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Martin Luther King || Tears of Time

I was a teenager when Dr. King was murdered. I wept. I cried like a baby. I was a young man in Columbus Ohio. At the time, my mother, a dedicated Southern Baptist, carried me to White Hall Baptist Church every Sunday. That Sunday I stayed up almost all night preparing a speech that the pastor allowed me to give that Sunday. And I did that. My first public speech was a memorial to Martin Luther King to a southern Baptist church filled with white people. It was almost certainly a turning point in my life.
Today, some 50 years later, here we are again. It is not a day of celebration, though it is, it is yet another pivotal moment where the old white men who dominate the GOP politics of 35 US states and who stand in unprecedented obstruction and clueless impotence in the US Government have doubled down on their contempt and fear of people of color.
This morning I watched a 1966 rebroadcast of Dr. King speaking on Meet the Press. In my mind I made the contrast between that Meet the Press a…

American Wars, American Gold

Over the summer I read a collection of books, that I put together myself, which encompassed American military history from the Revolution (Bunker Hill) to Afghanistan. At the end of this posting I will list those books.
I have also watched a series of films, from Gettysburg (the despicable defense of slavery) to the Battle Of Haditha (a despicable act of mass murder by American soldiers).
For weeks I have posted nothing. It is difficult to understand what to say about the present direction and comportment of the United States military. My conviction about the available evidence indicates a level of incompetence in leadership and policy that is very troubling and incredibly dangerous. I look at the portfolio of words that populate my mind and more and more am just speechless, unable to express coherently the meaning and the implications of so much failure in leadership, and so much morally and ethically corrupt behavior by America’s young soldiers in general….and in particular the ins…