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Feather of an Eagle

A new Book has arrived ||

(left) Eagle Feather painting. © 2010, Turtle Heart.
For the last several years I worked very hard to write a book about my experiences with the sacred of the American Indian. In the end I wrote over 600 pages of comments and teachings on this subject, my life for the last forty years or so. In the end I found a publisher who thought the work might have some merit, here in Italy. I live these days in Italy, on a small island called Pantelleria.

The publisher and I areed to an edited version that trims the commentary from 600 pages to just around 100 pages. This condensed document was translated into the Italian language. For me this was a great thing. I really love it that my work is discussed in print in this language of my new home. I was able to also include a selection of petry and a gallery of my art images reflecting the mystery life and the sacred.
This book is now available to the world market. My first paper-published "book". I have been writin…