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An Open Letter to Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo

Using Google search, I was a little surprised to learn that an American Indian Musician, Robert Mirabal, has now an extensive web site and blog presence. From his blog you learn about his travels all over the world. the tribulations of rainy airports and anecdotes about the cool mountain weather around Taos Pueblo, of New Mexico.

Mirabal is an American Indian musician. he is arguably one of the handful of American Indian names known to the general public. For most American Indians it is an on-going reflection, meditation and source of silent contemplation about what sticks in the American public's mind about American Indians.

Throughout the history of this blog, and my position as one who writes frequently about American Indian issues and people, I have looked with some suspicion about who these people might be and exactly why are they the ones who receive so much attention from the poorly-informed world audience.

Russell Means, Dennis B…