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A Great Little Bear

©2008 Turtle Heart

Wherever I have traveled, I make bears. Mhuk-wa. Mhuk-wa helps me find the medicine, helps me to remember that I know my way. Italians are not so interested in American Indian art. Not like, say, Germany, where it is almost a national passion. They actually have Eagle Feather stores in Germany. In Italy not so much. In general Italians do not have a habit for acquiring art as they do in say, everywhere else. Especially the Southwest. In Taos you will find an actual collection of commendable art of several cultures in nearly every home, at every station of life from the near homeless to the rich. Italians are famous for their sense of design. They are not big collectors of art. As an artist I have taken this news in a sort of mixed media way. I try to make things, first, using native materials. We have several unique stones found only here two, I have tried to feel the emotion and history of the island and let my intuition work through what I feel. The result has been…

American Indian Mafia --Review

American Indian Mafia
by Joseph H. Trimbach and John M. Trimbach
ISBN: 9780979585500

A must read. Anyone and everyone who has the slightest interest in really knowing the truth about Wounded Knee takeover in 1973, dennis banks, rusell means, and leonard pelitier must read this book.

The many publishers and organizations that have substituted help for real American Indian problems while giving money to the professional fund raisers of AIM should prepare themselves for some revelations and possible future indictments against their plastic Indian heroes.

I can’t remember when I have felt so much relief. To finally see that someone has prepared to challenge the fantasies and misdirections of AIM, Spirit of Crazy Horse and all the Peletier propaganda designed to turn a killer into a hero may be in for a shock.

New evidence makes it all but dead certain that dennis banks was intimately involved in the torture, rape and finally murder of Ana Mae Aquash. I remember reading the empty pages of a book…