Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barack Black Eagle and the Bullet

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Amerika? Hello. I know you.

We have this very bright man, who is part Native American, part African American and part White. Very interesting. He is very exciting and brave and shiny. It is almost certain that someone will try and kill him. In recent days it seems to even be part of Hilary Clinton’s strategy. It has become a topic for off-color jokes on fox news.

Obama has been adopted by a Crow Nation family, the Black Eagle Family. So now he is called Black Eagle. I wonder if he is a smart as he thinks he is. Since his election would change everything, certainly his assassination would turn everything to shit. Instead of a brave new day we will have a gigantic bucket of shit dumped on the world if he is killed. In this sense I think he has a gigantic ego which will do no one any good, him least of all. Why would he put the country in this position? It seems suicidal and a little psychotic that he choose this moment to change everything. If he is killed nothing will change and it will be same old with a vengeance if that happens. For this reason I think he is an unrealistic asshole.

I think it would be great if he beats McCain, who may be the most dangerous of all the assholes who have ever run for president. And he is white beyond question, beyond any doubt. White. White. White. But the white man is no longer the majority in the voting in Amerika now. The white man has step by step lost a lot of his political power. Left up to the white men, there is no question McCain will be the next president. But it is no longer up to white man.

If he wins I hope he will just lock himself in the white house and never come out. With big screen video conferencing and high speed internet and mobile phones, he could just stay in the building and get things done. This would be real courage. The way it seems no his courage seems like fake courage to me. If he is in fact assassinated, it will do a lot of damage to the country, to the world. It would be the complete waste of an otherwise sterling life.

I would like to believe Amerika is ready for an African American\American Indian President. Sounds pretty cool. Do you think we have grown up enough for such a president?

The stupid “&£££//)==ing Cherokee nation of Oklahoma has come out for McCain. Another strange development. McCain is one of the US Senators on the Indian Affairs Committee. Can’t see where he has done anything AT ALL for any Indian person anywhere on this earth. There are a lot of Indians in his home state of Arizona. Never heard even one of them say he has done anything at all that they would notice.

So here we are. Hilary is down. I thought she would win it for sure. During the campaign she sure showed herself to be a rapid monkey’s ass, much to the surprise of her many early supporters. Her husband has become quite the joke and would have to elevate himself quite a bit at this point to even be called a monkey’s ass. So we have this tiny, broken little white man and this brave, arrogant and seemingly blind black man for our November choice. And this is Amerika. Yes I know you very well. I can almost smell the gunpowder from here.

Maybe it will work out well. Maybe I will live forever. Maybe I have aged into a doubting old fart. Maybe I know thee all to well, O Amerika.

It makes perfect sense to me that no one would raise a hand against George W Fucking Bush Jr, that piece of shit. Look at what he has done? No one has raised a finger against him. He is richer and whiter and dumber than ever. No, like the killing of Kennedy or King, we reserve our American bullets for the good and the brave and the kind. Since most Amerikans are bastards anyway, why would they kill one of their own, like dubya the dumb ass?

I would be more than satisfied if events and time prove me wrong. I will not hold my breath. I hope he can figure out how to stay safe.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Distant Dreamer

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(This is a minor footnote to the previous post)
I was really pleased to hear recently that the original principle ceremonial elder and mide’wi-an, Keeper of a Great Bundle and founder of AIM is continuing his teachings and making available the mide ceremonies of the ancient Ojibway culture. Eddie Benton-Banai is a revered and innovative tribal elder. His religious credentials, like those of the Dalai Lama, come from the generations in his direct line. In the great northern woodlands of North America and Canada these teachings from this tradition are among the most precious. Eddie Benton-Banai was the elder who first gave his permissions and blessings to the organization later called AIM. AIM was pretty righteous in those few early years, there is no doubt. There was a strong unity between the woodland and plains groups, as well as many of the Eastern Tribes (Algonquian and Iroquois Confederacy). In those early years those young AIM boys did good work and stayed closer to the direction and guidance of those elders. There were some strong ceremonies and very powerful, hopeful ceremonies made when the AIM was getting started. Those ceremonies gave those boys the power to change in some ways the manner in which Indian people see themselves. When they stayed close to the ceremonies a lot of good things happened. Edward Benton Banai continues his work and ceremonial teachings throughout the woodland tribal cultures, in the north..

Knowing that Eddie Benton-Banai is continuing his work makes me very happy. His dignity and knowledge of tribal ceremonies of great power and clarity helped AIM get a good start in the early years. One can only wish those AIM people could have stayed closer to these ceremonial people rather than free agents lead by bully’s and homicidal “heroes” like Leonard Pelitier. Banai has given his energy and support to many great projects over many years. Here is a link to the original post I read.

It is impossible to fully understand how fantastic life can be. Real joy is perhaps unattainable. We become so focused on what is happening to us and around us. It can be hard to see how the mystery life carries us. If you are a really good dreamer, you might be able to catch a mide’wi-an dream from a man like this. One of the important mide’wi-an teachings is the dreaming.
The revolution that the ceremonial elders have proposed all along is to send out more dream songs and less bullets, fewer speeches in front of cameras. The revolution never ended, and many of us look at it this way. We wabeno’s have the work of sending out dream songs. These old songs help the dreamer in many ways. If you know those dream songs are out in the dream world, you could find one.

This is the best free advice you will get this year.

The Distant Dreamer (for Eddie Benton-Banai)

I am a dreamer, a distant dreamer
I am carried by the sacred wind along the path
Of the sacred water.
I am finding my skin again
The dreaming is inside the skin, the distance measured in memories
Dreaming, dreaming, I am a dreamer
A distant dreamer
The sky knows my song is there
Carried along the path of the sacred water
A dream can be left for others
A dream can survive for generations of dreamers, distant dreamers
Resting along the path of the sacred water
You might dream the distant dream again and so you will know
When you are there dreaming
You might carry the dream of distant dreaming across the winds of time
And hear that song open something up within you
And all the way around you.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dennis Banks: A Plastic Hero for the Plastic Press

Dennis Banks, a self-described American Indian activist, is leading another public-relations exercise called the Longest Walk II.

The exclusively white press that bothers to cover this non-event all wax poetic about the virtues of this great American Indian leader. He is a great leader only in the eyes of these white reporters, perhaps because he is the only tribal person they know how to write about and spell his name correctly.

Tribal people are drowning in a gigantic ocean of bad information. Bad and incorrect information offered by the journalists and reporters of the main stream media. As the MSM has failed to find any reason to explain the lies and thefts of the Bush Administration, they remain the same MSM that does not care to know anything real about tribal people. The only time you hear about tribes in the MSM is when they drag out these tired and aging “heroes” for yet another round of being unable to tell fact from imagination.

Dennis banks has done nothing for anyone except Dennis Banks. He was recently named in the criminal murder trial of an Indian man convicted of killing Ana Mae Aquash. Not one “reporter”who writes the fairy tale about his goodness and light have asked him about this as the miles have gone by. He is specifically named as the one AIM officer who most likely gave the order for her torture and execution. If Banks were any ordinary man attempting to flim-flam the public about his life, the press would be all over him. Like white on rice, as my mother used to say. His greatest trick, and only real talent, seems to be in getting white people to do him these favors.

Why does Banks continue to get this free ride? He has had zero influence on American Indian life. Zero. Yet when the press talks about him it is with the breathless accolades offered up to heroes who have done so much to elevate not only their own people, but all of humanity. Has the journalistic community any credibility left on any subject?

Even a little research and a few conversation with tribal leaders would reveal a very different interpretation of the life of this man, this hero who left his pregnant wife standing in the middle of the road while he ran and hid in the forest. There are no Native Americans anywhere who hold this man up as a hero of any kind. Why does the white MSM say these things? Based upon what known facts do they make these declarations?

When reporters cannot get even little stories like this one right, how can we believe anything they say or write? We seem to be in a most dangerous moment when the watchdogs of truth have just gone to sleep and write and talk about their drunken dreams rather than any events in the real world.

There are so many Native Americans working to bring a better life to their families and communities. It is an insult to the 400 years of suffering of tribal people to manufacture heroes in this way, and to be forced to believe that this kind of fairy tale is the best you can over hope to get from the journalistic traditions of 2008.

Many of the actual American Indians who know who Banks is are waiting for his eventual indictment on murder charges. More than 95% of all tribal communities and reservations have banned Dennis Banks and all of the other AIM gangsters from setting foot on their tribal lands. If he is such a hero to Native Americans, why is this so?

So far, in the many many press accounts of this Longest Walk II, not one reporter has asked a single question about the Ana Mae Aquash Pictu murder case. Most of them have probably never heard of it. Where, then, does the press get its information about who is who and what is what? Apparently, when it comes to Native Americans, you can just make it up as you go along.
If one were to look closely and honestly at the “Wounded Knee” takeover, for which this little hero is so famous, one would see only the destroyed homes and lives of over 200 actual, real, enrolled, honest to God Indian people who were robbed of their personal possessions, whose homes and jobs were destroyed and how a whole community of real Indian people were wiped out by this so-called hero and his gangster friends. People who watch white hollywood trash movies and think they know what Wounded Knee was about know nothing. It is embarrassing how few people know what really happened, or how few who even want to know what really happened when this tribal gangster came to their town.

It has always seemed to me that people who are genuinely interested in history would want to have at least a passing acquaintance with the truth. The most notable accomplishment of AIM and Dennis Banks at Wounded Knee was the establishment of the first FBI SWAT team being formed to combat armed terrorism by Americans on American soil.

Native Americans today face a national press that has zero interest in fairly representing the issues of Native peoples. When people struggle against poverty, racism and government genocide, it sure makes it a lot harder when no one even wants to hear your side, the Indian side of the story. It seems easier for mainstream reporters to just make things up. How many have been exposed for fake stories in the national press this year alone? This absence of awareness, this willful ignorance, only compounds the tragedy of those Native Americans who struggle every day to actually try and get something done, find real answers. Ironically, these naive little writers who are covering this Longest Walk, rub salt into the open wounds by making phony heroes of plastic people like Dennis Banks and just as ironically, by writing about his phony heroism, they will have that “good feeling” of having “helped the indians” yet again.

I wish I could line all these reporters up and slap their faces with a big wet fish. Shame on these reporters and shame on their readers.

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