Thursday, December 24, 2015

Solstice of Winter : Shadow Dreams

©2015 Turtle Heart : Red Eagle Woman

your heart like a bell
your name, sacred
up into the open sky
your way forward
to what could have been
what might have been
your open heart
your life, dream, song
and name
the open gate of the sky
really could be better
the earth, look up
look down. 
silence is the prayer we share

solstice of winter
22 december 2015
5:48 am cet

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Words Coming Out of Your Mouth

Editorial: Turtle Heart ©2015
Being responsible for the words that come out of your mouth is one of the vital rules or principles of being a responsible, sane human adult. It is the difference between being a good person and in being an idiot, coward, divisive fool. This “rule” was impressed upon me from the very beginning of my education and experience with the old American Indians. I learned this lesson when I was very young. It did not come from the “Bible”, or from Sunday School. It was not a teaching at my high school or in the university. It was said in plain, elegant English by the old American Indians (Elders). Not in an isolated conversation in the shadows somewhere. By all of them. Everywhere.

Take. Responsibility. For. The. Words. Coming. Out. Of. Your. Mouth.

Today. Right now. The sheer volume of trash and invective coming out of the mouths of degenerate, self-worshipping clowns like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and the ghost known as Jeb! is, at best, a complete denial of this sacred rule…this essential measure of leadership and honour as a human being.

Every good teacher understands this “rule”. One cannot be an effective teacher of science, history, or any rational subject, who disregards this necessity.

Lies are exposed, injustices revealed, revelations confirmed only through a responsible use of words, of language, of meaning.

Take a few examples:

Ted Cruz. The most common refrain: “He is very intelligent”. True Intelligence is much like a deep river, running deep and long. Ted Cruz’ intelligence, to me, in comparison, is like a pool of baby urine on the sidewalk. The praise for this pear-shaped man’s “intelligence” is universal and unceasing. So what about the (bat shit crazy) words that come out of his mouth? (1): They violate the rule (2): He is running a spectacular con on AmeriKa. He actually does not believe the words that come out of his mouth. And therein lies the problem. He is not being responsible for the words that come out of his mouth: his words are a shyster act…the “long con”. The many millions of what we can charitably call “uninformed” but reflexive GOP voters are his suckers. Cruz is cunning. Predatory. True intelligence should be measured by how closely behaviour and beliefs support the actual truth of life and core human values. In this crucial measure of intelligence, real intelligence, Cruz fails completely.

Donald Trump. Appears to actually believe the words that come out of his mouth. But only when he is saying them. These words are the product of a mind stuck in a toilet. Trump is a pandering, opportunistic person. So while he appears to believe the words coming out of his mouth, those words change with every shift in the wind. The so-called “beliefs” behind those words is no less shifty. He abuses the rule of responsibility through pandering. We have no idea what he believes when he is silent.

Jeb!. Jeb! has no words. He has no beliefs. He is the classic “wooden man” referred to by Thoreau. The words that come from his mouth are put there by handlers and managers. They have no point of occupation or origin in his actual body. Real words of truth come from deep inside the body. Speaking truth originates “from the belly” according to Shinto belief, for example. Jeb! does not even breathe when he speaks. Rubio is a mini-version of Jeb!. Less mature. Same spoon fed “beliefs” put there by his handlers.

Bill O’Reilley. A bully. An entertainer. Like Cruz, he does not believe the words that come from his mouth. His words are chosen (1) to dominate, (2) to entertain. Otherwise, he is empty. An ugly bag of mostly water. There is nothing there. Ted Cruz is running a scam, so he actually wants something. O’Reilly wants nothing. He has no ambition beyond getting attention.

Time Magazine. (Person of the Year). Time is an American magazine that primarily sells advertisement space in glossy format. If you look at a copy of this magazine, by far the most prominent feature is the advertisements. The so-called actual content is buried in the ads. The highly “celebrated” person of the year cover that comes out every year is nonsense. It has nothing to do with taking responsibility for speaking the truth. Like Sport’s Illustrated “swimwear” issue, is is designed to sell magazines. This is highly professional, actually celebrated abuse of the rule. The American Media, “champions” of the Free Press.

Body Language. Body language should be in harmony with the words coming out of your mouth. Many times when people, especially republicans, are speaking on by monitor, I mute the sound and watch their body language. If you are taking responsibility for the words coming out of your mouth, the body language will match up precisely with your words. One of the greatest shows ever on TV was a Tim Roth project called “Lie To Me”. It was a one-hour drama which studied through detective style tactics, the body language of the various protagonists in a whole series of plots. The had a candidate for Supreme Court judge, police officers, so-called terrorists, and other professionals whose “words coming out of their mouths” were exposed as not correct based upon observing their body language.

US Presidential First Lady Michelle Obama. 100%. She walks it. She talks it. Her body laguage confirms it. Yes, it is possible to take responsibility for every word coming out of your mouth. To say it, believe it, and live it. A public person living in truth. She is what that looks like.

Hilary Rodham Clinton. She takes her words very seriously. She searches like a good hunter for words she can believe in before she speaks them. She does not always believe in the actual issue she is speaking about, but she always believes in and takes responsibility for the words she uses to discuss them. Body language matches up. In terms of this sacred rule, she has the best integration we have seen…body language matches up. And she has been consistent for decades.

Bernie Sanders. WTF? No. Thank you. I get nothing. Nothing at all.

If you use this “rule” of the sacred of the old Indians to measure and evaluate political candidates, for example, you will get a reaction inside your own body. You will go deeper than just your “thinking” and tap into the root of instinct and intuition. You will learn quickly and clearly to understand when and if someone is speaking the truth…or not. You will learn to trust your conclusions. 

What could be more precious than that?

Turtle Heart

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