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Tufo | Volcanic Kung Fu

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Kung Fu Tufo, or Restoration of the Roof of a Damussi

Here on Pantelleria we live in an ancient style of house called Damussi. Follow this link to see a slideshow (flash) of the project.

Even though we rent our home here, we have continually made improvements. The whole island is an archaeological park. Parts of our home go back 400 years or more. All the old homes are made with volcanic rocks. The roofs are a water gathering system. There is zero fresh water on the island, rain water only. Inside the house the high domed ceiling is one of the treasures of ambiance and personal space in all this wide world. Living in a damussi is like living in a stone bell.

The island,s structures are in a constant state of restoration and enhancement. We hope to buy this house. The land lord is cooperative and so we have enhanced it when we can. We went from abandoned land that was around the house to a well conceived garden in two years. Today we started work on a vegetable garden ar…

Julius Caesar and Crazy Horse

Julius Caesar (Crazy Horse) (Babble)

I believe the assassination of Julius Caesar was one of the most cowardly and disgraceful acts in the history of the world. Just an observation. The Boss of the Stupid People is generally another Stupid Man.

When the white man’s religious leaders came to North America they ordered and enforced with every means the end of sacred fires, ancient songs, sacred tribal objects. Today the Chinese are doing, indeed have nearly completed, the destruction of the sacred objects, temples, schools, and sacred earth of the people of Tibet. The silence of the world as the Chinese government murdered Tibetan Monks and raped and destroyed its culture is one of the most disgraceful episodes in the history of the modern world. In many ways the same “white man” who killed Julius Caesar, carried his assassins knife to the North America people, and later, disguised as a Chinese Government, slashed with that same knife the sacred societies and ceremonial teachings of Tibet…

F * * K me

go with me a moment to my desk :

I have two ipod with earphones, and two DIFFERENT cables to hook them to the computer. I have an iMac with SIXTEEN cables, usb / firewire / monitor / power / usb hub / firewire hub / external modem / adsl modem / six dvd drives / four hard disk drives / one scanner / three printers / speakers / secondary monitors / digital tablets (2) / four digital cameras with four different types of memory chips (two with extra “adapters”/ four different battery chargers / a big battery power supply (UPS) for when the electricity goes off (300 times a year) and it BEEP BEEPs with the most horrible sound (we took it apart once to try and find the speaker or beeper and throw it out but failed to find it) / two mobile phones with power bricks / a small electric fan to blow on everything / one laptop with a bluetooth wireless keyboard / a table lamp / a 20 gallon woven basket near the computer that is FULL of extra and specialized CABLES (there are FIVE kinds of USB cab…

Interview With A Ceremony | Tobacco Is the Stolen Property of Another Culture !

©2008 Turtle Heart

The sacred tobacco of the Creek and Catabwa Nations was the power, the natural plant, that enabled the transition from the sacred morning tobacco fire to the sacred pipe (and eventually to cigarettes). The sacred morning tobacco fire is nearly the most ancient of all the sacred rites of the tobacco tribes (American Indians). It is tens of thousands of years old. Get it? This was the beginning, the “genesis” of tobacco. It went from there to that marlboro you are sucking on right now. Tobacco has become a slave, an imprisoned entity. A life form in enslavement. One of the most powerful plants in the history of the world. To the Original People whose religious property this Tobacco was, it had the status of “person”, not “object”.

Television Italian style stopped by for a few surprises last week. On both sides. Italian RAI 3, their public television equivalent I think, asked to talk with me about Tobacco and Smoking. The show, Terzo Pianeta, will broadcast at 9 pm CET o…