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Tanit and Apollo

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The meaning of is: In this mystery life, the meaning of is, is that it is my privilege to speak freely. I told all of the elders with whom I spoke and dreamed and smoked that I would exercise this privilege in a circle around the world. They said the meaning of is is that it is ok.

16 November
A tiny spot on my left thumb itches beyond all measure of the space, or tiny spot that it is. Among other things, Pantelleria is itchy.

Everybody has heard of Apollo. Not the perfume or sports-car apollo, but The Apollo. He was seduced by with and around a mysterious sacred woman that we all know as Tanit. Tanit was the Daughter of the Wind.

When she told me her name, I knew my life from now on was going to be on her belly. I changed virtually everything in my life, everyone in my life, my country, my past, all in that moment, without hesitation.

When Apollo met Tanit, she gave him a cup of Passito, in the sunlight. In that moment the golden light of Passito capt…

400 years ago . . . how time flys

Native American Awareness Month (November 2007)

400 years

All those shadows of time

I have made a free screen saver that works on Windows or Apple Computers. It is a series of painting showing ancient petroglyphs or rock art images from all over North America. There are some other photographs and images, but the theme is mostly images of the ancient mystery, ceremonial life. It is FREE, a gift for the digital new world. Follow this link to reach the download page.

400 years

My birthday was 400 years ago. I was born along an ancient river. The water looked like diamonds as the light from the sky kissed my belly, floating in the river. I was a little otter at that time. Sometimes I could hear the old drums. Some of the other sounds I could hear was the sound of so many feet, feet moving to sound, feet moving through time, feet covered with the dust of the earth. I think they were dancing on the earth, following the flowing river as it carried me along through blue skys and winds filled with …