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Tibet | The Bloody Olympic Torch

©2008 Turtle Heart


I have had the privilege of meeting privately with His Holiness Dali Lama of Tibet. It was in the strangest of all possible worlds, Washington, New Jersey. I was presented with this opportunity by a very swell guy named Lopsang Tsering. In my very first visit to Manhattan I was driven from Brooklyn into Manhattan’s Greenwich Village area. I had been invited to stay by myself at the small apartment of a friend next door to the famous Village Cigars shop. The lady who usually rented the apartment was away fro three days and offered me this chance to be on my own and see a bit of New York City. The very first place I discovered myself entering was “The Tibet Shop” on Christopher Street. The man I met there at the time was called Juan Li. Juan Lii is a very charming and interesting fellow of Chinese and Cuban ancestry. That first meeting I stayed in the quiet little shop looking at treasures from Tibet and talking about the mystery life with Juan Li. If you google h…

Wabune-nei-Boozhoo 2008 | Equinox

©2008 Turtle Heart

(this is it)

Hold the water
Stand with the fire
Dream about the earth
As the wind blows your life around
We are carried
By our songs about each other
Held together by the bones of the ancient truth
When the good life
Came down from the light in the sky
We are the ones
You and I
Who have found our way
Broken and healed
Seperated but bound together
In the center of all things

Equinox is 20 March, 6:48:29 CET, at 36North50 degrees by 11East57 degrees.

Ritual Address to Society | Thunder Drumming

©2008 Turtle Heart

The Ceremonial Program for 2008

In original instructions of Sacred Pipe…..yes, those: the teachings are given inside the ceremony. Otherwise the rule was silence. The Keeper of the Bundle opens the Bundle and what happens from the beginning to the finish of that moment is the “ceremony”.

Recently the Drum was opened, and Four Drums now live with me, Turtle Heart, on the small island of Pantelleria in the Mediterranean Sea. Today the opened bundle asked for the old contract. The program for 2008 will be what we call The Drums of Thunder. The ceremony will involve formal conversations convened before a large Tewa Drum, made by the late Mr. Red Shirt of the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. I have been the Keeper of this drum for 30 years.

Sitting before this drum will be the central exercise of the ceremonies this year. When we are all together we will sit before the drum and while the drum is speaking the lessons will be given. Perhaps you could call them Singing Lessons. Wabe…