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The Great Indian Wars || DVD Toxic Release

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The Great Indian Wars
2005. Now circulating the internet p2p, torrent and avi networks. 

Recently released as a DVD boxed set.

Bci / Eclipse || 235 minutes || ASIN: B000ALM4IA

Viewer warning |
Facts in this video series are farther away than they may seem in your monitor.

The only Good Indian is a Dead Indian. While they don’t say this out right, that seems to be the implicit message in this terrible 5-part series now making the rounds….no it was not made in 1950, as the attitudes would suggest, but is in fact a contemporary and one-sided look at the wars with the Plains tribes, north and south.

While the film claims to be about all the so-called Indian Wars, they have virtually nothing to say about the wars with the Spanish on the west coast and southwest. What is talked about is so unbelievably one-sided that I was taken by surprise.

The production is entirely contrived, a running narrative with pasted in film clips from bad…