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Russell Means || The Only Good Indian…

In the beginning, his life seemed promising. He ascended into the mainstream media as  articulate, knowledgeable and charismatic. It did not take very long for him to be corrupted, for his dark side to become the boss of his life. Through decades of lies, criminal acts, abuse of women, of the truth and in supporting of murder of innocents, Means has come at last to the end of his broken journey. For reasons that have never been quite clear, the limited attention the world’s media pays to any kind of American Indian issue, was directed mostly at this man. He has seemed to have what some call a “gift” for getting media attention. Of all the American Indians, living or dead, Means got the most media attention, worldwide. Every moment of this coverage was dedicated to Means love of himself, and nothing at all to do with any issues affecting American Indians. It is partly the media’s fascination with its own fantasies about American Indians and a general indifference to any issue affecting …

Steve Jobs || American Indian Friend

At the end of the article is the last email I sent to Steve Jobs, this last August. So much emotion being expressed and felt by so many people. A very unusual thing. Two days later I still feel a strong emotion myself. Some years ago I was struggling near the region of Death Valley, to develop what was the first American Indian WWW presence, in the world. My work caught the eye of a field representative for Apple and he paid me a visit. After it was over, Apple donated a state of the art laptop and color scanner to my project, which really took off. In return I did a large stone sculpture which was for some years in the lobby of the Apple Regional HQ in Santa Monica. A view of it is in the photo above. He once said, "It is more fun to be a pirate than to be a sailor"....this spirit is one we shared, at least until the iphone came out. Steve Jobs passed away. I think millions of people around the world feel closer to death. He was a King of the Golden Tower and also its Shining Pr…

Vietnam || The Tragic Legacy of Monsanto and Agent Orange

People and Power || Children of Agent Orange

Follow the link to the documentary airing now on Aljazeera/English. 

Agent Orange, a dioxin-based compound, was sprayed relentlessly over the once lush forests of Vietnam. Even now, so many years later, the rich bio-diversity of this wildlife paradise has not recovered.

The United States government left behind many families who have given birth, over 3 generations now, to heart breaking deformities in their children. the financial, emotional and psychological cost of these health problems on the families and communities is enormous.

Monsanto, the corporation which made the most money from this chemical has done nothing and blocked, at great expense, any effort by anyone to hold them accountable for this horrific consequence of their product. The US Government has done next to nothing. World aid agencies have done next to nothing. The Vietnam government is over-whelmed, the Vietnam medical system is over-whelmed. The United States media could…

Historical Footnote !! Who Are The Human Beings

From the traditional sacred sciences vs the plodding "every piece is the whole story" modern science.

Recent DNA studies on aboriginal hair samples reveal that the Australian indigenous people have occupied their lands for upwards of fifty thousand years. Read the full details here.

The prevailing theory about how the earth became populated is generally now called the "Out of Africa" theory. It argues that all human beings evolved from and migrated from a point in Africa. Read about this theory in detail here.

The Ahnshinabeg (Ojibwe, etc), the Tewa (Hopi, etc) have nevr accepted this theory as a fact. We believe their were four great human migrations, originating from four distinct regions around the world, one of them being in North America.

That so-called evidence of this idea has not been brought forward is not because such evidence exists. It does. It exists in oral traditions and ceremonial structures and objects, shared between all indigenous peoples around …

Equinox September 23 || 10:04am CET

for 30 years I have always
made a poem, a song line
on the equinox and solstice
I try to do it
close to that precise moment
the old indians
who were my teachers
told me
just one time
that the solstice and equinox
are gateways
an opening, they would say,
that you could pass through
and so
change everything
i took those words and made a song of them
I say it and i sing it
out here where every day
is just another day
I always take that moment
with the earth
and in my heart
I go ahead and pass through

@2011 Turtle Heart
Pantelleria Italy

An American Indian At ground Zero

I am an American Indian. A Keeper of Religious Ceremonies of the Sacred Pipe, a part of traditional American Indian spiritual life. I have had the unusual experience of carrying this Sacred Pipe on behalf of the tribal elders to two regions of this mother earth that are called “Ground Zero.”
The first Ground Zero Journey was to the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico.

During the dark of one night I walked some miles, about 15 of them overnight round trip. My destination was the sight of the first Atomic Explosion. Using a good map and walking the magnificent desert during a full moon I found the little area where the tower that made the first explosion once stood. There is a modest monument there now. Nearby, in the hard sands I made a hole. I sat before the hole I made and sang an old American Indian song. When the song was finished I placed the tip of an 800 year old Samurai sword, blessed and made a sacred “Kami”, its other parts placed in 107 places around the earth….th…

Rescuing American Indian Ceremonies

Help me Rescue this Person...

From time to time I have rescued American Indian objects from the places they are being held. It does not happen frequently. The first time was in Nashville, African object of great power...but that is a story for another time.

In America, it was much easier to keep a modest fund I had for this purpose. Over the years a number of profound objects in the hands of idle collectors were returned to daily work in the mystery life. Sacred Objects sent back to their homes. I do not rescue items to keep them for myself. I rescue them so they can be free again. The old Indians believe certain classes of sacred object have status as people.

Here in Italy, for an old Indian, the money is not so easy to gather in for the expenses and services that the sacred bundles require. We spend about 1,000 dollars on candles to stay with the bundle, for example. The care and protection of the sacred requires an infrastructure and the cold hard cash to maintain t…

Obama Government WILL NOT support American Indian rights

Obama (Professional Liar)

For all his rhetoric, and a splash of American Indian blood, and in spite of being actually adopted by the great Crow Nation, the Obama administration will not sign the UN International Declaration of Universal Indigenous People Rights and Protections.....

Just like Bill Clinton, who was given an Eagle Feather by Sun Child, Jr, George Bush, and now Obama, the USA refuses to admit to or even recognize that the American and other indigenous people of the world deserve any protection. This hypocrisy in the face of so much horrible and bad news for tribal people worldwide is stunning.

Obama, in particular, should be ashamed. I voted for this black man pretending to be a white man, loud-talking, vote-pimping to tribes, finger-pointing sell out, rich slave of the corporate world asshole. American Indians really came out for this punk of a corporate and wall street slave. Obama may have been born in the USA, he is not a socialist or a closet muslim...he is a dime a do…

Keeping a Light on the Sacred Bundle

The candles here in Italy for altar and religious work are the most horrible, nasty candles I have ever seen. It is perverse that they are so bad. They are made with cheap plastic containers with a metal cap. They cannot be recycled. They are truly horrible.
We keep a candle with the sacred pipe bundle at all times. To overcome the problem we have with these nasty candles, we are starting a candle donation program.
You can donate one or several candles to the sacred pipe. We will send you an email and tell you when your candles is being used.
You can send the candle for yourself or anyone in your life. Also send a candle for a special request or prayer. Prayers, songs and ceremonies take place every day in this sacred space.
Donate today and in the future.
Candle should burn 3 days or longer. No plastic. Unscented if possible.
No plastic candles. Help us keep the light moving around and pick some up for yourself.
Turtle Heart
Via casoneddra no. 5
Rekhale 91017
Pantelleria (TP) Italy 039.329.834.2…

American Indians and the Palestinians

From time to time the western media likes to report that this or that American Indian is hooked up with Palestinian and Hammas causes, also some like to mention how this or that American Indian supports Chavez, the mafia boss of a South American country. In all my many years of association with and participation in American Indian life I have never met a single tribal relation who supports Palestine or any of the violent Middle East groups and policies. Nobody. The only ones who come up in these associations are people identified as “AIM” (American Indian Movement) members. AIM has been and remains completely discredited among American Indians as a group. Its leadership has been shown to be cowards, killers and gangsters. The only passion for which they retain some small talent is in getting their names and faces into the media. Palestinian support organizations may feel they get to use the plight of American Indians to poke and poison the dialogue on the United States. American Indians …

History of the World || Summer Solstice Moment

Over the last years I have made a strong video study of the history of the world. In the morning I watch the history of the middle east, in the afternoon I look at the history of europe and the evenings bring me to China and Japan with frequent readings and viewings in American Indian and South American issues (mush less material on those subjects is available). A curious pattern emerges. All of those non-american indian nations have long histories of strong arm bosses, kings, queens, pharohs, sheiks, shoguns, warlords and generals. Native America never had those things. Tribes in North America favor self-determination and self-governing and never had the need for emperors or kings or presidents. At this point there are many outstanding documentary videos about the histories of the non American Indian world. Not so many on the American and South American cultures. These boss-emperor-king-president cultures have written the histories of the world which fill our libraries and schools. No o…

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011, Part Three Final

This poster is from an election campaign in Italy some years ago (2008). It was related to the issue of controlling immigration. A basic translation is that if we (Italians) do not do something about immigration, we (Italians) will end up on reservations like the Indians (who were not able to control immigration). This poster is from the pro Silvio Berlusconi group. Berlusconi is a butt-ugly empty bag of mostly water who is the long-ruling president of Italy. Around the world the United States “reservation system” has been a model for ethnic and racial isolation/punishment. Adolf Hitler referred to the American Indian reservation system as an effective way to control a minority population. Now many generations later, the inmates defend their reservations with a great passion, and perhaps rightfully so. The problems are not so much with the space as it is with the philosophy of the United States in regards to its minority American Indian population. Many people believe American Indians ge…

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011, Part Two

(part two from the preceding post)  Looking around the world…one sees a seeming endless succession of dictators murdering everybody in sight and lining their pockets with cash. The middle east “Arabian awakening”, sub-Sahara Africa, South America and near-Asian countries have hatched one murderous dictator after another. Long after the horrific Holocaust of the Jewish people, when world leaders swore it would never happen again, from Serbia to Syria who can count the murdered men, children, families and whole communities? America has a “reservation” system where it has housed and effectively minimized and isolated nearly 2 million human beings. In the beginning they took away their clothing, footwear, hair, food, religion, language, freedom of movement, government and even the children (sent away to government academies). It is not as brutal as the new wave of dictators, it is more subtle and quiet. It is a population of human beings who do not have freedom, who do not have what you hav…

Violence of Savages and Savage Violence || State of the Tribes 2011

As I move around in the world I am often in a position to address the so-called condition or state of American Indian people. After all, I know everyone of them. That’s what people think anyway. All minorities experience this expectation from modern people, corporate types. Anyway, I try to do the best I can and take some time to inform my audiences of the violence, addiction, poverty, hopelessness, isolation and doom that faces most, if not all, American Indian tribes. Usually when people, who care, meet American Indians they want to know about about the fanciful, the magical, the cultural (curiosity)…they are interested in hearing about their domesticated expectation of what an American Indian might be like (if they care at all). The shadow of the story goes like this…American Indians beat each other to death, slap their wives and children around, neglect their elders, steal from their families, sell their children as sex slaves, join gangs, rob the so-called innocent, lie and cheat w…

The Arab Awakening and the American Indian Movement

I can see clearly how the recent so-called Arab Awakening has been driven by the awareness and frustrations of young people who can see the world around them. I see also how important communication, and in particular internet communications, have driven this great arousal in North Africa and the Middle East. I find myself wondering when American Indians might choose to have such an awakening. It embrasses me that they have not. In the 1970s there was a fierce movement, called the American Indian Movement. It awakened a lot of American Indians, almost all of them at that time. The public attentions, money, and criminal nature of their leadership quickly destroyed in corruption and meaningless violence what could have been something great…it was not. The leadership of AIM revealed themselves as criminals, cry babies, and self-promoting wanna be cultural heroes. And the tribes again fell silent, for most of 20 years now we hear nothing from the American Indian such as we are hearing from …