Thursday, March 20, 2014

Equinox of Spring Twenty Fourteen

©2014 Turtle Heart : Pantelleria Island Italy

equinox of spring
5:57 PM CET 
(Pantelleria Island)


flowers arrive in the spring
the yellows first
sometimes a few reds
they are the dream of the roots
waiting in the winter world
for their chance
to dance with the wind
their long silent waiting
rewarded at last

down the street the old people
carried a saint up and down the street
dressed in black
the old priest watched me without smiling
as I was standing beside my house
holding an eagle feather
I was looking at the earth
looking down at the open belly of the earth

i am a long way from home
I am a long way from the roots
of where I started, awakened at last from my dream
to where the great wind has carried me
as the old people dressed in black
carried their saint past my door
a four-legged lizard stopped on the edge of my shadow
and looked around
his tiny head looking up, then looking down


where I have been
where I am going
what I am feeling
what i remembered
when the great wind lifted me
when the light found me
why not awaken from my long dream
why was I all alone
how much farther down the down
how long will I follow
the shadows of time
with this song inside of me


the earth has a lot of secrets
perhaps only a baby with his eyes open can see them all

as times passes
our lives leave long shadows

the great wind carries those shadowed parts
we have forgotten deep into our dreams

our dreams become like stones
scattered along the path we have followed

forgotten unless we fall down
forgotten unless we pick them up
and carry them back into the light
and polish them into jewels

one by one

and open our eyes again


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