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Solstice of Summer 2018

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clouds of time
rivers of dreams mountains of hope valleys of questions oceans of tears winds of change
and memories of what has gone before
solstice of summer
Turtle Heart and Silvia Santi


Thunder Fire and a Beating Heart

Once America actually seated Donald Trump, I have become very nearly speechless. While it is possible to express outrage, it turns out it does not matter now. The political right (GOP) has changed the very nature of reality as I once understood it. Facts no longer matters. Accusations of being a predatory criminal no longer matter. The truth is not important. The FBI is corrupt now. The National Intelligence community makes things up. No more regulations please; poison the water, gass the air we breathe, send all the animals and the trees and the minerals to the market. Keep no promises. Change your mind when the wind blows. Spit in the face of your enemies if you cannot outright punch them in the face. Let the poor eat cake. Let the Palestinians eat a bullet. Let's pump even more oil and by the way, let's elect Vlad Putin the King of the World, and then we can all take a pee-pee on the bed Obama once slept in.

That is where we are. It may not be entirely hopeless but this sc…