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Christopher Columbus || Homicidal Hustler and Pimp for the Pope

Chris Columbus was a Dick. Read the full story here.

Another “columbus” day. Here and there in the distant background you will hear Native Americans weeping and screaming while you are on the way to the columbus day sale at walmart.

Having made slaves, murdered, stolen, lied, he becomes a manufactured hero. Another plastic hero for the age of plastic. If you really knew the true story of this man you would be sick to your stomach.

I hope it rains on your parade.

DreamTime in the Flat of the Po

Julius Caesar, when he returned to Rome gave rich farmland to his soldiers. They complained it was to far from Rome but accepted the gift of land. The descendants of this land worked in floods and drought to build the agricultural center of the Italian table. Mussolini spent a fortune draining and establishing an intricate canal system to tame this region. Today it is a farming paradise in the middle of Italy. It was to this place that I gathered with 12 other Italian people for 4 days of ceremony at the time of the Fall Equinox.

Ferarra is a historic old Italian village. Its castle is one of the few which still has a water-filled moat. Of course, being the drainage field for the Po River, water is everywhere. The water is clear and clean in most places. A few miles from the village our host operates a small inn. It is here where we made our ceremonial work.

We started with a small morning tobacco fire. Gathering here we all introduced ourselves to the mystery life and so started our c…