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Free The Dixies Chicks 3 || Invective is the New Normal

I am not a fan, at all, of country music. The Dixie Chicks have always been “marketed” in the country music genre. They have transcended their own marketing label. Those girls can play some acoustic instruments, their musical skills drive their music well into the range of pure excellence. The lead singer was born to sing, a voice of power, passion and independence. These ladies make really great music. 
They were in fact among the most popular, best selling women musicians in history.
Then the lead singer, in the UK, said on stage that she was “embarrassed” that George Bush was from Texas, being a good Texas citizen herself. The audience applauded, as well they should.
The American right went bat shit crazy. Country music radio stopped playing their music, right-wing religious fanatics burned their cd’s….and within a few months their public careers were more or less destroyed.
No one stepped up for them at the time, that I recall.
Fast forward to twenty fourteen.
I do not have enough p…

Remembering Jack Coler and Ron Williams || Two Human Beings Murdered by Leonard Peltier

In 1975, Rom Williams and Jack Coler, Special Agents of the FBI, and young men both, were ambushed and murdered by Leonard Peltier and other accomplices at Pine Ridge American Indian reservation.

The FBI, through its retired agents program, has created a moving video tribute to these two men. We find out how handsome and charismatic Ron was, how much Jack loved his family and nature. It is a moving and relevant portrait of their lives, narrated by friends and family members. Speaking for myself, it is very moving and relevant to see these tow men as the human beings they were. personalities in conflicted historical events are often lost, their lives and humanity eclipsed by arguments and details of the tragedy that took them from the human family.

As a representative of American Indian religious and spiritual values, I share with their families and colleagues the honorable lives they lived and share their sorrow in the murder and senseless behavior that took place on American Indian …