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Great Books About Who the Ojibwe People Are || Mystery Life of the Forest People

Ojibway Ceremonies
Basil JohnstonISBNS:   0803275730 9780803275737

The Manitous . the spiritual world of the OjibwayBasil Johnston  
ISBNS: 0060171995 9780060171995 1550137123 9781550137125

Last Standing Woman
Winona LaDuke
isbn: 0896584526

There are many great stories here. The story of Sky Woman, the names of the sacred forces of the forest, the great medicine lodge and healing society of the Mide Wi-An and many other great adventures. Ojibwe tress built Chicago and Kansas City, and Ojibwe blood was on every board foot of that Timber.

Dreamers, animal talkers, shape shifters, magical songs, adventures with animals and plants that talk and sing.....a truly interesting, noble, detailed and largely invisible people still living in the forests and lakes at the headwaters of the great Mississippi....summer reading that will surprise you.