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Sacred Woman || Tanit and the Great Mississippi River Walk

As I write this, a small group of American Indian women from the tribal nations at the headwaters of the Mississippi River have filled a little bucket of that clean, sweet, unpolluted American Indian Water and they are walking it down to the Gulf of Mexico. A water ceremony. A really brave and interesting one. The MSM in general seems to be paying little attention to this news. I live on a Mediterranean Island and it lighted me up.
In Ojibwe culture, formal responsibility, spiritual ownership of the water, of all the water, was the offices and responsibilities of the women. For many generations, a large number of profoundly beautiful ceremonies were and are used to live in balance with the great gift of water. These ceremonies have the same spiritual, moral, legal and societal authority, logic and form as any ceremony made by the Catholic Pope, or any other high ceremony of a deep religious faith. Yes, quite equal to, in every regard.
The Mississippi River Walk. Ojibwe like to carry w…