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Genius of the Old Indians : 8-Sided Character

Interlude: A Spring Equinox : 0530 20 March 2016 CET
the sky gate opens just before the sun can rise sacred water flows in 8 directions I have found dreams in that water with songs rising up from the middle
just before the sun can rise the silence of the moonlight falls across an ancient drum, drumming into the sacred night
the enchanted door opens again for seven heart-beats one long breath that comes in and goes back out all of its work, all of its potential all of its hope in just that moment
there is a rhythm that opens from the heart of the mother earth i heard the old indian say
when sky gate is open you can pass through with that song you made when you were in the middle drumming into the night into the sacred night

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I use the term “old Indians”, my own term I believe, as a term of Art. It is intended as an honorarium that identifies those people who remember, and act upon, what we called “the original instructions”. Th…