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Equinox of Spring 2017

©2017 Turtle Heart _______________________________________ water turns into poison wherever we have set our hand dreams turn into taxes and penalties the lines go around the block there is extra money and time for fire that burns without heat or light deep into our well.armed nights the belly of the earth is drawn and quartered with dividends paid upon the dust itself as it floats into the sky carried by the winds yes, spring arrives again an old memory from the roots of time the seasons go ahead and change even as everything else remains the same

equinox of spring 2017

The Tears I never Cried

©2017 Turtle Heart
i remember deaths that I did not die ancestors I never knew and the names of strangers  I did not bury into the waiting earth I remember mothers whose sons I did not bleed or maim and I remember prayers I never made to gods I never named in wars I never fought
all that I do not know yet not knowing is not the same as unknown or unmoved, so I remember all that by dreams I never had and the stories that men will tell
if the tears of heaven were to fall would my faith swim or drown sinking to the bottom where those actual feelings lay screaming in sacred silence that silence no one has ever heard or would I rise newly named and blessed and rise up to the sun once again
is it easy to remember what has never happened in that life where the body never dwelled and the bells never ringed where water and wine dripped from the rainbows onto time’s old bones grown shiny in the dawn where light begins to leave the shadows and the shadows become children once again remembering e…