Monday, December 01, 2014

Murder of Mike-Mike : No Charges

My heart, a regular human heart, is telling me that the words I am hearing, the video I am watching, that the defective police officer, white man Darren Wilson, will not be charged in the rage murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri…my heart tells me it is not right; the fix was in. It is not a bad feeling. Grief and a sadness, a pressure that really has no words to explain it, except to say that it is painful and profound. It has stopped me in my tracks. I have had to sit down and take this development into my spirit and assimilate it. Contain and move forward the outrage in the silent root of my spirit.

It is important to understand how carefully the system was manipulated to produce this result. It was a constructed result. It was not and was never intended to be a search for the truth of what happened. To the carefuk observer it is in fact entirely transparent. To those less willing to study the reason, the form, the method and the details, the outrage of this picture of the white, male, GOP political machine almost demands spontaneous combustion. The forces that have justified the murder of Mike Brown do not describe an alliance  of people who search for a form of sacred truth. It describes an alliance of control, privelage, domination and self interest. A circle of shallow, lazy, indolent social vampires bleeding our resources and principles of government of their core verification of justice. No justice at all.

What and when will the final catalyst arrive to correct and rebuild this corrupt police culture? Will it be the murder of Mike Brown by Darren Wilson? Certainly right after the carefully calculated late night announcement of the no bill of prosecution, people all over the world, in fact, started moving, started calling it out, started feeling in some form the feeling I have right now as I write this. We are seeing reactions come in from around the world. Major American bridges in the big cities have been shut down. Bridges? Is there some art of irony or a spontaneous message from the void in that information?

Every time, we start feeling that “enough is enough”, sensation. Reason tries to works its way through our minds…. yet the bodies keep falling. We all need to get somewhere further down the road than “enough is enough”. This has gone well beyond those sensations. It is hard to describe, but the point of irresistible force against immovable object has only one well-known result.

What about your life? What is hurting you right now? Society cannot really change. It can only reflect the growth and or the weakness of the individuals within it. If you could make progress in your life; progress against your own anger, your own mistakes, your own rage, or your own lies then perhaps the whole world could be set right. Perhaps. There are good and honorable people who tell us that it could happen just this way. That you could change your life and change the history of seven generations. Yet, my heart has this sinking feeling. As I write I expect a sign of relief, that my reason and description I can build up the power of hope. Again. It has not arrived.

24 Hours Later. A pause to work on assimilation.

Transcripts reveal there is NO cross examination of any witness supporting Wilson’s view of the situation. None. No pointing out prior inconsidstencies. None. The record reveals witness that support Wilson being allowed to say what they wanted to say and prosecutors ask them  nothing. Wilson himself testified. He made many questionable statements but was never cross-examined. Not one damn word of cross examination. The GJ did not hear a lot of facts about contradictory statements, not one word.

Examining the transcripts of this “investigation” is maddening. Attornies across the nation ridicule it for its clear posture as basically a defense investigation designed to exonerate Wilson…and a determined refusal to ask a single question that would show another narrative. I am not sure how such an investigation can even be called a legal investigation. It is shameful, a disgrace of reason and an absolute indifference to what most people would consider “search for truth”. It is beyond frustrating. It was a stacked deck from the first opening statement to the GJ.

Why? Why would the DA office want a violently uncontrolled officer like this one the police force? Why does the state feel it would be a disaster to indicte this police officer? What is the hidden agenda here? The facts of this case fly in the face of the orchestrated and clealy biased presentation to this GJ.

It is one thing to want to stand behind your police officers.  It is something else entirely to manipulate the legal system so obviously.

Discrepancies by the dozen are all over these statements made to the GJ and not a single question to push back at these statements. Such as Wilson said at first that he was hit 10 times by Nike Brown. He told the GJ he was hit two times. No one asked him about the differences. This theme was repeated throughout the friendly testimony of Wilson. There are hundreds, perhaps thousand by now, of blogs and information sites that poke 100 holes in this so-called investigation.

There are inconsistencies in Wilson's story. He estimates that Brown ran 20-30 feet away from the car and then charged another 10 feet back towards Wilson. But we know Brown died 150 feet away from the car.” This is a question from the clear-eyed logic of Ezra Klein.( He, like so many other reasonable people, does not believe Wilson. Everyone asks why there was no questioning, no attempt to explain prior inconsistent statements?

Stress. The analysis of my stress makes me very suspicious of the focused, methodic burning of the Ferguson business district. It was impossible that it was random. You jst have to pay attention. Very a-typically, there was no police present in that area. None. So it burned and that is all the MSM is talking about today and it also justifies the deployment of even more police-military control…and it changed the subject. Quickly. Fire that could have been started by one person or even better, a few people working together who had planned ahead. Not protestors. Insurgents were they? For whose side were these fires started? Who would benefit most from these fires? These very determined, focused fires of 15 business’? There is a long history of official fires being started. And it seems, so far, that the business’ that burned wre owned by local black small business owners. Just them. If true why would that be? The information on the ground right now is very troubling. Follow the questions. Just the reasonable ones.

Stress. The behavior of really stupid people can look like a conspiracy when it is not. Sometimes it is really is. The fires, 15 of them, none with video of “protestors” standing around cheering themselves. From the US President down to the street cops, the subject was changed away from Darren Wilson, the Curious Grand Jury…perhaps even the truth.

I don’t want to rant. I can’t even bring myself to pound on the table. The feeling is one of great sadness. From over here in Italy, it looks like America is in serious trouble. This entry here is just about Mike Brown. He is just one of ten thousand sorrows. From here it does not look good.

All spiritual persons care about their homeland, about their fellow citizens. We care about the children and we care about our soldiers and police. We care about the sacred nature of each precious life. As an American Indian man, I know so many stories of sorrow, of murder, of humiliation and disrespect that all American Indians carry in their memories. Most American Indians and their victimization by the police, by the government, and by the courts is invisible. We have never had a case of police murdering an American Indian to make the national news. Ever. But I find myself caring about Mike Brown, about Alisha McBride, about Travon Martin. About poor old Eleanor Bumpers way back in the 1980s.

Prosecutor Robert McCullough has lead us all down a dark path. With studied indifference and childish calculation. Without honor. And then we all went back to sleep. I sometimes think if Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut did not change anything, what hope does the future really have? The record of these so-called “proceedings” is disturbing: it does not seem to have followed the actual law.

…As I get ready to post this blog we hear about a 12 year old black child being shot to death by Ohio Police….

Police: Culture of Shame. Yes. A broad brush. I point out that the numbers of  police officers who have come out in passionate, zealous support of Wilson, from day one, are legion…all across the country. And NOW they all believe Wilson has in fact been vindicated when in fact he has not.

Friday, November 14, 2014

GOP Steals the Golden Pot : Leprechauns Leap Into the Sea

© 2014 Turtle Heart at Chaco Canyon

Political Commentary from Sacred Pipe
Warning: contents contains fuck, aggravation and angst.
©2014 Turtle Heart

The Democratic Leadership failed the Democratic Voters in this cycle. Failed us bad.

....and Voters Just sat on their Ass and Did Nothing

While the GOP national policy debacle was refined and focused, it was also mirrored by all levels of the leadership…and followed down to the game on the street with voters. The democratic leadership had almost nothing to say. I saw no inspiring speeches by DW Schultz, Harry Reid, really nobody. The Clintons dissed all sitting democrats and pushed their own agenda.

Why was not every dollar and every voice united behind Lundergren-Grimes? Why? If the generals in the field and the money in the pockets of the money people, if all the democratic soldiers had lined up, McConnell would have been defeated, and this would have been a singular, significant and attainable possibility. Just think of it. The GOP sweeps to victory by McConnell is thrown out. How sweet would that have been? Those who really believe, or say they believe, in the Democratic Party have failed we the voters.

The Honorable Harry Reid must be replaced. Washerman-Schultz must be replaced. Whoever our leadership is around us needs to be confronted with the obvious failures of leadership. Very very few of the established Democratic base put their time, money and effort into this election.

The obstructionist, extremist, bat shit crazy policies of the GOP are despised by all reasonable people…and they continue to win victory after victory. And not surprising victories. Predictable victories. And our leadership remains powerless. Where are the real fighters, the bare-knuckle politicians who know how to bring it on?

The Great Big Fucking Lie

“The American People elected Repoublicans to run the country and stop the illegal behavior of Obama”…said in various ways, this posturing lie. The truth reveals that the actual American People do not support the GOP. They do not. The Republicans “won” by the money dumped into the laps of their suspiciously entrenched, manufactured base…they won because the lazy, frustrated and indifferent voters in the United States did not vote. They stayed home. The republicans, the old white ones in particular (pay attention) gave the GOP this situation. Minorities, women, young people all stayed away. From disgust. The dems were unable, in most cases, to inspire their base at all. This is Primal Political Sin in my view.

This is not “approval”…this is not “permission”…it is not a mandate about anything at all. It was a track that cost billions of dollars and a portfolio of lies unequaled in modern times.  It is Political Flim Flam. Drivel being posed as Revelation.

They are crowing, preening and perhaps some of them even believe this giant fucking lie. Almost certainly the MSM will tell us this lie hourly. Pardon “my French”, but Fucking Lie is the clearest way to express this fact. Republicans wil turn this lie into Gold, a new Mythology to be written on future statues of Alzheimer’s patient Ronald Reagan. This is real evidence of cultural dementia, this new force animating the Republicans.

These facts put the democrats to sleep. No one has come up with a catchy comeback to this fiction. None of the democrats seemed able to understand the opportunity they had.

I wonder if odds makers are calculating bets on how many times Boehner and O’Connell will repeat this lie to explain their contempt, obstruction, cowardice and elite classism to those same “American people”?

It literally brought tears to my eyes to see Alison Lundergren-Grimes fail to unseat the disgusting white male known as Mitch McConnell. If the democratic leadership and their money were even paying attention at all, had helped her, she would have won. There is no question about this. Her defeat rests squarely on the shoulders of democratic leadership.

The democrats re-elected their senate and house leadership. Fail. They should all be replaced. Voter turn out was the lowest in over 70 years.

So shame on you if you did not vote. You gave even more power to this fucking lie. Congratulations.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh !

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Professional Sports : Disposable Women : Contempt For Women Part Two

©2014 Turtle Heart : Waiting With the Wind. 1998

I do not for a minute understand why people watch professional sports. What are you actually watching? You are not watching athletes. You are watching professionals and their corporations. A business. That is only connected with winning and to making money. No other issues are on the table and no other issues are desired. Where is the sport?

If you are a woman who is a wife or companion to a so-called professional athlete, your job is emphatically to shut up, don’t make waves, don’t complain, don’t embarrass “your millionaire man”. Be quiet.

Even women who are in millionaire sports families have about the same moral and legal rights as poor American Indian women. American Indian women are the highest at risk group for domestic violence, rape, being sold into sexual slavery, and murder by a family member…by a factor of 3 to 1. There may in fact not exist an indigenous tribal woman who has not been abused in some way. No we understand that even the privileged small percentage of women who marry and date professional sports corporate employees have the same rights in cases of violence…which is to say, almost none.

I have never watched any pro sports event.Ever. I am not interested in the entertainments brought forward by multi-billion dollar corporations. Ever. I see nothing interesting in it at all. The large crowds that are fascinated by this situation are incomprehensible to me.

As an operative in American Indian spiritual and ceremonial issues, I spend a lot of my time with women who have been victims of the men in their lives. The damaged men. The lost men. The tough guys. I have seen with my own experience how almost every tribal community of American Indians are held together by the women and the elders. Not the men. Rarely. I have observed with my own experience the courage and integrity of so many fine women. I could count on my fingers the number of men I have ever worked with about whom I could say the same. Ever. All of the liars, cowards, fools, thieves and monsters I have met in my life have been men.

From the CDC: 24 people per minute are victims of rape, violence or stalking : A rape happens every 6 minutes in the USA : the national average is 1 in 5 women : among American Indian women it is 7 out of 10….over 1 billion women each year treated like this around the word….at some point, in an honest society, these facts must penetrate. Yet, in a tightly-controlled corporation, if such an item existed with honor, could in fact have a zero tolerance policy and change those statistics to zero. Ina single day.Right now. They never have.

And if a rich man beats, murders or abandons his “woman”, such as the rich so-called athletes in the NFL, that woman has less chance of justice than a penniless American Indian woman on a remote reservation…that is to say nearly Zero. The paymaster will sweep it under the rug. The high-priced attorneys will make everything the woman’s fault. In some places, the complaining woman, the victim can be killed for “allowing” herself to be a victim. Yes, this is the circumstance of corporation sports. Of billionaire sports. Of the NFL.

Anyone who “blames the victim” is a coward, an empty bag of mostly water. They should always be shouted down. It is a world wide problem about which not enough is being done.

Even by people, we can see now, by example, who could in fact use its power, its wealth, its influence with young people, to help society, to protect women, to increase our respect and tolerance for each other. Even if it is not their job, it is in fact something they could do, and do easily…all the pro sports corporations could do more to protect women, to increase the peace, to encourage us to be tolerant and to tell the truth. It is something they can do. The old American Indians used to sing me an old song, the words to the song are along these lines: “there is always something you can do”…so why not go ahead. This is true for the NBA, FIFA, GM, IBM, NBA and YOU and ME.

What the hell is all this covering up, denying, sweeping under the carpet, passing the buck….what the hell is that all about really? How do we get corporate citizens to actually be good citizens? The US Supreme Court agreed with Mr Romney, “corporations are people my friend”…how do we get their hands out of our pockets and actually onto the streets of our community doing the work of a good citizen, a responsible citizen. They seem to want it both ways, a sure sign of a liar and a thief…..they want corporate deniability but they want personhood rights, which means being accountable. To be a human being means being accountable. 

Where is that accountability to basic human rights and respect for women in any corporation, anywhere?

It is painful to see, to know, to understand that Sacred Women, those fine mothers, sisters, wives and companions would ever suffer the vulgar, pitiful cruelty of the fist of a man, the force of a man. Heartbreaking. It enrages my very soul, inflames my heart, and bends the light around inside my mind. What is lost if we respect women, exclude them from male violence? What kind of man would allow the men around him to abuse women? What supervisor or CEO would want men working under them who abuse women? The CEO of the NFL is one of those men. CEO of a corporation. How many of them are just like this? GM ring a bell? Or “Binders Full of Women” recall a CEO who not only has no interest in respecting women, he has a woman in his life he says it’s OK with her. Yes, some women also believe it is OK. And many of the other voices that could do something: do nothing. When this behaviour is OK with women, as it clearly was with a surprising number of women in the Ray Rice NFL Ravens situation, this is the perfect expression of submission, oppression and subjugation that emphasises and confirms the destructive, insidious power of rage and violence.

Right Now, there is enough money, space, resources for every person on this mother earth to have what they need. Yet corporations and their paymasters have more than they can count, and those who work and say yes to ordinary jobs never have enough. And people are hungry. Homeless. Without work or food. And women are sold as sex slaves. Women are punched unconscious in elevators in Las Vegas and dragged across the carpet like a sack of trash. And that guy kept his job, was protected by the paymaster and had his wife, whom he had knocked unconscious, come on national tv and actually apologise. Instead of supporting this woman, a victim of a severe assault, they chose to place the the weight of all that money, all that bad publicity, all that indifference on her shoulders alone. No a single word of support for her from anyone in the NFL to this day. And the game played on. NFL. America’s most popular entertainment.

Not going to watch. Not going to buy products of their sponsors.

Man Named Stone of Winter

Taos New Mexico

Monday, September 08, 2014

Contempt For Women : Part One : The Islamic State

: The Gray World Part 4

©2014. Turtle Heart

Please stop using the term “Isis” to refer to the failed human beings, the so-called soldiers of the "Islamic State".

Isis refers to a sacred woman. A historical deity who was one of the first cultural symbols of the sacred power of women in human history. It is so embarrassing how poorly informed about language our national media and leadership really is.

The islamic state chose this name after careful calculation. It is not an accident. It is perfectly representative of their contempt, their determined oppression of Muslim Women. And western talking heads in the media babble it back to us. Clueless.

Pay attention. Do not use “Isis”. Stop. Call them islamic state.

My biggest problem with Islam, at every level, is the absolute absence of respect for Women, the relentless oppression of Women, the dominance of a fetish male culture lead by homophobic radicals who apparently had no mothers; are not loved by anyone and whose only authority is argument by murder. The radical Muslims have, in my view, completely hijacked the religion of Islam. The so-called moderate voices of Islam are in fact the people running away, hiding, fleeing by the millions, and they have no voice at all. I know it is more complicated, but this is a perception…that there are really no significant voices of moderation in Islam. In particular at the religious side. The only well known so-called Islamic clerics are hardly moderate, and not at all like clerics.

I do not want to be confused with radicals. I am a religious cleric in my own way, from the American Indian side. I would like to see compassion, peace, respect for human rights and negotiation over murder any day. American Indians have their own problems with American Indian women. They are much more likely to be raped, beaten, murdered or sold into slavery than any other group of women in the United States.  At the same moment, in the same places, American Indian women are the ones most likely to have a job, raise the children or live a life of sobriety (than the American Indian men).

So the problem is hardly unique to the Islamic State and their fellow Muslims. Worldwide, over a billion women are abused in some disgraceful manner every year. One Billion.

What does all of this tell us about the leadership of men? I dare not state the obvious. I might be accused of taking sides.

The failed human beings of the islamic state who have crawled out from under the broken stones of the Arabic desert are lost inside an empty male culture, guided by the wisdom of dirty old men.

The people who are there, in that desert, they are the ones who need to stand up and claim themselves. The fat old king of Saudi Arabia could pay everyone to stop being radicals. From his pocket change. Like the invisible moderates, the Arabic Royalty has nothing to say in the light of day. They talk only in shadows and back rooms; they never use their own mouths to speak. This is the emptiness of only having money and nothing else. Money all by itself can buy a lot of things, a lot of people. It cannot lift a dead religion from the sewers its radical clerics have carried it. It cannot lift a single veil from a single woman. Money cannot put down the gun. These things can only be set free by human beings whose hearts are open, whose hands are empty, and whose women are free. There is no one like that in the population of the failed human beings of the islamic state. I wonder if it is, in fact, infectious. The Zombie Apocalypse is not going to arise from Zombies, it is going to arise from Islam. From men.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mike Mike : Murder By Police, Part 3


In the previous blog I tried to point out the strange relationship between the popular fictions being presented these days with the less than celebrated reality down on the streets and in the halls of the golden tower….so many people it would seem prefer the sweet emptiness of not being well informed at all about what is going on. They read nothing. They watch nothing. They see what is behind them more often than what is in front of them…..people turn off their senses. Poor people do it from the stress and longing for a better future. The rich do it so they will not hear the voice of the poor or the envy of their neighbors. Because they are afraid.

©2014. Turtle Heart Chaco Canyon
At any given moment in time, only a few percentage of the people is paying attention.

Honestly. As an American, I am ashamed. When I travel I tell people, “No. I am not an American. I am an American Indian”. I am ashamed of my country, deeply and without a shred of satisfaction. The political right has become so inhuman, it has become almost impossible to stay calm when American GOP voices speak. And it seems for every vile act of obstruction or hateful comment made by the GOP, there are a dozen silent voices on the other side. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode when I even see John McCain or Mitch McConnell, or see the droopy-eyed dog’s as face of Paul Ryan.

The howling dogs at FOX news, truly some of the dullest, most insipid human beings ever to appear in public service in history, define the information agenda every day. Every day the FOX spewing heads talk and all the other media outlets tell us in painful detail what they said, instead of telling their own stories. The outrage, so they say in their headlines, of the progressive media to what FOX has said today fuels them to amplify and repeat over and over the very arguments that outrage them. You never have to watch FOX news yourself, just listen to what all the other media outlets do to spread their words under the guise of “outrage”. It is a very strange problem.

Yet, in studying the faces and expressions of people in the news all around the world, it is surprising how few people know who their political leaders are, what their police are doing, or what is happening in the world. It is not just Americans who refuse to know their world. Why is it so hard?

On Al Jazeera English, just now when I was writing this, a news segment came on showing how the middle class white people were reacting to the murder of Mike-Mike by a white police officer. To those white people it was a big yawn. Most of the anglos the reporter talked to showed only the most basic, and generally incorrect, awareness of what was happening just a few miles away. They looked like nice people. People completely unaware of what is going on around them. Life in a Bubble. This is the new reality. Yes, I watch Al Jazeera English a little every week in my time I spend watching the news of the world. It can be very interesting to see your country’s actions being described by an unsympathetic foreign country. Having watched in detail the events of the aftermath of the murder of Mike-Mike, which was heart-breaking and wrenching, and then see the camera shift over to the white indifference just a few neighborhoods away created a deeply unsettling sensation in my spirit. Unsettling and shame.

And now we know officer “wilson”, a suspected murderer, who gunned down Mike-Mike, has “supporters” who have donated nearly $300,000 to help him out. A dollar number that is growing every day. To be sure, people who want to help the family of Mike-Mike are donating money as well, but not nearly so much (so far). And this fact brings up a new contest between which camp will raise the most money I guess.

Murdered American Indians

There are hundreds of murdered American Indians. Tens of thousands of raped American Indian women. The criminals who killed, abused, raped and robbed are rarely found, rarely brought into the courts. The police rarely investigate the killing of an American Indian. There are over 600 unsolved murders in South Dakota alone. The Indians are invisible.

There are a large number of American Indians in the Ferguson area. Invisible people. Ten times more likely to be killed. 100 times more likely to be abused. 1000 times more likely to be arrested. 10,000 times more likely to get long sentences. 100,000 times more likely to be forgotten and ignored. By the justice system. By the government. By the police. By their own leadership. By you.

Yet I feel really affected by the murder of Mike-Mike. Even though I am an American Indian. Even though I live on a little island in the Mediterranean. I am a human being who cares about his country. A human being who wants to be proud of his country. A human being who can see the rage and inhumanity of a stupid, poorly trained, uneducated white police officer murdering a young black child, from a troubled and oppressed neighborhood and the protection of that corrupt police officer by a clueless, detached, inept local government. A babbling, timid, spineless and bubblehead governor. A democrat of all things. Missouri. North America. 

Heart of Shame.

Pantelleria Island

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Game Of Thrones : Coming Down ( With a little help from Homicide By Police )

Coming down from game of thrones. Yes. I watched all four seasons, I just finished and then read all five books, when I came back the news was police murdering men of color just randomly....

.....At the beginning of the summer I watched all four seasons of game of thrones, 40 videos more or less back to back. I then read all five of the books published so far. Searched for information on book 6. And concluded that Martin is a devious and merciless bastard who has somehow, almost without anyone noticing, changed books, films and, as well insured the highest levels of pirate video sharing so everyone on earth will eventually have seen this series…..and that last bit is inevitable and unstoppable. The Imp, however, that Lannister bastard can perhaps be stopped. Unless. Danaryes is the key to unless. The immortal imp, Peter Dinklage aka RR Martin, is now immortal as well, having mastered and gone beyond. He deserves it well. So, I finished watching and readings (and dreaming about sometimes) and soon realized I was swept up and going back to regular business was an effort. An experience. Perhaps a surprise.

During all this epic binge there were homicides of honest people by the police, indifferent desecration and looting of dead passengers on a commercial flight home, missiles, blood and yet more new houses in the Jewish/Palestinian questions, declarations of a just self defense by a Hammas leadership composed of mad dog fanatics whose only agenda is hatred and death (and they are masters at pushing that button)…somehow in this world we tolerate for reasons that escape me, Hammass either as people or an idea…we hear about these things through the empty chambers of American leadership, where the distinguished leaders from the other side have left their bodies, sold their souls and votes, whose minds have been destroyed at the election to such high office a person of color (I’m talking to you Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky)…yet everyone says these people will win new powers in November….and I was thinking Game of Thrones World was where the unreality lay hidden as entertainment and literary musing only to find it was not there at all but everywhere around me, here in Berlusconi Land….(otherwise it is such a charming place: ie., no guns for one thing).

Where are we all going in our shiny cars in the night, to paraphrase an infamous bard from a generation ago?

By the way, I am not really so much taking the side of Israel with the Hammass comment. Everyone should watch “Five Broken Cameras” to see what arrogant and hateful official policies and behavior by the Jews towards palestinian people. There is a cultural hatred each sides has for each other that is nearly DNA in nature…but Hammass is a different story. They are gangsters who want to punish everybody for everything. They are black holes with teeth and state of the art weapons.They are the shadow of the rage of so much oppression by the ancient and not so ancient european masters of the past..or is that just an excuse. Their memory of peace and mathematics has been forgotten, but their memory of rage lives on. Hammass is a sad and sorry lot. Bringing out the worst in all of us, even me. You to…probably.

On the other hand the news today confirms that it is not right, what happened to Mr Eric Garner. Murdered by the police in NYC for no good reason at all. Today we hear that the NYPD is retaliating, harassing and now has arrested the young man who made the video of the murder of Eric Gardner, whose death has been officially ruled a homicide.

We need to watch the cops. They all carry this shame today, every one of them. What will NY do? They need to arrest and bring to trial the man who killed him. An American Police. Watch them the way The Imp might watch the Gold Cloaks….seriously

As I was getting ready to post this, two more Homicides By Police: Michael Brown, murdered; John Crawford III, murdered in a walmart. How many more before the week is finished? Brown was accosted and murdered in less than 6o seconds, unarmed. Jaywalking along an empty neighborhood side street. Crawford had picked up a toy gun in the walmart.

Homicide by Police? It is OK or what? Who are you people?

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Fatherless Child : Homicide By Police

Copyright 2014 Turtle Heart

So many police departments have militarized. It seems nearly epidemic. And each time we hear about another incident, we see clear evidence of what can only be described as murder by police. California, New Mexico, most recently in New York city. For decades I have been haunted by Eleanor Bumpers. An agitated, 90 year old lady, murdered by New York city police officers. Nothing happened to those cowards. Nothing ever happens to police who murder citizens.

Why is that? Why the fuck is that?

The national media is serving us a narrative implying that the problem here is related to fatherless children, specifically fatherless black children. American Indian communities have a rate of fatherless families. (Conversations about people of color usually implies blacks, occasionally hispanic….American Indians are rarely included in MSM rhetoric, but face all, and more of the racially motivated problems of blacks).

On the other hand, so many millions of children were beaten, abused, denied and oppressed by worthless fathers, the fatherless families seem much more fortunate than one might expect. Women are sacred; women have raised more of the world’s finest citizens than any father.

My father was an ice man, a violent, rage-fueled old soldier that was impossible to have a conversation with. My childhood experience, at home, was of a hostile and dangerous silence, until the day came I could hit the door and move out. Getting away from my father was one of the most important moments in my life and probably saved it as well.

In the old tribal communities, everyone raised the children. Even when I was a boy, visiting my mother’s huge family in the south, everybody took responsibility for the children My mother’s brothers told me stories, bought me gifts, taught me how to drive, take a drink of beer and talk to girls. I never had any conversations in this area with my father; he never told his two sons anything about life, anything about himself, anything about the world.

I find, 66 years later, that my father damaged me, deeply. I made a good life for myself, on my own terms. Yet, in the silence of my old man memories his words, used like bullets, and his silences used like a wall, his continuous ridicule and contempt for the subjects I was interested in… was hard to take, hard to carry. Even now there are moments when my experience with my father brings big tears and waves of sorrow. When I meet good children who had great parents, you can usually tell right away. There is a balance about them missing from the millions of us hated and beaten and abused by our fathers.

Yes. Overcome. We can overcome the limitations, terrors of our childhood. So many of us do. But we are all the walking wounded.

Perhaps the police stalking black fathers had fathers like mine. I might have grown up as a killer, as an outraged police or a jealous and greedy politician. I once seriously considered becoming a mercenary and trained very well in many violent arts. America will never fully understand how close they came to experiencing an armed revolution overthrowing their government. There were some very determined and powerful men, well known men, who were doing this planning in the shadows. I was part of it for a short time. The old American Indians rescued me. They snatched me out of being fascinated and charmed by rage, seduced into striking back. They carried me into the sweat lodge, covered my bleeding spirit in sacred smoke, carried me with old old songs to a different world. It is a world as ugly and dangerous as this world, with the same broken fathers. But it is a different place. It is a place that set me before a great table of knowledge about peace, about personal responsibility, about how one person can make a difference, about healing, about helping other people. And that is where I have been ever since. Sacred Pipe saved me from the world of my father.

Seeing video of the murder by police of Eric Garner in New York City…..I lived in NYC. Eleanor Bumpers lived in NYC..those cops were determined to fall down on this big black man, this father, you could see it in their body language. Their license was the cigarettes he was selling one by one, for fifty cents. “Losies”. Murder by police. Live. Again. Murder by Police.

I struggle with coherence in my efforts to understand, to express my understanding as if I were actually able to make sense of the death of this man. Just as getting far away from my father saved me a young man, moving away from AmeriKa ten years ago has saved my life as an old man. I moved to Italy. To a little island. Filled with peace. Without guns. The police are polite. A few years ago some police beat a citizen. After a long hearing they were fired and one of them sent to prison. There is no tolerance for overtly violent behavior by the police here. No citizens with arsenals of military weapons. A free and gracious and reasonable healthcare for every citizen. Italy’s corruptions and sins lay elsewhere, in its bureaucracy, in its mafia culture entrenched in business, and food distribution and construction projects. Our criminals are shadows without guns. I like it much better. It is not perfect, but I feel more freedom of actual safety and life here than I ever felt in the USA.

America has a black father. All the white people hate him. He is intelligent, articulate, capable and compassionate even in the midst of several shortcomings as a US President, he is a sterling adult human male father. And those sterling Anglo enablers and protectors of police exoneration for every bullet and legislators of law obstruct and denounce every word that comes from his mouth. And nothing changes.

The yellow police who choke-holed and murdered Eric Garner should be arrested and charged with murder one, in an honest court, but murder two at the least, “reckless abandon of the value of human life”……..until armed police accept responsibility and represent the humanity of our democracy every police officer in the United States is marked by this shame, every day.

Death By Police For selling a cigarette. 

And now more fatherless children, who will be made to carry the guilt of the yellow police rather than the dignity of their father, who was present in their lives  until the police murdered him.

It is not right, what happened to Mr Eric Garner.

Turtle Heart
Pantelleria Island

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