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Winter Solstice Twenty Twelve || Children Screaming

6:11 PM CET || These days my emotions and my attention goes to those children and their teachers who were murdered in Connecticut. I am one of the Keepers Of Sacred Pipes and Ceremonies of Connecticut. I know Newtown very well. I know the land and the elegant lifestyle of the rich and well to do who favor Connecticut to raise their children. The Old Indians call it the Golden Tower.
The Tower has exploded. Before I thought about or heard about or had my heart beaten like with a stone about those children in Connecticut, I was thinking that every American Indian woman has, or is standing next to someone , who has been abused, raped, beaten, shot . And no one is ever arrested and it never makes the news. And then came this event. I watched the President of the United States hand his head and weep. And gun sales have actually gone up every day since that moment.
It was hard for me to give up my life in America. I have unfinished business for one thing, with my family, with Taos Pueblo, …

Fruits of a Mafia Culture: Life in Italy Part Two

In the last year our little island, home of the Sacred Bundle of the Four Directions of Unity, is being ponded into submission and poverty. The bad news started in the summer with the opening of the 44 million Euro airport. While Armani and other billionaires and multimillionaires were hosted in air conditioned splendor for the festivities, the local people, the pantesche, stood in the boiling sun surrounded by heavily armed state police. They were not allowed to attend the opening of the airport. In protest, many of the island’s citizens stood in the boiling sun with guns pointed at them in defiance of this absurdity. Inside Armani and the other rich people showed us all which side they are on. Not our side.
A few weeks later we lost one of the only two boats that supply the island with everything we need to survive. Everything. As I write this note, it has been 16 days and counting since any boat has come at all, even the one tired, rusted, slow boat we do have.
In December we have…

Last Word || Native American Awareness Month: American Indians At the Back of The Bus in American Politics

America has nearly three million American Indians. Many of these human beings are sequestered on the American Indian Reservation system. Present financial obligations to these many American Indian communities is something like four billion dollars. There are also dozens of legal treaties, legal before law agreements on a variety of issues regarding the land, minerals, plants and other resources of those lands and of those people.
American Indians have, for many years in fact, been imposed to military orders, Christian missionaries, forced schooling, forced renunciation of their languages and ceremonial duties, and management by the United States government…
In modern times, every issue that affects American Indians, is placed on the back page, like an after thought, to congressional, senate, and federal legislation. Amendments and new policies are sneaked on to the back pages of lengthy legislation on any subject imaginable except American Indian affairs. Every single issue affecting …