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Summer Solstice Twenty Thirteen || Eight Winds of the Middle Way

8 winds of the middle way
I live on a little island where 8 winds blow
Sometimes on the same day at the same time
It is a place in the middle
Like this island, I am in the middle
A child of the middle way
Yet crossed and blessed by all the winds
Here where Sky meets in my middle
Right here we have a fire
An ancient altar in an ancient place
Like the island, it is little
A little sacred fire that likes tobacco
And songs; songs that come from the middle
Of my body, on the side of a mountain
The middle of the mountain
Today the sun cooks my dreams
They rise like smoke from my belly
As we send our songs once again to the opening gate
of heaven
here on earth…

Rise of the Lone Wolf || Emergence of the Self-Appointed

Pantelleria, Italy

From lunatic fringe politician Ted Cruz of Texas, at one end, to self-appointed revealer Edward Snowden, at the other end, and adorned by the Boston bombers and the Newtown shooter, America is facing an onslaught of self-appointed extremists at every level.
As billions of dollars and tens of thousands of security-clearance workers search for patterns and conspiracies, it is these lone wolves that are capturing the attention and disrupting the status quo. They, the spies, seem unable to see these isolated individuals. 
There are no algorithms for the lone wolf.....
(However, the one thing almost all of them are NOT is the image of terrorists and killers and traitors depicted by the media)
In the Tarot this idea is called “the Fool”, in Kung Fu, it is “the void”; to the old Indians “Coyote”. In physics, perhaps, it called “singularity”. Perhaps to Christians, so starved for nuance, it might be called Judas.
Self awakening is related to self activation, but t…

Dogs Barking at the Light : Shadows of Hate and Rage

(Editorial Opinion)  
Every life leaves a shadow behind it, as it moves forward in time. This shadow emerges in unexpected ways, as people and the world stumble blindly and repeatedly over unfinished, unresolved and unhappy business from the past…usually relationships
Bitterness, rage, and the unrelenting passion to never forgive are toxic forces, moving in slow motion, and equal to all other violent forces which bring destruction blindly and without distinction. Repressed feelings are the source of almost all the trouble in the world. They are the root causes of war, of murder, of lying, of making things up, of confusion. History is crowded with such lessons, choking off progress, redemption and renewal.
If you stand still, look behind you, in time, at the long path of your life, what can you see? What will you do about the shadow stretching behind you?
The best thing I ever did was embrace those distant and precious American Indian ancestors whom I could see in the shadow of my an…