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Public Death By Military Service : Suicide of Our Vets

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I am 66 years old today. I am a Vietnam vet. 1969. HHC : 1/18th : 1st Inf Div : MOS 91 Charlie. Yes. It was heartbreaking. I came home an animal. An unhappy animal. The old Indians saved me. From myself. From the wounds and rage.
Today. 22 vets will kill themselves. Suicide. Death and Gone. Every fucking day. There was only one man, to use the term loosely, who said no to important help for those men and women. Tom Coburn. A legal, registered and numbered and enrolled Oklahoma American Indian. A final poke in the ye before he crawled back under the rock he hides under when the sun is shining.
Today, on my birthday, the bill is supposed to be passed through, at last. So all of us who expected so much, are at last relieved. Until we find out it is not enough. And that’s what we will find out.
The Islamic State and the AlQuida cowards/sick dogs, must take a lot of satisfaction in this news. No one in America has ever publicly addressed this sad…