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Mike Mike : Murder By Police, Part 3


In the previous blog I tried to point out the strange relationship between the popular fictions being presented these days with the less than celebrated reality down on the streets and in the halls of the golden tower….so many people it would seem prefer the sweet emptiness of not being well informed at all about what is going on. They read nothing. They watch nothing. They see what is behind them more often than what is in front of them…..people turn off their senses. Poor people do it from the stress and longing for a better future. The rich do it so they will not hear the voice of the poor or the envy of their neighbors. Because they are afraid.

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At any given moment in time, only a few percentage of the people is paying attention.

Honestly. As an American, I am ashamed. When I travel I tell people, “No. I am not an American. I am an American Indian”. I am ashamed of my country, deeply and without a shred of satisfaction. The political right has become so inhuman, it has become almost impossible to stay calm when American GOP voices speak. And it seems for every vile act of obstruction or hateful comment made by the GOP, there are a dozen silent voices on the other side. Sometimes I feel like my head is going to explode when I even see John McCain or Mitch McConnell, or see the droopy-eyed dog’s as face of Paul Ryan.

The howling dogs at FOX news, truly some of the dullest, most insipid human beings ever to appear in public service in history, define the information agenda every day. Every day the FOX spewing heads talk and all the other media outlets tell us in painful detail what they said, instead of telling their own stories. The outrage, so they say in their headlines, of the progressive media to what FOX has said today fuels them to amplify and repeat over and over the very arguments that outrage them. You never have to watch FOX news yourself, just listen to what all the other media outlets do to spread their words under the guise of “outrage”. It is a very strange problem.

Yet, in studying the faces and expressions of people in the news all around the world, it is surprising how few people know who their political leaders are, what their police are doing, or what is happening in the world. It is not just Americans who refuse to know their world. Why is it so hard?

On Al Jazeera English, just now when I was writing this, a news segment came on showing how the middle class white people were reacting to the murder of Mike-Mike by a white police officer. To those white people it was a big yawn. Most of the anglos the reporter talked to showed only the most basic, and generally incorrect, awareness of what was happening just a few miles away. They looked like nice people. People completely unaware of what is going on around them. Life in a Bubble. This is the new reality. Yes, I watch Al Jazeera English a little every week in my time I spend watching the news of the world. It can be very interesting to see your country’s actions being described by an unsympathetic foreign country. Having watched in detail the events of the aftermath of the murder of Mike-Mike, which was heart-breaking and wrenching, and then see the camera shift over to the white indifference just a few neighborhoods away created a deeply unsettling sensation in my spirit. Unsettling and shame.

And now we know officer “wilson”, a suspected murderer, who gunned down Mike-Mike, has “supporters” who have donated nearly $300,000 to help him out. A dollar number that is growing every day. To be sure, people who want to help the family of Mike-Mike are donating money as well, but not nearly so much (so far). And this fact brings up a new contest between which camp will raise the most money I guess.

Murdered American Indians

There are hundreds of murdered American Indians. Tens of thousands of raped American Indian women. The criminals who killed, abused, raped and robbed are rarely found, rarely brought into the courts. The police rarely investigate the killing of an American Indian. There are over 600 unsolved murders in South Dakota alone. The Indians are invisible.

There are a large number of American Indians in the Ferguson area. Invisible people. Ten times more likely to be killed. 100 times more likely to be abused. 1000 times more likely to be arrested. 10,000 times more likely to get long sentences. 100,000 times more likely to be forgotten and ignored. By the justice system. By the government. By the police. By their own leadership. By you.

Yet I feel really affected by the murder of Mike-Mike. Even though I am an American Indian. Even though I live on a little island in the Mediterranean. I am a human being who cares about his country. A human being who wants to be proud of his country. A human being who can see the rage and inhumanity of a stupid, poorly trained, uneducated white police officer murdering a young black child, from a troubled and oppressed neighborhood and the protection of that corrupt police officer by a clueless, detached, inept local government. A babbling, timid, spineless and bubblehead governor. A democrat of all things. Missouri. North America. 

Heart of Shame.

Pantelleria Island

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Game Of Thrones : Coming Down ( With a little help from Homicide By Police )

Coming down from game of thrones. Yes. I watched all four seasons, I just finished and then read all five books, when I came back the news was police murdering men of color just randomly....

.....At the beginning of the summer I watched all four seasons of game of thrones, 40 videos more or less back to back. I then read all five of the books published so far. Searched for information on book 6. And concluded that Martin is a devious and merciless bastard who has somehow, almost without anyone noticing, changed books, films and, as well insured the highest levels of pirate video sharing so everyone on earth will eventually have seen this series…..and that last bit is inevitable and unstoppable. The Imp, however, that Lannister bastard can perhaps be stopped. Unless. Danaryes is the key to unless. The immortal imp, Peter Dinklage aka RR Martin, is now immortal as well, having mastered and gone beyond. He deserves it well. So, I finished watching and readings (and dreaming about sometimes) and soon realized I was swept up and going back to regular business was an effort. An experience. Perhaps a surprise.

During all this epic binge there were homicides of honest people by the police, indifferent desecration and looting of dead passengers on a commercial flight home, missiles, blood and yet more new houses in the Jewish/Palestinian questions, declarations of a just self defense by a Hammas leadership composed of mad dog fanatics whose only agenda is hatred and death (and they are masters at pushing that button)…somehow in this world we tolerate for reasons that escape me, Hammass either as people or an idea…we hear about these things through the empty chambers of American leadership, where the distinguished leaders from the other side have left their bodies, sold their souls and votes, whose minds have been destroyed at the election to such high office a person of color (I’m talking to you Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky)…yet everyone says these people will win new powers in November….and I was thinking Game of Thrones World was where the unreality lay hidden as entertainment and literary musing only to find it was not there at all but everywhere around me, here in Berlusconi Land….(otherwise it is such a charming place: ie., no guns for one thing).

Where are we all going in our shiny cars in the night, to paraphrase an infamous bard from a generation ago?

By the way, I am not really so much taking the side of Israel with the Hammass comment. Everyone should watch “Five Broken Cameras” to see what arrogant and hateful official policies and behavior by the Jews towards palestinian people. There is a cultural hatred each sides has for each other that is nearly DNA in nature…but Hammass is a different story. They are gangsters who want to punish everybody for everything. They are black holes with teeth and state of the art weapons.They are the shadow of the rage of so much oppression by the ancient and not so ancient european masters of the past..or is that just an excuse. Their memory of peace and mathematics has been forgotten, but their memory of rage lives on. Hammass is a sad and sorry lot. Bringing out the worst in all of us, even me. You to…probably.

On the other hand the news today confirms that it is not right, what happened to Mr Eric Garner. Murdered by the police in NYC for no good reason at all. Today we hear that the NYPD is retaliating, harassing and now has arrested the young man who made the video of the murder of Eric Gardner, whose death has been officially ruled a homicide.

We need to watch the cops. They all carry this shame today, every one of them. What will NY do? They need to arrest and bring to trial the man who killed him. An American Police. Watch them the way The Imp might watch the Gold Cloaks….seriously

As I was getting ready to post this, two more Homicides By Police: Michael Brown, murdered; John Crawford III, murdered in a walmart. How many more before the week is finished? Brown was accosted and murdered in less than 6o seconds, unarmed. Jaywalking along an empty neighborhood side street. Crawford had picked up a toy gun in the walmart.

Homicide by Police? It is OK or what? Who are you people?

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