Monday, November 27, 2006

Sweat Lodge: Old Indian ceremonies in a new Place

"Isn't it love that keeps us dreaming
Isn't it love what we were sent here for?
Wasn't that love we were feeling
deep in our souls, deeper than we know?"
(Bonnie Raitt, Longing In Their Hearts (Album)

Pantelleria. Many of my friends here do not have computers. Pantelleria is not a high tech place. Many of them seem to feel that the time I spend at the computer is idle time; that "he is doing nothing" "he needs to get a real job", and so forth. There is not a great curiosity about these boxes. I am using a new Mac Book Pro made by Apple Computer. I really like their computers and tend to use Mac Computers exclusively. The new one even runs Windows by Microsoft; I even have the Windows running on the damn thing, which is a strange experience. Love keeps me going. Love in eight directions.

Meeting. A few weeks ago I met an Italian lady of exceptional spirit and clarity, here at my sculpture studio. She was so intelligent and strong in her spirit, in her observations. I was very impressed with her. She told me her name. I thanked her for coming by. She was a graceful woman in her middle years, accompanied by a very pointed italian many with a camera. While we talked, he took many photos. She was very observant of the art. I wished I had asked her to stay for coffee. Only later did I learn that I had just met with the esteemed Margherita Boniver. What I most enjoyed about her was her sense of consciousness; her powers of observation were very strong. I have met politicians in the past and most of them are slugs, leeches on the public trust and far from being what I would call observant. This woman was a person of consciousness and intelligence. It was really nice.

Work has finally been completed on our new sweat lodge. There is no long wood for this work on Pantelleria, so we finally settled and made the new sweat lodge from pvc. Now I am digging out the steep hillside to make the fire pit area. We hope to have our first sweat lodge around the full moon. This is the first ever sweat lodge for me not made from saplings of wood. I am learning to appreciate that if what you want is not available you can see if it is possible to just continue your work with what you have. I wonder what my old indians would think? Whatever the review might be, we are at last very happy to have this working tool here. The sweat lodge is a place to gather strength; a place of renewal and a meditation on the deeper mystery of life. It is a strong meditation with the hot stones, with the earth itself. Silvia and I are very happy to have this sacred meditation now possible here on Pantelleria.

Dreaming. All night, night after night.
Always searching for the Dreamer inside the dream.
I put a little fire on my belly. I put a little dream beside my spirit. I dream
and think about the fire
look for it in my dream
and slowly, slowly, slowly
the golden eagle appears
and carries me to the ground
where there is tobacco
and a fire
beside the sacred sea........


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

From Pantelleria to Chaco Canyon and Back Again

The ride to the United States was far from easy. After the long peace and tranquility of Pantelleria; the chaos, paranoia, security and arrogance of the United Staes fell on my soul lile a hurricane. Frozen and Fearful, the United States government and the travel venues seem frozen in time; frozen hearts, frozen spirits. American society seems to be letting the weakest elements, the most fearful elements within it, set the agenda for what will happen. I cannot afford to be so wreckless and try to build my experience on the positive flow of energies more kind and thoughful.

For two days we arrived in Chaco Canyon. Aligned. The big secret leaks out slowly about all the solar and lunar alignments of this sacred space of an ancient people. Somehow activists within the Navajo Nation have gotten them to stop calling these people "the Anasazi"...which the Navajos claim means "ancient enemy" and so they don't want people to taunt their sensitivities by using this word so the Parks Department has officially stopped using the word. Maybe the original discoverer/namer got this word from a local navajo at the time (about 1910). I think the Navajo love to posture and pose. Their gigantic long ancient creation story seems to be generally stolen from the Hopi and Ojibway tribes. They are new-comers to the heart of the desert southwest. They only arrived there about 800 years ago from ceremonial migrations.

Ceremonial Migrations: this is not a common phrase in modern language. In ancient days, for multiple generations, initiated clans and societies organized intense and long the end of these ceremonies the people divided their clans and moved in 8 directions, never to see each other again. These ceremonial migrations went on all over the Indian North America for centuries before the modern people, and modern scientists, arrived to screw things up. Instead of taking initiation and coming under the direction of our elders they just more or less killed almost everyone and stole the land on which these lives had been living in a sacred way for centuries. Let's call it a missed opportunity for all of humanity and rember that the fundamental authority for this behavior in the new world was the catolic church.

We camped out and made many songs through the night. The next day we made meditations at several of the ancient sites in Chaco and then drove back to Taos. We were there to secure and arrange for the sipping of my personal goods from Taos to Pantelleria. In Taos, like Gallup, Middle East businessmen are buying up all the indian art galleries. They have unlimited amounts of money and can stock a store with 300,000 dollars of copied american indian art in one day. They seem determined to make some sort of take-over or dominance of the american indian jewelry market. I wonder why? It seems odd. They have canged the American Indian art market forever. In their stores there are american indian made items and items exactly equal made in china, copies. Fakes is what the indian artists who owns these designs may say. These are not ethical business practices in any sense, yet this business group continues to prosper and now has a strong hold on both Santa Fe and Taos Indian Art markets. A good time to leave.

It took many days to arrange tis shipping program (and I am not even finished yet). At last we made our way back to Pantelleria. I slept for four days. It was the night of halloween and at CiCCi's Bar there was a french woman dressed as a witch.


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