Tuesday, December 20, 2016

From the Elegance of Obama over to Dumpster Trash of Trump

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I have not been able to speak or write coherently since the election started with 17 Republican Clowns declaring themselves, what seems like an eternity ago. The entire process was so ludicrous, so absurd, so depressing to engage my mind constructively. I felt only despair and disgust. I realised at some point, days before the actual election, that Trump had in fact a good chance of being elected. My spirit began descending into a long slump that shows no sign of recovery. That the United States would move from the elegance, dignity and hope of an Obama Presidency all the way over to the white trash dumpster fire of a nationalist, criminal-inspired Trump administration is the single most depressing transition of my entire adult life.

It cannot possibly stand, this presidency. Will someone kill him? Will he be arrested for being found out as a criminal? Will he humiliate himself and the nation into impeachment? Will he just collapse and die from toxic ass-hole-ness? Disaster is the new watchword as the entire world holds its collective breath.

There is, at least presently, a “hopeful class”. However, my feeling is that this is one of the most dangerous and unstable moments in American history. That the nation contains so many clueless and stupid people is a heart-breaking revelation…these “voters” have in a sense betrayed the world. The rest of us are prepared to flinch and duck, like an abused partner. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. What is less surprising to me is not Trump…it is the actual so-called human beings who vote in these far right anti-human beings. How can one such prosperous and long established democracy in fact become so lost, so dark, so senseless, so quickly?

Facts? Real facts, the real and actual facts no longer matter…they are in fact considered undesirable or irrelevant. This is the one aspect of the rise of Trump that is truly a disaster. Almost every word that comes out of this ridiculous man is false, but no one cares. His base is indifferent. This sickness is spreading throughout the white man’s cultures in particular, through Europe, America.

Choking, poisoning, murdering, selling of the earth, its animals, plants and minerals will now be the new religion of the Trump Right. Just look at the collection of moronic, self-eating lunatics he has appointed thus far. Shaping up to be the most predatory, self-interested band of lunatics ever to be gathered together to sack and pillage a modern nation.

A sudden new age of darkness may in fact be here upon us, right now. 

Putin is controlling gasoline prices worldwide, a new development barely seen or commented upon by the world’s media. Putin and Russia (fighter pilots) are driving the horrific war in Syria. No bullet to the domed head and smirking face of Assad this year. In every direction Putin has his middle finger firmly inserted in the world’s collective face. And Donald Trump admires Putin to an almost perverse level of envy and aspiration. Not to mention that Putin went from a salaried administrative job to building a house that cost over a billion dollars with no clear perception as to where all that sudden wealth came from. Trump aspires. Not to be a great American but to be a great power personally, absolutely and without restraint.

The GOP is disgusted by Trump… yet like foolish little ducks they are lined up, quack, quack, quack, in his shadow. A party that has rigged, rewrote, redrawn, lied, manipulated and fixed its way into controlling the government of the country and a majority of the states, the New Mafia. Sustained by the majority of white voters. Celebrated and appreciated by ISIS, AlQuida, Iran and Syria….as China sharpens its knives and stacks its gold.

All the evil these men do is in the shadows. If revealed it is denied, spun, redirected, sent twirling on a chorus of dog whistles and the toxic silence of millions of winks. The Monster is fashionable, entertaining, savvy and ready to rumble. The voters have gone back to sleep, if they were ever in fact awake.

And winter (copyright, trademark), my friends, is coming. There is no place to hide.

I have wept, tears rolling down my cheeks as I watch and listen to the morally and ethically corrupt, lying, disgusting words and actions of the republicans in America. That such stupid and faithless people could control so much of the American Experience at this moment in history is heart-breaking. I no longer live in America. I have in fact become a citizen of another country. I have not, however, given up my American rights and my love of my native country. But I am ashamed. Trump is the most vile, disgusting and morally corrupt person to perhaps ever be in a position to lead a western democracy. It is a sad and dangerous moment. That so many millions of clueless, stupid people actually exist and agree is even more depressing than the rise of a single dirty, fake, perverted little white man. Donald Trump. Human trash.

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