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Solstice of Summer 11:51 CET Pantelleria

copyright 2014 Turtle Heart Near the Edge of the Grey World

Sometimes the answer is no
sometimes the answer is hell no
where should you stand when thunder falls?
how far away must you run
before you understand your shadow cannot be overtaken
disguised or ever closed, or ever empty----?

When I was awakened 
beneath the summer sun
I was all alone
All alone perhaps I wept
All alone I put my foot forward
I started moving
Following the track of the sun
around the earth
resting only with the moon
singing only with the birds
dancing only with the wind

unarmed but not surrendered
free and wild, yet imprisoned by the indifference
of sleeping ghosts and wailing victims
feasting at the long table of their suffering…..
where they count the bullets and list
the insults and name the monsters
who told them hell no

I will sit not so in silence
afraid of my own skin and bones
and dreams
to see the light in the storm
the peace in the thunder
the safety of the truth
noisy and painful and confusing as it all is
my heart, a regular huma…

A Soldier In the Field: Support Bowe Bergdahl

Update : 13 June 2014 12 noon CET : 
Welcome To Texas Sgt Bergdahl...Welcome Home

Yes. he is now back in the USA, in Texas, good old Fort Sam Houston, if my spelling is correct. I took part of my medical truing there in 1968.

I feel our young people are paying an unacceptably high price for their military service. For all the public "support the troops" that drips like acid rain over the national leadership, something is not right. We are not supporting our soldiers. We are abandoning them. In spite of all the money, organisations and so-called public support for our soldiers, we are failing them. The case of Bowe Bergdahl is the flaming tip, the flawed crown jewel of GOP outrage. The GOP is the beating heart of the disgrace to our soldiers.

John McCain is their point man. Mr Outrage. Mr Bomb Iran. Mr Bring Back The Bush Military Team. McCain stood on the floor of the US Senate yesterday and blamed Mr Obama for the new insurgency in Iraq, being fuelled by insurgents streaming…

The First Shaman (Was Not An American Indian)

R Gordon Wasson wrote one of the most important books ever written.
Religion, as we know it in the modern age, originated as a result of a hallucinogenic drug found in a mushroom.
The first “shaman” were people who could eat this mushroom without dying. The mushroom was often fatal. Those who survived experienced increased strength, endurance and prolific, detailed visions.
(This point, in particular, illustrates why there never was, never is, and never will be a North American Indian “shaman”).
These conclusions, among many others, were presented in the spectacular published work entitled “Soma: Divine Mushroom of Immortality” by R. Gordon Wasson.
Here is an Amazon Link : (click)

I found this book, as I say in the headline, very important. Perhaps its importance has really grown over time. That concept “shaman” for example. It has become nearly an everyday word in most English-speaking cultures. Wasson shows us that when this word was first expressed to describe something, it was a ve…