Sunday, November 20, 2011

Russell Means || The Only Good Indian…

Copyright 2011 Turtle Heart. Means around 30 years ago at Harvard. 
Photo by the author. The bundle in front of Means contained a very
Sacred Pipe and other sacred objects. Author was the Keeper of these
ceremonial objects.

In the beginning, his life seemed promising. He ascended into the mainstream media as  articulate, knowledgeable and charismatic. It did not take very long for him to be corrupted, for his dark side to become the boss of his life. Through decades of lies, criminal acts, abuse of women, of the truth and in supporting of murder of innocents, Means has come at last to the end of his broken journey.
For reasons that have never been quite clear, the limited attention the world’s media pays to any kind of American Indian issue, was directed mostly at this man. He has seemed to have what some call a “gift” for getting media attention. Of all the American Indians, living or dead, Means got the most media attention, worldwide. Every moment of this coverage was dedicated to Means love of himself, and nothing at all to do with any issues affecting American Indians. It is partly the media’s fascination with its own fantasies about American Indians and a general indifference to any issue affecting American Indians. Means was a product of this media void, somewhere near the middle of fantasy and indifference.
Many years ago….I am not good with dates: I was present as the Keeper of the Sacred Pipes of the Eastern Gate when Means, and the Bellecort brothers, addressed Harvard University Law School. It was a spectacular speech. It was well attended, but not by the Harvard Law School population. Most of those present were other American Indians from around the Boston area. There was some curiosity. This was just before the scam the world came to know as “Wounded Knee”.
These days we have some evidence that the Means story is winding down. If we can believe what is being written, he claims to have cancer and is in the situation of greeting his own mortality. Any words about Means published in the national media must be viewed with some suspicion. You absolutely cannot believe, in the case of Means, that what you are hearing is the truth.
Some of us imagine that right now there could be a sort of Means awakening. A moment in his long life of lies and crimes and bullshit where he decides to do the right thing, one time, before the end. 
There is much he could and should and might yet tell us regarding the murder of Anna Mae Aquash, for example. There are other crimes he could illuminate. There might even be a justice department willing to grant him some favors if he tells society the truth about his long-standing criminal enterprise.
If he actually cared about any American Indian on this earth, he would want to tell the truth at the end of his life. He knows how to do it. I have seen him speak truth to power. After so many decades of his little game, he could stand right up and tell us the truth. He might then realize that his many American Indian relatives did not ever stop loving him…they just preferred to stay sober.
There are two ideas about what is a good Indian.
One… is that he is dead. A good Indian is a dead Indian. A dead, lying Indian. Go ahead. Whine and cry and ask for money.
The other is that he looked into the clouds and sings the song of his death, the last song of a Lakota Man, a child of the Sacred Pipe, the male child of his male ancestors, a Grandchild of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse and all the other Grandfathers who held their sacred and spoke the truth in the face of their deaths.

Hymhenteqhous Mizhekay Odayin

Ahnishinabeg Aneeg Wabeeno
Keeper of the Four Directions Unity Bundle
Keeper of the Sacred Pipes of the Eastern Gate

Friday, October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs || American Indian Friend

©2011 Turtle Heart "Support Group"

At the end of the article is the last email I sent to Steve Jobs, this last August.
So much emotion being expressed and felt by so many people. A very unusual thing.
Two days later I still feel a strong emotion myself.
Some years ago I was struggling near the region of Death Valley, to develop what was the first American Indian WWW presence, in the world. My work caught the eye of a field representative for Apple and he paid me a visit. After it was over, Apple donated a state of the art laptop and color scanner to my project, which really took off.
In return I did a large stone sculpture which was for some years in the lobby of the Apple Regional HQ in Santa Monica. A view of it is in the photo above.
He once said, "It is more fun to be a pirate than to be a sailor"....this spirit is one we shared, at least until the iphone came out.
Steve Jobs passed away. I think millions of people around the world feel closer to death. He was a King of the Golden Tower and also its Shining Prince.
 He fell down for medical reasons at an early age, though he had every medical opportunity at state of the art levels. One by one and all each within themselves pass through this death. Many flavors but only one bone. 
I exchanged a few emails with Jobs. I did not save them. Or publish them online as some people did. One on a Christmas eve and he answered me on Christmas day.  I think he became bored with computers and the innovations he could have made to laptops and desktops is now probably lost in the void as he brought his passion into the little mobile devices and also developed an odd preference for severe controls. In what feels like a darkside move to me, he managed to get a piece of every telephone call people make with his phones. Why should the hardware developer get paid for this reason? Of course it deposited a massive amount of cash into their basket, and if that is the only argument in its favor, then his spirit has a wound much like the one which captured his body. The control thing, at its root, is an evil precedent. I have always thought it was great that for every control move Apple made, hackers broke it, and will continue to break it; as they should. Jobs started out more as a hacker of technology than a conformist to it. The closure of the open aspect, for me, is a long shadow. I can appreciate the devilish cleverness of the scheme; it cracks a smile out of me. I guess he had earned the bones for a few “fuck you’s” here and there. I am not optimistic the crew he left behind can do the job, no pun intended. He was building a new home for his family. Submitted the designs for a new home for his vision of Apple. Both controversial and unique projects of their own. He really liked really fine glass. No one has paid much attention, in the media, to all the patented, clever, relentless things he has done with glass. A grand dragon and a sweet provider.

If it were not for Steve Jobs we would all be using ms-dos. Even now. Microsoft copied Apple to produce the so-called "windows" operating system invented by Apple. Just think how that would be?

My dear man, we hardly knew ye.......

My last email to Steve Jobs, back in August 2011

Dear Mr Steve Jobs….

The period just before you came back to Apple I made a long ceremony
in the California desert with an Apple employee named Richard Schlien (or Klien)
a field supporter at Ridgecrest California…..

we went to a sacred place of the Shoshone
and I made a long ceremony with sacred pipe to take
care of Apple and to bring you back
it was a great ceremony in the California Desert
at the China Lake Naval Air Warfare Center…..a place where thousands of years
ago our ancestors made multimedia messages in the stone called petroglyphs

I am a principal keeper of ceremonies
and some of us old indians have held you in our medicine
we still do
even though you did not do shit for us
you are a great character
the old Indians would call you a jesa-kid, a man
who does healing by juggling light
a very honored profession at one time.
Our ancient hardware and software works as well as yours…
and we worked it that day, all day
and feasted together after

With a 540c traded from your Santa Monica office for a big sculpture for the lobby
(did you ever see my big sculpture in your lobby?)
I became the first American Indian in the world to make
an American Indian web site, from the middle of nowhere.

You read some of my emails. I hope you read this one
and it sinks in somewhere that a pricipal pipe of the ancient
way of the Ojibwe American Indians went to work for you
and remains nearby
you have a soul
so you might be able to accept that there is something there
something you can use

the best thing you ever did was stay in your skin
and trust your bones
and keep your silence
and pass quietly through a wall of iron
and you somehow managed
to take most of the world with you

I am the old Indian that
wakes you up once in a while from that restless journey
you call sleep.

Miqwitch man in Jeans. Wave on.

Turtle Heart

Ahnishinabek Aneeg Wabeeno
Keeper of the Four Directions Unity Bundle
Keeper of Sacred Pipe of the Eastern Gate
World Journey of the Sacred Pipe
Pantelleria Italy

Monday, October 03, 2011

Vietnam || The Tragic Legacy of Monsanto and Agent Orange

People and Power || Children of Agent Orange

Follow the link to the documentary airing now on Aljazeera/English. 

Agent Orange, a dioxin-based compound, was sprayed relentlessly over the once lush forests of Vietnam. Even now, so many years later, the rich bio-diversity of this wildlife paradise has not recovered.

The United States government left behind many families who have given birth, over 3 generations now, to heart breaking deformities in their children. the financial, emotional and psychological cost of these health problems on the families and communities is enormous.

Monsanto, the corporation which made the most money from this chemical has done nothing and blocked, at great expense, any effort by anyone to hold them accountable for this horrific consequence of their product. The US Government has done next to nothing. World aid agencies have done next to nothing. The Vietnam government is over-whelmed, the Vietnam medical system is over-whelmed. The United States media could care less.

I am a Vietnam veteran. I was right there, but not in the areas where Agent Orange was used. Lucky me. Many US Soldiers were also sprayed. Monsanto told everybody it was Ok to spray it everywhere. It would kill plants not people, they said.

Why has no one in the west every even brought up the idea that Monsanto Corporation has some liability and responsibility here? the Vietnames government ries over and over to bring action against Monsanto and the USA but it is always shot down, denied, ignored...and so every year they keep trying.

Americans should see this documentary.

One of the most compelling mind-fucks in this documentary are the numerous interviews with American Indian veterans of that war who have gone back to Vietnam to try and help.

Aljazeera has aired some of the most beautifully produced documentaries I have ever seen. This painful subject is presented without sensationalism. It is presented honestly, with real compassion for the suffering people we get to see and hear.

Watch it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Historical Footnote !! Who Are The Human Beings

From the traditional sacred sciences vs the plodding "every piece is the whole story" modern science.

Recent DNA studies on aboriginal hair samples reveal that the Australian indigenous people have occupied their lands for upwards of fifty thousand years. Read the full details here.

The prevailing theory about how the earth became populated is generally now called the "Out of Africa" theory. It argues that all human beings evolved from and migrated from a point in Africa. Read about this theory in detail here.

The Ahnshinabeg (Ojibwe, etc), the Tewa (Hopi, etc) have nevr accepted this theory as a fact. We believe their were four great human migrations, originating from four distinct regions around the world, one of them being in North America.

That so-called evidence of this idea has not been brought forward is not because such evidence exists. It does. It exists in oral traditions and ceremonial structures and objects, shared between all indigenous peoples around the world. Science remains clueless in knowing how to read, quantify and interpret this evidence. The problem is not one of evidence, but of consciousness, in my view.

Every few years all of these so-called revelations about the antiquity of human beings and the paths and tools they followed to get where they were change. The charming Aboriginal man who gave up his fine hair 100 years ago is his own revolutionary statement. It appears they may actually know his name, but that has not yet been published.

This short document is just a footnote. An official statement from the keeper of a sacred bundle, which is also a limitless key to the ancient facts. Just wanted to be sure it was written down here somewhere in the Inter-Tubes.

Hymhenteqhous Mizhekay Odayin
Ahnishinabeg Wabeeno Jessakid
Keeper of the sacred Pipes of the Eastern Gate
Pantelleria Italy

Friday, September 23, 2011

Equinox September 23 || 10:04am CET

for 30 years I have always
made a poem, a song line
on the equinox and solstice
I try to do it
close to that precise moment
the old indians
who were my teachers
told me
just one time
that the solstice and equinox
are gateways
an opening, they would say,
that you could pass through
and so
change everything
i took those words and made a song of them
I say it and i sing it
out here where every day
is just another day
I always take that moment
with the earth
and in my heart
I go ahead and pass through

@2011 Turtle Heart
Pantelleria Italy

Monday, September 12, 2011

An American Indian At ground Zero

©Turtle Heart 2001. After my ceremony at ground Zero there was taken one photo. This photo.

I am an American Indian. A Keeper of Religious Ceremonies of the Sacred Pipe, a part of traditional American Indian spiritual life. I have had the unusual experience of carrying this Sacred Pipe on behalf of the tribal elders to two regions of this mother earth that are called “Ground Zero.”

The first Ground Zero Journey was to the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico. 

During the dark of one night I walked some miles, about 15 of them overnight round trip. My destination was the sight of the first Atomic Explosion. Using a good map and walking the magnificent desert during a full moon I found the little area where the tower that made the first explosion once stood. There is a modest monument there now. Nearby, in the hard sands I made a hole. I sat before the hole I made and sang an old American Indian song. When the song was finished I placed the tip of an 800 year old Samurai sword, blessed and made a sacred “Kami”, its other parts placed in 107 places around the earth….this little sacred Japanese sword and a sacred Pipe bowl of the River Otter Clan of the Ahnishinabe (Ojibwe), blessed by many tribal elders; precious and sacred objects filled with spiritual powers, history and the focused meditations of many people around the world….there in that little hole in the desert was placed The Sacred Pipe and The Sword of Heaven; a radical ceremonial fusion between American Indian and Shinto hopes for peace, healing, balance…for compassion. 

The Sacred Pipe was donated for this ceremony by a group of American Indian elders of many tribes. The sword was encased in stone and covered in Shinto prayers, 108 bundles made by Shinto religious officers. 

Many times as I walked away from this ceremony in the now freezing cold New Mexico desert, the journey back was difficult. Y mind went away and all I could do was breathe and walk. Every hour or so I would just fall down in the sand and sleep. The cold would wake me up. I would stumble on and fall asleep again. The cold would wake me up four or five times before I finally made it back to my hidden car rental. As I drove away my heart was numb, not from emptiness, but from raw emotion. I told the desert that it had taken a part of me that I can never have back. That is how hard that ceremony was.

My second journey to Ground Zero took place on December 11, 2001.

I left my home in Taos New Mexico and boarded a flight for New York City. From the airport I took a Taxi and asked the driver to take me to the observation platform for the destruction of the world trade center. The driver was a very unsurprised New York cabbie. He took me pretty close and pointed to some police officers at a barricade and told me to talk to them if I wanted to go to that ground Zero. I approached the police and explained to them that I was an American Indian carrying the sacred Pipe and the prayers of the tribal elders to Ground Zero. They passed me on to yet another barricade or checkpoint and I repeated my story. This happened three or four times before I found myself at the entrance to the little visitor’s platform. A military officer was in charge there. I told him who I was. I told him why I had come. He asked me directly “What do you need from us?” I told him I wanted about 30 minutes to make a ceremonial prayer with sacred Pipe and make a song there as well, an old old song. 

I went out onto the platform and changed into my ceremonial clothing (I put it over my regular clothing), opened the old tribal bundle, and brought out the Sacred Pipe. Together Sacred Pipe and I walked to the edge of the rather small platform and looked into the center of the great wound that had been made on the earth. I made the smoking ceremony to this great hole. A few hundred feet below there were some workers moving about. They stopped what they were doing and looked up. I felt a little embarrassed for some reason. I was there for the wound in the earth. At that moment, some 3 months later, this tiny point on the earth was receiving more thoughts, prayers, questions, fears, and grief than perhaps any other disaster in my life time. 

It was and will remain an emotionally charged point on the earth. I could emotionally feel the compression of life, of the earth itself that took place there. I was surprised that it is really a small space compared to what happened there. After a few moments I sat down on the earth and made a very strong old Ojibwe song to the earth, right there. I noticed that about a dozen plain clothes security people were gathered in a half circle around me and all had looks on their faces I will never forget. They were there every day. They saw with their eyes the people who came and went in that small space just after the ninth of september. I get tears in my eyes when I remember that moment, that small moment with my old American Indian bones and those people. When I think about that experience I feel pressure pushing against my emotions. I reflect on how every door opened to allow me to just go there, get as close as an ordinary person could, and represent in an ancient language and in ancient prayers the weeping of the mother earth, as well as the many families and relatives who were affected on that day.

Now I am an old Ojbwe American Indian man. I married an exceptional Italian woman and together we live on Pantelleria Island. On nine eleven we will make the ceremony of the sacred pipe, and once again sing some old songs and unite in spirit and thought with our other American friends in Italy and of course our cherished Italian relations, family and friends. We continue the work of moving this ancient sacred pipe around in the world. It seems so interesting that right now it lives only 25 miles from the center of the unprecedented and hopeful ARab Spring. On behalf of my tribal elders and my office as Keeper of the sacred religious bundle we call the Four Directions Unity Bundle we send our respects and kind regards.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rescuing American Indian Ceremonies

About 27 inches height

Help me Rescue this Person...

From time to time I have rescued American Indian objects from the places they are being held. It does not happen frequently. The first time was in Nashville, African object of great power...but that is a story for another time.

In America, it was much easier to keep a modest fund I had for this purpose. Over the years a number of profound objects in the hands of idle collectors were returned to daily work in the mystery life. Sacred Objects sent back to their homes. I do not rescue items to keep them for myself. I rescue them so they can be free again. The old Indians believe certain classes of sacred object have status as people.

Here in Italy, for an old Indian, the money is not so easy to gather in for the expenses and services that the sacred bundles require. We spend about 1,000 dollars on candles to stay with the bundle, for example. The care and protection of the sacred requires an infrastructure and the cold hard cash to maintain that infrastructure. This is really true for a bundle like the Four Directions Unity Bundle that is traveling out into the world.

Some of you might want to help. There are two large Hopi Katsina carvings in an art shop in Milan. I could get them out of there for around $1,500, which is a great price. Such things would be more expensive in the USA, but here in Italy the value is lower, along with the understanding. So it is a good price.

I would like to bring them to Pantelleria and install them as guardians of the sacred bundle. They have told me when I visited them that they would like to come to Pantelleria and work hard. They do not want to be collectors items in some random household.

If somebody wants to help an old Indian get these spirits over to Pantelleria, I would be very appreciative. I am running out of time to rescue them. I will show you some paintings and sculptures and you can have your choice of what you like.

I will give you in art something of equal or greater value.

Pantelleria Katsina Rescue Fund
email Turtle Heart directly
or telephone Italy (+39) 329.834.2157

Best regards....

Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama Government WILL NOT support American Indian rights

Obama (Professional Liar)

For all his rhetoric, and a splash of American Indian blood, and in spite of being actually adopted by the great Crow Nation, the Obama administration will not sign the UN International Declaration of Universal Indigenous People Rights and Protections.....

Just like Bill Clinton, who was given an Eagle Feather by Sun Child, Jr, George Bush, and now Obama, the USA refuses to admit to or even recognize that the American and other indigenous people of the world deserve any protection. This hypocrisy in the face of so much horrible and bad news for tribal people worldwide is stunning.

Obama, in particular, should be ashamed. I voted for this black man pretending to be a white man, loud-talking, vote-pimping to tribes, finger-pointing sell out, rich slave of the corporate world asshole. American Indians really came out for this punk of a corporate and wall street slave. Obama may have been born in the USA, he is not a socialist or a closet muslim...he is a dime a dozen cheap politician like all the other slavering dogs that crawl on their bellies throughout the nation's capital. He was just smart enough to know what to say to a disgusted US population to sneak into the White House. He has, in my view, betrayed his base over and over.

Tragically, he remains the best hope for American leadership, considering the rabid clown show being put forward by the deep pockets and brain-dead republican right.....the hopeless slapstick tragedy being confirmed today with the entry of Rick "the Prick" Perry into the slow-motion train wreck called national elections for US President.

I am so glad that I no longer live in the USA...yet it is my birth home and even though I am an American Indian who deeply cares what happens to indigenous people, I also love my home country.

Here are links to two important events announced by international human rights groups in recent days....

US says no to indigenous rights


Amnesty Int. warns of indigenous peoples' rights undermined

I hope the left will get up off their complacent, timid, fat asses this cycle and do something, anything......the left has become so timid, so easily intimidated, so unwilling to call out the big pile of shit sitting in the middle of the room....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keeping a Light on the Sacred Bundle

The candles here in Italy for altar and religious work are the most horrible, nasty candles I have ever seen. It is perverse that they are so bad. They are made with cheap plastic containers with a metal cap. They cannot be recycled. They are truly horrible.

We keep a candle with the sacred pipe bundle at all times. To overcome the problem we have with these nasty candles, we are starting a candle donation program.

You can donate one or several candles to the sacred pipe. We will send you an email and tell you when your candles is being used.

You can send the candle for yourself or anyone in your life. Also send a candle for a special request or prayer.
Prayers, songs and ceremonies take place every day in this sacred space.

Donate today and in the future.

Candle should burn 3 days or longer. No plastic. Unscented if possible.

No plastic candles. Help us keep the light moving around and pick some up for yourself.

Turtle Heart
Via casoneddra no. 5
Rekhale 91017
Pantelleria (TP) Italy
039.329.834.2147 (English)
038.338.313.3198 (Italiano)

We keep the Sacred Pipe bundle in it's own defined space. We keep a candle on this bundle at all times. In the morning the Sacred Pipe is moved outside to the Ceremonial Morning Tobacco Fire. In the evening, at sunset, it comes back inside. We do this forever.

Prayers, ceremonies and songs are made in this space every day.

By putting in a candle you can become a working part of this American Indian sacred practice and help yourself and help us.

Best regards.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American Indians and the Palestinians

Copyright ©2011. Venus, Taos New Mexico

From time to time the western media likes to report that this or that American Indian is hooked up with Palestinian and Hammas causes, also some like to mention how this or that American Indian supports Chavez, the mafia boss of a South American country.
In all my many years of association with and participation in American Indian life I have never met a single tribal relation who supports Palestine or any of the violent Middle East groups and policies. Nobody.
The only ones who come up in these associations are people identified as “AIM” (American Indian Movement) members. AIM has been and remains completely discredited among American Indians as a group. Its leadership has been shown to be cowards, killers and gangsters. The only passion for which they retain some small talent is in getting their names and faces into the media.
Palestinian support organizations may feel they get to use the plight of American Indians to poke and poison the dialogue on the United States. American Indians desperate for attention and support are sucked into this manipulative and toxic relationship, although in very small numbers. Not one dollar of the billions that move through Palestinian support groups has ever made it to any American Indian cause ever.
Saying American Indians support Palestinian causes because one attention seeking man with some American Indian blood is participating is less than genuine, to say the least. It is a lie, a desperate lie.
My official policy is that any country or culture that uses suicide bombers, anonymous assassination and repression of women are cowards and worthless bastards unworthy of respect or consideration. Cultures that support such behavior in any way cannot be taken seriously and must be viewed as criminals against humanity. Why would any traditional American Indian support such cowards or align themselves with such unworthy people? No good person would ever do that.
Beware any American Indian who claims to support dictators. It is just for spite, and out of ignorance. While any person is free to participate in whatever they want, one individual doing what they want to do is not a “movement of his people”.
In American Indian society today, our tribal teachers and elders put the sacred before the people as an instrument of peace. In many Middle east countries, religious leaders are the ones with the guns and armies and bombers. This kind of thinking is incomprehensible to me.
The tribal elders and religious leaders did not tell the coward Leonard Peltier to murder two young FBI agents minding their own business. He did that for his own reasons. He is one who has tried to make a “movement” from the bad choices made by one person doing what they want. People all over the world have sent him money and gifts and put pressure on the United States on his behalf. He is the poster boy for how bad an idea it is to take the insane and pointless behavior of one stupid man and build a movement that includes all “his people”. His bullshit is so transparent yet the money and the “movement” keep right on rolling along. Once something like this is set in motion, it probably cannot be stopped. Inevitability of motion is also not “a movement”. It is just a part of the pathogenic nature of life. Be informed.
There is a lot of frustration, and many lives that are diminished that should not be in the American Indian communities. It is understandable that people get fed up and reach for a rock or a gun. At the very least, under normal reality conditions religious and spiritual teachers must council, must demand peace…so far if middle east religious leaders are talking about real peace they do so very quietly because I rarely hear it. All people need to be aware of the danger of letting the loudest and craziest person in the room rule the agenda.
I am an American Indian religious and spiritual ceremonial teacher. These are my words, words from my life and mind. In my travels throughout the world I have yet to meet a militant coalition of any flavor or ideology that I could support with Sacred Pipe or with my presence. I am suspicious of “causes” and arguments from “victims”. This is particularly important when we have all witnessed the terrible murders, genocides, torture and assassinations that are now part of the hourly news cycle.
Many Palestinian arguments like to demonize the Jews and the Americans. There are some bad behaviors on that side of the problem without question. But it is rare for those same voices to be as ardent and determined in denouncing armed religious leaders, inter-tribal racism and suppression of Muslim minorities and the overall repression of women and a thousand other insults to human dignity practiced by Muslims against other Muslims. While so much media attention goes to the hate America and the Jews movement by the left hand, the right hand of darkness is murdering and torturing the village children.
The whole idea brings up a well of dramatic emotions and I could see how some idealistic but misguided American Indian might stumble towards Palestine. On the other hand as much as Palestinian and other very well-funded groups like to use the treatment of American Indians by the United States government as an argument against their policies, no Middle East group has ever offered a single dollar, moral support, or political endorsement towards any American Indian….yet if you get a crazy Indian from AIM to show up at some publicity event for Hammas, the Palestinian press will exploit this as important news and shows it around as high value propaganda. In this way, in my view, any American Indian getting involved with these people is what in an earlier age we used to call a “sucker”. Even among American Indians, we have one born every minute, just like the rest of you.
Religion is toxic when it is used to justify violence, repressions, oppression, politics, separation or isolation. Toxic and useless. When one member of one religion uses that religious identity to join with others doing the same thing, you have a gathering of gangsters, punks and bullies.
The purpose of all religion is harmony with the creator, with creation. Used in any other way, religion is a lie told in the name of religion. I believe this is true for all religious practices from the tribal to the Vatican and the Mosque.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

History of the World || Summer Solstice Moment

Copyright ©2011 Turtle Heart

Over the last years I have made a strong video study of the history of the world. In the morning I watch the history of the middle east, in the afternoon I look at the history of europe and the evenings bring me to China and Japan with frequent readings and viewings in American Indian and South American issues (mush less material on those subjects is available).
A curious pattern emerges. All of those non-american indian nations have long histories of strong arm bosses, kings, queens, pharohs, sheiks, shoguns, warlords and generals. Native America never had those things. Tribes in North America favor self-determination and self-governing and never had the need for emperors or kings or presidents.
At this point there are many outstanding documentary videos about the histories of the non American Indian world. Not so many on the American and South American cultures.
These boss-emperor-king-president cultures have written the histories of the world which fill our libraries and schools. No one has said it more clearly, in recent years, than the authors Paul Schrag and Xaviant Haze in their  important must read book, “The Suppressed History of America”

“….how to define the America that existed before the Spanish conquistadores, French explorers, and British adventurers arrived in the so-called New World. This intellectual battle has been waged for centuries now by two factions of scholars—the diffusionists and the independent inventionists.
To this day the diffusionists are spoken of with derision in main- stream academic circles, as they dig into the past with the same courage that characterized Lewis (of Lewis and Clark) and his journey west. Like Lewis, these rogue scholars continue to unearth evidence that America was visited long before Columbus by explorers crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Moreover, these scholars continue to unearth evidence of rich, vibrant, highly evolved cultures that existed in ancient America. This growing volume of archaeological evidence stands in clear contradiction to many key assumptions held by America’s founders and their scholarly counterparts, the so-called independent inventionists. The inventionist perspective remains the standard among archaeologists and suggests that natives of the American continent are descended from Ice Age relatives who crossed the Bering Strait and developed in complete isolation—until, that is, they were “discovered” by Spanish, French, and British explorers during the late fifteenth century. In the early days of America it was the federal government and its proponents who were most interested in characterizing the continent as an untrammeled paradise populated by savages.
This set of assumptions gave early explorers and exploiters of the American continent the justification they needed to co-opt and pillage its resources, wage war on its native people, and occupy its lands with impunity. It was the perspective that America’s government officials held as they tamed America’s terrain and battled its people for control of the vast stores of resources that would fuel the creation of their New World. It also became the perspective that was later adopted by the Smithsonian Institution, which, more than any other organization, has defined our understanding of America’s origins. Since its inception in the 1800s, the Smithsonian joined the powers in Washington in vigorously promoting the idea that America was an untouched landscape before Europeans arrived to “claim” it. Simply put, the Smithsonian’s initial administrators followed the direction already chosen by America’s early leaders, supported by their own inherited cultural and scholarly myopia.”
I find it gratifying that at last some historians and technical research is revealing clearly the sophistication, complexity, beauty and deep social sophistication of American Indians tribes and lives. It has always been, and remains, in the interests of the United States government to see American Indians defined in the weakest possible terms. After so many generations of this, so many volumes, so many enacted policies, the inmates themselves have come to believe the made up stories which is passed around as history.

Most minority scholars argue that the compiled and accepted histories of the world is a basket of lies and misdirection. These days most educated people do not argue this point, in general, but rather accept it as the status quo.

In private art auctions, very old ceremonial items sell for millions of dollars. In international art galleries, you will never see an American Indian painting in the same showing as a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt. This toxic duality of high profit from the ceremonial and often sacred bones of ancient people while considering them “not artists” in mainstream galleries is a perfect example of how widely accepted this policy of diminishing American Indians has become ingrained in the culture of America.

As a student of both history and life, I have experienced many valuable teachings and experiences from American Indians all over the country, all my life. When I compare those ideas and those experiences to what I have learned from politics in America, American history, Christianity and other world religions and all the rest of it, the ideas of the old Indians shine like a jewel in the mud, to me. The status quo demands that all attention be given to the bosses, the corporations and the institutionalized truth over the evidence of time and our senses.

It seems that the quest for the “truth is out there” is only for fictionalized actors. The real truth has become less important the the flavors chosen for us by our paymasters. Much like the victims of bad government policy, the mainstream itself is a victim to its own desire to accept a manufactured reality. 

Today is the Summer Solstice. The old Indians call this moment “a gateway”, implying if you know how, you may pass from one place to another. This is what the old Indians tell us. The Christians, Muslims, Jews and so forth tell us…..nothing. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011, Part Three Final

This poster is from an election campaign in Italy some years ago (2008). It was related to the issue of controlling immigration. A basic translation is that if we (Italians) do not do something about immigration, we (Italians) will end up on reservations like the Indians (who were not able to control immigration). This poster is from the pro Silvio Berlusconi group. Berlusconi is a butt-ugly empty bag of mostly water who is the long-ruling president of Italy.
Around the world the United States “reservation system” has been a model for ethnic and racial isolation/punishment. Adolf Hitler referred to the American Indian reservation system as an effective way to control a minority population.
Now many generations later, the inmates defend their reservations with a great passion, and perhaps rightfully so. The problems are not so much with the space as it is with the philosophy of the United States in regards to its minority American Indian population.
Many people believe American Indians get a lot of free money and other services. They do not. Tribes have congressionally ratified treaties with the Federal government which grants them certain entitlements. This is not the same thing as a hand out. Every American Indian bleeds a little for every Federal dollar that somehow finds its way onto an American Indian reservation. For every dollar that might reach an actual program, around fifty dollars is spent in administrative costs, overhead and BIA salaries. There is enough money in the federal budget for the American Indian situation to give every American Indian a million dollars a year and still have billions left over. A tiny trickle of that money actually arrives. No one in the actual world ever questions this.
Sometimes, quite often really, only the loudest voices are heard out in the world. Criminal money scams, such as the Leonard Peltier Defense Fund, have stolen millions of dollars over the years from all over the world. Peltier is a gangster and killer who murdered two FBI agents in a senseless act of violence many years ago. He is a punk with no standing among American Indians. His so-called supporters have been clever at feeding on people’s concern for justice to amass quite a lot of money over the years. This scam continues because they are clever enough to promote their agenda relentlessly. Only modern people who really know nothing at all about American Indians get taken in by this scam. Those who know the reality understand clearly the punk that is leonard Peltier. Fortunately there are only a few scams like in the American Indian world. What is more common are tribal officials pocketing money and anything that is not nailed down. Many tribal communities offer very few jobs. Among the few they do offer are jobs in the tribal government. These can be very well-paying jobs with benefits. There is a lot of jealousy and possessiveness around these jobs. Many tribal communities are plagued with this sort of selfish and desperation-inspired corruption. Because of these facts, corruption among tribal officials is a serious problem. It is not universal, but it is wide spread. 
There is yet another criminal element which exploits the worldwide interest in tribal spirituality. Among tribes like the Lakota, one of the loudest tribes, possibly the loudest talking tribe, there is a lot of opposition to what they call plastic medicine men. These are non-Indian people who make or pretend to make ceremonies like the sweat lodge, or pipe ceremony, to open groups around the world. They fail to mention the many enrolled “full-blood” tribal members who make all manner of faked ceremonies and faked ceremonial objects illegally available to modern people, in defiance of the clear instructions of the tribal elders. This activity of the “plastic shamans” on one hand and the “illegal ceremonies” of tribal members on the other, is a real mess. Another mess not very well understood outside in the so-called information driven society.
The quiet voices are the ones that have the great power among the real American Indians. Quiet voices are hard to promote in videos, blogs and television. Humility and sweetness cannot be marketed if they are real. Most American Indians live profoundly complicated, often isolated and generally difficult lives invisibly, in the heart of the United States of America. Many of them do it with grace, with a sense of humor. They do it with a determination to remain American Indians, whatever that might mean or might cost at any given moment.
The bad news is that the bad news is pretty bad, and abundant. The good news is that there is no good news, not really. Beyond the normal human capacity for hope and individual triumphs in the face of long odds, there is not so much in the way of good news when we look collectively at the American Indian situation right now. I have not managed to understand any way to make this story a positive one.
Custer last battle flag, recently sold at auction...
Getting any information out to the world at large is not so easy. Every year there is at least one American Indian Film Festival with lists of possibly very significant information from American Indian film makers. As to where and how you can see, buy, rent or download these films there is no information. For several years I sent one film festival web site this question…they never gave me an answer. There are some well made collaborative efforts among the tribes who share fishing rights, hunting issues and natural harvesting of things like wild rice and maple syrup. The five per cent of tribes that have gambling casinos have conferences and web sites but these are just about the casinos and offer zero information about any reality. There is a very nice publisher of American Indian books. You cannot email them, telephone them, you can only use a paper letter to order their great books…they don’t sell many books. These are just examples of the wide problem here. Thousands of web sites, blogs, face book profiles and so forth exist through internet connections. So many of them are making up their content, or babbling with good intentions about subjects in which they have been poorly informed…finding your way to any good information on these subjects is the last great frontier perhaps…it is not easy. One should always be skeptical. Yet being skeptical can lead to many false assumptions and mistakes. Being well informed really helps but being really well informed is very difficult; so there we are, between here and there.
I remember one of my old Indians told me, “The Eagle will not tell you where she has her nest. If you know how, you can find it.” This idea works very well in the Mystery Life, but not so well in the Information Age.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011, Part Two

©2011 Turtle Heart

(part two from the preceding post)
 Looking around the world…one sees a seeming endless succession of dictators murdering everybody in sight and lining their pockets with cash. The middle east “Arabian awakening”, sub-Sahara Africa, South America and near-Asian countries have hatched one murderous dictator after another. Long after the horrific Holocaust of the Jewish people, when world leaders swore it would never happen again, from Serbia to Syria who can count the murdered men, children, families and whole communities?
America has a “reservation” system where it has housed and effectively minimized and isolated nearly 2 million human beings. In the beginning they took away their clothing, footwear, hair, food, religion, language, freedom of movement, government and even the children (sent away to government academies). It is not as brutal as the new wave of dictators, it is more subtle and quiet. It is a population of human beings who do not have freedom, who do not have what you have, a people who see no open doors. American Indians (unlike blacks and women for example) are not even on so-called “affirmative action” lists.
American Indians, nevertheless populate every strata of American society. They have served as soldiers, astronauts, engineers, iron workers, doctors, lawyers, judges, government officials, indeed any profession you could name. People do their best to carry on, even under federal racial restrictions.
While tribes enjoy the unique and amusing status as “Sovereign Nations”, this profound opportunity has been manipulated to a crippling dependance on the federal government and isolation from banks, lines of credit, social services, public education, public health and all the other great services enjoyed by regular American Citizens. Most American Indian men have been arrested at least once by white police, so most of us have some experience with those government services.
Most American Indians know these terrible facts. They are a shadow that accompanies every  American Indian. Most of the rest of you have no idea, no idea at all. These shadows stand between every conversation we could possibly have on the subject of American Indian.
What is most savage is when captured, isolated, denied and minimized human beings begin to turn on themselves, destroy themselves. What is most savage is the silence, absolute ignorances (as in not knowing and not caring they do not know), and arrogance of bureaucracy. The national American character flaws are the root of what is savage…and lives are lost with every beat of every indifferent heart.
AmeriKa spends billions propping up dictators in the Middle East, wars of culture in two countries. AmeriKa is indebted to a brutal Chinese nation and is utterly dependent on the exploited labor and resources that country provides. It is governed by a complex council of corrupt and self-serving so-called politicians. It promotes democracy in countries like Iraq where it has transported cash by the metric ton to disappear inside corrupt Middle eastern administrators. Yet they can do nothing, in fact they do what amounts to nothing to help, assist, preserve or even protect American Indian elders, children and communities.
We can now add to this toxic portfolio of bad news the strange behavior of mostly white new age ghosts who believe they have found a new religion built upon the stolen bones dreams and songs of these same damaged and isolated American Indians….without their permission, consent or participation…..and there are millions who do this, making millions of dollars, filling up thousands of web pages and published toilet paper.
Perhaps my only point is that the reader try to know these things, the reality, the current reality.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011

One Called From Afar (Chippeway)
As I move around in the world I am often in a position to address the so-called condition or state of American Indian people. After all, I know everyone of them. That’s what people think anyway. All minorities experience this expectation from modern people, corporate types. Anyway, I try to do the best I can and take some time to inform my audiences of the violence, addiction, poverty, hopelessness, isolation and doom that faces most, if not all, American Indian tribes.
Usually when people, who care, meet American Indians they want to know about about the fanciful, the magical, the cultural (curiosity)…they are interested in hearing about their domesticated expectation of what an American Indian might be like (if they care at all).
The shadow of the story goes like this…American Indians beat each other to death, slap their wives and children around, neglect their elders, steal from their families, sell their children as sex slaves, join gangs, rob the so-called innocent, lie and cheat whenever possible….really they do, just like the rest of you do. All societies have these problems. Statistical calculations (damn them) tell us that American Indian women are ten times more likely to be beaten, raped, or murdered than everyone else, with many times fewer convictions of their abusers. Homicide by other American Indian kids is the number one cause of death among American Indian youth…..either homicide directly or murder by alcohol and drugs and car smashes in the middle of the night.
Just recently I read a report that informs us that American Indian children have three times the normal rate of untreated tooth decay. Anyway, the report on the bad teeth of American Indians was followed up a few days later by a study of highway deaths, including pedestrians killed by automobiles, and there American Indians are also killed at a much higher rate than any other group.
One of the most iconic (and expensive) images of an American Indian in the present age is the gigantic painting of an American Indian holding a bear can while dressed in ceremonial clothing. This inspiring work was done by an artist who was never an American Indian but who had a little American Indian blood named Frtitz Schoelder. No actual American Indian artist ever made such a painting or was paid so much to do it. The painting is discussed all over the world in “academic” circles as a definitive revelation about the character of the American Indian.
Later I read a US Government report that says the feds refuse to prosecute more than fifty per cent of all serious criminal charges on tribal reservations. The federal government prosecutes all serious crimes on American Indian lands but, says the report, they rarely follow through with prosecutions against tribal members, even in the case of serious felony crime.
These reports can be easily googled. Easy work. What I am referencing here is in just the one week I have been writing this column. Whenever I write about these issues it always becomes a little overwhelming right away. The bad news seems without end for American Indians.
A multi-racial United States President was elected; he was supported by my tribal communities given that he has one fourth of his ancestors were American Indians. Many American Indians and their friends were really optimistic. It is a little tragic to realize, at least at this point, that Obama is not going to do very much at all to help American Indians. There have been some improvements in the administrative levels of health care and law enforcement, but nothing for the tribes real needs. It is harder now than ever for tribes to get loans, financing or consideration for much needed and well thought out ideas developed by tribal business leaders. They have been left holding dust and their vote for the Obama flim-flamon tribal policy. He appointed a man who has never been an American Indian but a working Mormon but who has Indian Blood to a high position. Like the famous artist who sees an Indian and thinks Beer Can, this guy is a Mormon who see what when he looks at Indians? We had an American Indian who was sometimes and American Indian but usually a US Senator for a while. Can’t say he did a single memorable thing or said a memorable word about anything.
If we change the conversation to the geologic and territorial; mining companies continue to utterly destroy tribal lands as the extract uranium from Navajo and Hopi lands. Their lawless methods have condemned thousands of Navajo and Hopi families to early deaths and future generations with dire birth defects. Federal war machine corporations exercise absolute control of tribal lands which contain Uranium and other war materials, destroying local life and giving the sovereign tribes no voice at all in Uranium mining….an occupation by the war machine. If this kind of thing happened in a region filled with white people, there would be international outrage at the highest levels. Because they are isolated American Indians no one cares, no one shares this information. The terrible things that happen every day to American Indians are known only to the victims and survivors and the few academics that can prepare reports which inspire me to this fit of journalism. American Indian tribes are by specific treaty and Law within the Federal government established as sovereign entities. Yet, now more than ever, aggressive state governments have managed to nickel and dime and demand a piece of the pie around most tribal reserves….which is incomprehensible really. The Feds will not help the tribes stand up to the states. They have been left to defend against such mafia-like practices with their own resources, unsupported by the Obama BIA.
  What if I had a secret military operation and called it Abe Lincoln? Let’s say it was the code for killing Hitler. This is what happened to one great American Indian hero named Geronimo. His name was the code word for the ugly bag of mostly water called Osama Bin Laden. It is like using Lincoln’s name to talk about Hitler….very nasty and offensive to American Indians. The other side of this is the grossly insulting logos of multimillionaire white man owned sports teams with vulgar tribal nicknames….and last but not least the many tribal names used by the US Military weapons systems to name their weapons. Winona Laduke, one of the bravest, clearest and outstanding American Indians living today, has gone into great detail about the military abuse and exploitation of American Indians by the military. Her new book is an important read, The Militarization of Indian Country.
A pattern begins to emerge that puts American Indians at the bottom of every list of what is good, and the top of many lists for what is bad. It is a strain to bring up the issue of tribal Americans without tears. It is also a strain to accept that each American Indian must “man up” and stop complaining and do something. It is a strain to praise the many programs, advisors and volunteers that do not exist to address these problems.
Even though tribal populations are increasing, cultural specific resources such as language, food, ceremony, religion and lifestyle are being lost at record rates. The blood itself is thinning, with fewer than five percent of all tribal people now with “full blood” of their specific ancestors. Even so, the racial tensions between mixed-blood and so-called full bloods escalates year by year, in particular among the most loud-mouthed tribes, meaning mostly the Lakota.
The Lakota talk to much and talk to loud. Other tribes, many tribes, most tribes are really not saying much to the world. The epidemic of silence is another element in the portfolio of the shadow of the American Indian.
Meanwhile people all over the world send money to a vile criminal, a murder and scam artist named Leonard Peltier who compares himself to Nelson Mandella. This money to free this self-appointed political prisoner is a great disgrace among American Indians who see this money going to enrich Peltier’s friends and perpetuate the marketing of this worthless bastard as a “great man”. New age people pay seven thousand dollars to squeeze into a sweat lodge in the capital of all that is most phony about America….Sedona Arizona. A sweat lodge run by a little white man who has never spoken to an American Indian in his life. Four people died in that sweat lodge and today he sits in prison. It seems it is easy to raise money and people for fake American Indian causes and impossible for American Indians to get a seat at the table for anything real.
Yet, for all this, all of it and the thousand other things I did not add to the list, American Indians refuse to become domesticated Americans and prefer to journey on as themselves, for better or worse.
I am now exhausted and will say more on this, and hopefully make my point, in the next post.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Arab Awakening and the American Indian Movement

©2011 AICAP Group. "The Dreamer
by Turtle Heart, Ojiwe Artist

I can see clearly how the recent so-called Arab Awakening has been driven by the awareness and frustrations of young people who can see the world around them. I see also how important communication, and in particular internet communications, have driven this great arousal in North Africa and the Middle East.
I find myself wondering when American Indians might choose to have such an awakening. It embrasses me that they have not. In the 1970s there was a fierce movement, called the American Indian Movement. It awakened a lot of American Indians, almost all of them at that time. The public attentions, money, and criminal nature of their leadership quickly destroyed in corruption and meaningless violence what could have been something great…it was not. The leadership of AIM revealed themselves as criminals, cry babies, and self-promoting wanna be cultural heroes. And the tribes again fell silent, for most of 20 years now we hear nothing from the American Indian such as we are hearing from the youth of Islam.
Curiously, the Arabic youth seem to have wide internet access, as well as mobile phones. On American Indian reservations there is none of this, not really…not like it is in most world communities now. Tribes still have almost no internet or mobile services on their remote communities. They cannot participate, in one way, because they are the least wired minority in the western world.
They do have lots of satellite television services, so I know they can see the world if they want to. They have satellite services in place where there are no toilets, water or electricity…running the TV from their pick-up truck battery at night.
During the 90s I traveled with a mac powerbook laptop and tried to show all the American Indians I could what you could do with these things. That was in the dial-up days. For a long time I was the only human being trying to do something like this…one guy. Now, many years later, the situation is no better. Tribes have no dsl lines, no servers, no computers for their members. The only American Indian in the news for computers in the last decade was an Ojibway girl who was fined $176,000 for downloading and sharing forty songs on the internet.
When I search in venues like You Tube on the subject of American Indians it is really sad what is found. Some charming pow-wow videos and here and there a few local protests. Nothing really. Nothing real. You cannot count the number of videos being upped by Middle East activists illustrating their situation and desires.
I wonder what it would take to get American Indians to actually talk to the world?
What is published, world-wide, about American Indians and what is really going on in the world of American Indians are two very different things. Most of the time it seems what is published about American Indians is just made up. What is real about American Indians is of no interest….it does not support the fantasy of the published information.
Perhaps the difference is urbanization. The Arab youth seem concentrated, at least the important uprisings, in large population centers with at least an infrastructure sustaining internet opportunities and cell phone towers. Most tribal communities are rather rustic and with highly limited infrastructure, no cell phone towers, and no installed infrastructure to run high speed internet to so many remote locations. The result is the same. A large number of American Indians go into cities for school and work and must have the same opportunities as other modern youth. The urban-dwelling American Indians is the group we hear from the least, almost nothing at all.
It seems to take a proliferation of business interests to gather internet resources for themselves, and this “accidentally” brings the technology to local people who know how. Five per cent of tribes have casino operations that bring in money and business interests, also high speed data lines….but very few (if any) tribes share this connection with the local population. Unlike the business interests of the rest of the world. If you are an American Indian kid on almost every “reservation” and you want to explore the internet, you can not.
So, it would seem tribes are at the top pf the list for fantasy writings, new age movements and death, but at the very bottom of every list for connecting to the rest of the world.
Detailed analysis of the so-called Arab Awakening reveals the critical role bloggers, tweeters and video unloaders affected change in their countries. In some countries very few of the citizens have access to these services, yet the few who do strike fear into the hearts of their repressive governments. Among the tribes the numbers of tribal citizens who have these technologies may be few but even so, they do nothing.
A tribe in Louisiana was contacted by Arabic internet activists and advised and advised how to create a powerful voice for the tribes, BiJou Healers, who use digital recorders, photography and live interviews to archive and post their problems and concerns. This is one of the  few tribes managing to understand this. Those Arabic activists showed at least one group of small tribes how to do it. The Louisiana tribe has seen that taking control over their own information and stories has really helped turn things around. A native American tribe was at ground zero in the BP oil spill. Their story at this point is “jaw-dropping”, and BP knows these people are poor, have no technology access and so forth….and step by step this is being turned around as a small group of activists publish the story of this tribe. Corporations, like dictators, thrive where communication is impossible. Every threat of exposure can bring real change as a possibility….dictators, and corporations fear open information. (The tribe was directly devastated by the spill yet to date no one has been compensated or the community helped in any way, by anyone.)
How To Control (A Living Being)
I heard a historian describe how elephants are “trained” to be controlled and so easy to manage. He says that the baby elephant is chained by one foot to massive, heavy chains, so that he can only move a tiny distance. The elephant baby continuously lifts its leg and try to move but cannot. By the time the elephant is an adult, it can be controlled with a tiny string tied to this foot.
That is how easy it is to control a free living being. With human beings the method is more subtle but the domesticated result is the same. In the Arab world, the young people are resisting the domestication offered by their rulers and pulling against the heavy chains of police state retribution and fear. American Indian tribes remain quite well domesticated for the most part. The few raging, sacred voices fall like whispers in a thunder storm, lost in the wind.
I live (and write) from a place less than fifty miles from Tunisia, in the emerald Mediterranean. In the night we hear high altitude bombers flying to Libya. Our little island how has around three hundred immigrants or escapees from North Africa, living in an old WW2 troop barracks.
I have been, and remain, a voice on the move around the world. It is quiet, intense, and some days, very lonely work. At other times it seems like the best job in the world. So I set myself free from being domesticated and wander the earth where the wind may direct me. This was the first thing I learned from the sacred teachings of the old Indians. At the time it seemed elementary. The number of American Indian persons who feel compelled to travel into the world with their ideas, songs, art and sacred hopes is small, but quite determined. We know that there are many great local people working inside their communities. The question is the world…the waiting world as it is called by the old Indians.
There is such a huge amount of money in the world. Very little, approaching zero, of the world’s resources go into tribal sacred and spiritual matters. The vampires and leeches of the new age have tricked otherwise reasonable American Indians into believing all the work they do must be unpaid work, free work, untainted by money. This idea is like the elephant on a string idea, where the victim becomes self-correcting. Some of the most visible of all the Indians talk like this, on their little “string”, performing for the waiting world. So the work goes slowly, so slowly I sometimes I have to check my pulse to confirm that I am still alive and in motion.
It is no longer a question of if or when or how American Indians can overcome the heavy chains of the modern society and their own poverty….it is a matter of when they will take a single step forward and learn that what is holding them back is…….nothing at all. The young people of the so-called Arab Awakening figured this much out.

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