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From the Elegance of Obama over to Dumpster Trash of Trump

Editorial views of Turtle Heart, Ojibwe Artist and Writer Copyright 2016 © Turtle Heart. All rights reserved.
I have not been able to speak or write coherently since the election started with 17 Republican Clowns declaring themselves, what seems like an eternity ago. The entire process was so ludicrous, so absurd, so depressing to engage my mind constructively. I felt only despair and disgust. I realised at some point, days before the actual election, that Trump had in fact a good chance of being elected. My spirit began descending into a long slump that shows no sign of recovery. That the United States would move from the elegance, dignity and hope of an Obama Presidency all the way over to the white trash dumpster fire of a nationalist, criminal-inspired Trump administration is the single most depressing transition of my entire adult life.
It cannot possibly stand, this presidency. Will someone kill him? Will he be arrested for being found out as a criminal? Will he humiliate himself…