people know about this place, Chaco Canyon in western New Mexico has some of the most advanced celestial alignments of any culture on earth. The basis of all their calculations is a sophisticated calculation device made of 3 large slabs of stone leaning against a bigger rock. It is absolute perfection of science laughing in the face of every machine ever made.


Let It Fall Like Rain: Sweat Lodge Stories

Above the sweat lodge at Rosalini in Sicily : Below, some of the group attending the ceremony. A land of yellow light, white stone walls and a rich history.

Above, the Water Drum: Mitig-wa-kik Day-way'gun Below, the Big Crystal

The Big Shiny Rock In Sicily
A quartz crystal in
Iblea and Rosalini Sicilia, June 9 through June 17 (Sweat Lodge Story)

After nine months inside a box inside a bigger box, my many medicine objects arrived from a long slow journey from Taos to Pantelleria. We unloaded the box of boxes and left the next day for 10 days of ceremonies in Sicilia. One of these objects is the big crystal. On the 8th of august, 1988 at 8:08 am this big crystal was taken from the earth near Mount Ida Arkasas (USA). Now it is living on Pantelleria and has made a road trip to Ragusa Sicily.

We gathered in a small house near the center of the old city. The space is owned and made available by a yoga study group and sponsored by the owner of a local bookstore nearby. Libreria Iblea. Iblea is…