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MishoMis (Grandfather)

In this world each person has the freedom to do whatever they want, whatever they can imagine, and possibly whatever they dare.

When, in American Indian culture, we use the term “Grandfather”, then we are saying to the world that we have made a very different choice. When we use the term Grandfather to talk about our life we are saying that we give up this absolute freedom. We are saying that we are taking into consideration the wishes, direction and ideas of the tribal elders. We are saying that while we still have and preserve every freedom, we choose to understand the law and the hopes of the tribal elders before we take action.

When we talk about the sacred of the American Indian, we are also talking about Grandfather, in the same breath. When we invoke this privilege, we also invoke this responsibility.

Objects like the sacred pipe and ceremonies like the Sweat Lodge are the intellectual and moral property of Grandfather. These many sacred things do not belong to the world of freedo…

Fear (abscence of motion)


Fear stops all forward motion. while some silence is sacred, the silence of fear is lethal. It is not silence at all.

Many years ago I was going through a painful and dangerous time in my life. My heart was torn to pieces and I had at that moment no idea which way was forward. I sought retreat in the home of an old woman, a sacred and holy woman who lived in the mountains. She granted me peace and a refuge from the rushing demands of the world. She offered me a gathering moment. On my first night there I sat in my room with my heart pounding and my head spinning. She lived in a gigantic house and was far away at the other end. Soon I heard a soft knock at the door and she wanted to know if I had any weapons. I had a small japanese sword which I gave to her. I told her I was trying to be quiet, that I did not want to disturb anyone with my problems. She told me that my silence was very loud. Later this observation became for me an important revelation. I have learned to watch the s…

(World) Four Directions Unity Bundle

The water is the property of the women. Each year, for example, at the head waters of the Mississippi River (Where it begins) there is a ceremony. In this ceremony offerings of water gathered from around the world are ceremonially added to these ancient waters. While it is not a secret, it is an official behavior of the indigenous people who have prayed and lived with this water for possibly 10s of thousands of years. This is a ceremony by the women and from the women. The water is sacred. It is a woman.

Perhaps the strangest of all modern facts is the one about the Water. Modern Society has killed its Water. It has poisoned the life of nearly all water on this earth. Society has done this without noticing it has done this. Being oblivious. Life is so short and amazing I do not understand why the brain offers being oblivious as an option for people. Being oblivious is a choice people have made. People make many choices. It is possible to breathe for a minute and evaluate those choices.…