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Standing Stone Revelations : Change

Broken Thunder....Change

Change. I have been called by many names in my strange and beautiful Indian life....Winterstone, Strong Dog, Little Otter, Turtle Heart, Skipper, Hymhenteqhous Mizhekay Odayin, Broken Thunder.....Change is also one of my names. This work changes things. When I show up in your life it is because things really need and want to change. When the Sacred comes to your house it changes everything. This is called Broken Thunder. Silently without knowing it, or by praying for it, the answer will arrive. Change has a New Face because you have never been there yet, so how can you know?

The Sacred Pipe is a key which unlocks 8 DoorWays, or Sacred Arcs. Sometimes just the shadow of its idea has some great power, and it is usually a surprise.

One of the changes here is the sweat lodge which is open now on this island in the sea. There are other ceremonies here as well. Ceremonies give me a lot of information about the nature and charecter of people. It can be downright encycl…

The Floating World

7 Generations. a story for the ancient future.

Today I am working on a new painting. While priming the canvas, i had a strong sensation of the responsibility I feel to make a record of these ideas of the sacred pipe for the future generations. Generation by generation we believe it is possible there will be a great need for this information in the future. I do not think capitalism, federalism or the church will continue to give answers to the seven generations. All over the world people search for other answers. Day by day a great dissatisfaction will force a great change in the society of people.

I have believed from the first moment that I sat with the Elder teachers of the sacred pipe in the value of these practices, of these ideas. In my education I have looked into the eight directions of both shadow and light. My memories crowd my silence in these days and inside my soul a great light and dream of these sacred thoughts is the wind that carries my soul forward. Time presses on me …
la medicina

Il vento è la mia medicina
che spazza via le pietra dalla mente.
La pioggia è la mia medicina
che lava le mie ossa stanche
abbandonate sul letto.
Il mio cavallo è la mia medicina,
e quando cavalco
il ritmo intenso del suo passo
dentro mi accende.

If you were to look at a map of the region of Pantelleria you would see that in all directions there are great mountain ranges which funnel the wind right to our door. Pantelleria has a unique and powerful geological alignment with 8 winds. She was called, this island, "The Daughter of the Wind", by ancient people. the ancient people who used sailing ships know more about the wind than modern people, who use machines that more or less just ignore the wind.

We have sometimes been known to say that a great wind carries us.

Yes all the while we are carried. It is easy to forget how sacred, how powerful and beautiful the wind really is. Who can carry one life all alone? Sacred Pipe brings the wind inside the body. The wind comes along …
The funniest things about life are those things that are funny. Laughter is the most fashionable when it is based upon something funny. I think one of the best things about me is my passion for what is the possibility of joyful laughter?

Somebody told me a long time ago about a man they heard cured himself of a terminal sickness by watching all the Marx Brothers movies and laughing and laughing. And how could you not? I never heard what became of his life after that. I have always believed that story and think about it. As a meditation for the people my spirit hears a longing for laughter. Part of the humanity and flavor of Italy is its sense of humor. It is fleshy and makes a strong impression, like the food, like the dead emporers, who probably were the reason why they found a good sense of humor an important cultural expectation.

The sun and the earth and the sea make me burst out into laughter rather spontaneously. It is a place that makes me happy enough to laugh. This kind of la…