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Stunned Silence : Sacred Pipe Revisited

©2019 Turtle Heart O-say-go:
The last year has been conflicting and strange. I find the election and presence on this Mother Earth of Donald Trump and his gang, especially the GOP, to be so disgusting, so unacceptable that it has nearly stunned me into silence. If society can tolerate Trump, society is in a crisis. That there are in fact so many tens of millions of people so unattached, uninterested and just plain stupid as to be OK with Trump? It is a jarring situation.
Gradually I have come back to a more normal state of mind. I turned 70 years earlier this year. As you might expect, it is a sobering milestone.
One of the revelations is that my lifetime of experience and knowledge, gained from the old Indians and from carrying that into the Waiting World is all inside of me and not in many other places. This blog has something of the history and experiences, nit very much.
I am starting now to post archival documents representing the collevted body of knowledge that I have gathered f…