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Tobacco In the Flower (Far Away)

Tobacco Flowers in the garden, 18 November 2017.....that is all.

A Light That NEVER Was : Dennis Banks Dead

Death of Dennis Banks : A Light That Never Was
Ed Note:
It brings me no satisfaction to have nothing good to say about Dennis Bank$. It would be so great to have American Indians to celebrate and honour in these pages. There are so many fine American Indians...but they never seem to attract the American press. What is so frustrating is the sad mythology and obtuse nature of American media reporting and its fascination and morbid obsession with criminals like Dennis Bank$, Russell Means and fat Leonard Peltier. We all really wish the American media would just pay attention...(ed)

SEE also this link: Conflicted Legacy of Dennis Banks

Serial criminal, self-promoter, philanderer and suspected murderer Dennis Banks has passed away this week. Across the uninformed, clueless national media the myth building has proceeded relentlessly to copy and paste their absurd observations and celebration  of the life of an unworthy and pathetic symbol of the American media’s absolute failure to show even t…

Sostice Summer : 2017 : 5:24 am CET

©2017 Turtle Heart
Summer Solstice: 5:24:08 CET am

a good dream is like a song in the morning just as the light rises it is a surprise even though you wished for it all night the rising light pushes the shadows away in front of the light or behind it ​...​ that is where all shadows belong how much do we remember? how much have we forgotten? you dreamed all the night this very night and now spring has passed into summer and the next dream waits for you the dreaming that carries us between the shadows and the light​
Turtle Heart and Silvia Santi

Equinox of Spring 2017

©2017 Turtle Heart _______________________________________ water turns into poison wherever we have set our hand dreams turn into taxes and penalties the lines go around the block there is extra money and time for fire that burns without heat or light deep into our well.armed nights the belly of the earth is drawn and quartered with dividends paid upon the dust itself as it floats into the sky carried by the winds yes, spring arrives again an old memory from the roots of time the seasons go ahead and change even as everything else remains the same

equinox of spring 2017

The Tears I never Cried

©2017 Turtle Heart
i remember deaths that I did not die ancestors I never knew and the names of strangers  I did not bury into the waiting earth I remember mothers whose sons I did not bleed or maim and I remember prayers I never made to gods I never named in wars I never fought
all that I do not know yet not knowing is not the same as unknown or unmoved, so I remember all that by dreams I never had and the stories that men will tell
if the tears of heaven were to fall would my faith swim or drown sinking to the bottom where those actual feelings lay screaming in sacred silence that silence no one has ever heard or would I rise newly named and blessed and rise up to the sun once again
is it easy to remember what has never happened in that life where the body never dwelled and the bells never ringed where water and wine dripped from the rainbows onto time’s old bones grown shiny in the dawn where light begins to leave the shadows and the shadows become children once again remembering e…

Looking At My Feet

Winter 2017
The editor switches direction. Reality at last has become to harsh. So I looked around. My house is steeped in nature...stepped as well. Nature is the boss around here. I often go out and look around with one of the cameras. It can change the direction of my spirit from a place of stress to one of many imaginings, in particular when we have bright moons.

So looking around, I find:

That stone heart was one of the first things I made when I came here. I made it as a gift for someone back in the states but could never bring myelf to part with it.

Winter flowers. Stone wall. And old piece of Italian glass.

The winds of the world blows our souls and our lives into knots. For every one that is untied, another is clinched so tightly by so many that confusion is inevitable. Sometimes even desirable to those who know the knots and follow the winds. I don't think everyone gets it.

Living like an Old Eagle in a fine nest, I see the grey skies and orange new face of agitation and…

Trumps Expanding and Exploding Head

Nothing would please me more than to write eloquently about our beautiful lives, our great country, all the noble deeds of its citizens and the honour of its leaders.
Those things have all be hijacked. Replaced with gold curtains and alternative facts and the suppression and silence imposed upon our service agencies all across the Federal workplace. Looking back on the events that placed Donald John Trump at the head of the US Government:
The Concert: Jon Voigt? Robbie Drums? What a yellow, dull cloud rises over the nation. This plastic drummer in his mohawk haircut gave us the perfect musical opening. Voigt’s speech in particular is so perverse, he is such a disgusting, yellow man. Carrying water for gangsters and telling us about God’s prayers and Lincoln’s Joyful Spirit? Let us rejoice in knowing that the most disgusting posture by the most disgusting white people in America….begins. Jon Voight, fuck you from the bottom of my shoes. Everyone appearing at this inaguration is cursed, di…

Trump: Vomit On Demand

It disturbs me that China pounds on all the tables and scowls every time someone wants to visit with Taiwan or Tibet. I like China in many respects. I like Chinese food and Chinese people on a very general but thorough level. On the other hand Fuck China. On the other hand DJT is showing dangerous signs of agitating the Great Chinese Money Machine.....this is a Machine that touches nearly every pocket.
Even so, and without apologising for the sentiment, it seems almost certain that Trump is going to really agitate China and something crazy will come about. From here it looks like Trump is going to stumble and lie and buffoon his way. He and his merry comrades. They are going to bring shame, disgust and possibly disaster into the world in entirely new ways.
Just around 25%, possibly less, of the voting population has foisted this debacle upon us. The true villains here are the 75% who did not get off their dead ass and vote, make a choice. You are probably also the very ones who would…