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Falling Down || Equinox Wabun 2010

©2010, Turtle Heart

falling down? yes, I have fallen down. I was holding my dream up into the light it was easy to forget the shadows of time for a moment yes, I was bleeding laying there on the ground I closed my eyes but all i could see all i could feel was the dream all i remembered was my dream yes, I have fallen down but I was moving forward at that time
equinox spring 2010

Don't Pay To Pray

Reasonable people understand the relationship between money and the infrastructure of sacred space. There is a vocal and unrelenting, judgmental minority that pesters society on this subject. I have done hundreds of ceremonies for “free”…meaning I paid myself whatever the costs came out to be. In doing so I have spent a modest fortune over these years. At other times, I require that participants make donations or pay fixed fees to cover the various expenses involved. These expenses include housing the sacred objects (rent), travel, food, telephones, computers and gasoline, to name a few. While you can function with great freedom, you cannot function in a worthwhile manner for free. This has always been true. There should be no question that you are going to pay. If no one asks you for money, it is up to you to seek out the host and demand to know how you can help. Every other argument on this subject is fear, a lie. Who pays for Dalai Lama to travel in the world and give teachings to all…