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Solstice of Summer Twenty Twelve

My quarterly poem to my friends:

My poetry just comes straight out of me in a rush. I believe they come spontaneously from my spirit.
The old Indians had a line in an old song, I have always remembered; "a song comes unasked out of my body, a mark of my spirit"
Here is the solstice song in 2 parts the song the translation of the song

Solstice 2012June
Pantelleria Island

00:08 22 June
AUDIO link to Ceremonial Song: The song is available to listen, click THIS link. Google Blogger does not support sound uploads.

The wind and the sun
Are staring in silence at each other.
Time is melting the stones beneath my feet.
It is a harder season, where
Our cup and bowl are full, filled up
And cold,
Feeding yet another dreamless night.
So we sat down
We started singing this old song
Time had stuffed in our memories.
And we believed in a better day,
Inside the same skin we have lived in all along.
The gifts and prayers of the Old Indians
Were spread out all over the table.
I could feel their old memories bumpin…