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Sacred Women !! Women Pray the Water

As Mother's day Twenty Thirteen moves behind us, a small group of Ojibwe American Indian women are settling in back at their homes. They walked around 1,700 miles...from the headwaters to the mouth of the Mississippi River. An extension of a continuing, ancient ceremonial relationship that tribal American Indian women have been having for thousands of generations.

It was just the few of them, a handful. They were joined along the way with other handfuls of people who wanted to participate. Small numbers, yet they walked their way along the road going South. It was an impressive prayer. It was nearly invisible to the attention of the modern world, of the media, of the internet, of strangers passing by.

Several elders, Tribal Grandmothers made this journey. At the end Grandmother offered water from the headwaters to the broken, poisoned, raped, trashed and dying Gulf of Mexico. They carried that water offering in a little bucket, all those miles. Happy Mothers Day, Sacred River.