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Let It Fall Like Rain: Sweat Lodge Stories

Above the sweat lodge at Rosalini in Sicily : Below, some of the group attending the ceremony. A land of yellow light, white stone walls and a rich history.

Above, the Water Drum: Mitig-wa-kik Day-way'gun Below, the Big Crystal

The Big Shiny Rock In Sicily
A quartz crystal in
Iblea and Rosalini Sicilia, June 9 through June 17 (Sweat Lodge Story)

After nine months inside a box inside a bigger box, my many medicine objects arrived from a long slow journey from Taos to Pantelleria. We unloaded the box of boxes and left the next day for 10 days of ceremonies in Sicilia. One of these objects is the big crystal. On the 8th of august, 1988 at 8:08 am this big crystal was taken from the earth near Mount Ida Arkasas (USA). Now it is living on Pantelleria and has made a road trip to Ragusa Sicily.

We gathered in a small house near the center of the old city. The space is owned and made available by a yoga study group and sponsored by the owner of a local bookstore nearby. Libreria Iblea. Iblea is…

The Waiting World

Here is a translation of a detail of an old song:

there is the mark of the wind upon my fingertips
it is a mark of the winds
i feel the mark of the rain upon my open hand
it is a mark of the waiting world

This idea became like a bright sound inside my mind. Meditating on this idea has given me many ideas and insights. It is very subtle, the meaning.

we are all in the waiting world. we are waiting for you.
we are waiting for each other. we are waiting for the rain.

what i know is what I carry inside of me with these songs and ceremonies, with my relationship to my sacred objects. when it is my turn to speak I think of the waiting world. I think of life waiting for water, the earth waiting for the rain….the old man waiting with his hand outstretched.

i thought once to go to the southern gate of the pueblo of taos and waiting there one hour with my eyes closed and my hands open and outstretched. I was hoping someone would give me back what was stolen. Hundreds of cars drove by. I could feel their…