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Waiting...............(part 2)

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"I have always believed I could trust my own senses, my mind and heart, my body and my spirit to help me understand when I am present with the truth. I believe that the teachings and rituals of the Sacred Pipe and the other ceremonies have helped make this possible for me in the strongest way. I believe that is the real purpose of these teachings.

Indian religion is not a faith religion. Indian religion is about a way of behaving and thinking and taking responsibility for your life.

The Sacred Teaching is a Warrior Teaching. This is why we call it Sacred. The great teachings give you power to stand where it is true and safe and bright.... But it ain’t easy." ...Tobacco Indian

A life with the Sacred Pipe, all life long

©2007 Turtle Heart.

Reflections (only)

I grew up with the sacred pipe in my life every day, since I was a very young man. Through many talks, some of us came up with the idea to take the morning light, or first light of day pipe ceremony aound the worrld. Sometime we got really excited about the possibility. This was almost 30 years ago now. My father was an Ojibway Indian man. I was never sure about his enrollment status. He hated being an Indian. He was one of the ones they sent to indian school in Illinois. It ws an ugly thing to do to an entire generation of American Indian people. I came to know other relatives of my father’s family when I was younger and this is what brought Sacred Pipe into my life.

The idea of taking the Sacred around the world appealed to me as an Indian boy then, and now as an Indian man I feel the same way. Back then the first thing we needed to do was take the first sacred pipe we had (now we have 14) and take it to as many elders as we could for their bless…

Feeding the Spirit

©2007 Turtle Heart
We are down here
waiting with the wind
we were over there burning in the dryness
and emptiness of those who guide us
except in line
now we are waiting with the wind
here on the other side of the world
I put down my dreams
I feed my earth and sing an old song sometimes
down here
waiting with the wind
on the other side of the world

Spirit bowl is a daily practice when practiced in its pure form, but can be done at anytime. Anyone can do it, rich or poor, in the city or the country.

Each time you eat you prepare a small plate of food. This small plate of food is taken to a place near to your home and left there. It is food for the spirits, for the hungry, for the mystery life. It does not matter if it is eaten by birds, or dogs, or cats, or whatever might be out there and passing by.

Many of my old friends would put their favorite foods or the favorite foods of someone who has passed away into this plate. I knew one elder who really lo…

The Sheiks of Zuni : Middle East Family Seeking To Control Lucrative Tribal Art Markets?

©2007. Turtle Heart, Ojibwe Artist for the AICAP Group

Middle Eastern family Business associates (possibly one family in control) are moving to dominate and control American Indian Art sales in the lucrative Southwest.

When I first starting visiting around in Indian country, as we call it,1975 or so, I was surprised to see so many art galleries selling American Indian Art. A lot of this art was really fantastic. In those days the Indians were still making art for themselves, for other Indians. Believe me there is a big difference in the art Indian people make for themselves and the art they come more and more to make only for the sales at market. This is the quality of stuff you would see everywhere. fantastic things of great beauty.

I first came to the plaza in Santa Fe, for example, at 2 in the morning. I had been driving all night. The plaza was utterly quiet and deserted. Every shop was crammed full of masterpieces of bead-works, fetish necklaces, cradle boards for babies, beaded c…