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Historical Footnote !! Who Are The Human Beings

From the traditional sacred sciences vs the plodding "every piece is the whole story" modern science.

Recent DNA studies on aboriginal hair samples reveal that the Australian indigenous people have occupied their lands for upwards of fifty thousand years. Read the full details here.

The prevailing theory about how the earth became populated is generally now called the "Out of Africa" theory. It argues that all human beings evolved from and migrated from a point in Africa. Read about this theory in detail here.

The Ahnshinabeg (Ojibwe, etc), the Tewa (Hopi, etc) have nevr accepted this theory as a fact. We believe their were four great human migrations, originating from four distinct regions around the world, one of them being in North America.

That so-called evidence of this idea has not been brought forward is not because such evidence exists. It does. It exists in oral traditions and ceremonial structures and objects, shared between all indigenous peoples around …

Equinox September 23 || 10:04am CET

for 30 years I have always
made a poem, a song line
on the equinox and solstice
I try to do it
close to that precise moment
the old indians
who were my teachers
told me
just one time
that the solstice and equinox
are gateways
an opening, they would say,
that you could pass through
and so
change everything
i took those words and made a song of them
I say it and i sing it
out here where every day
is just another day
I always take that moment
with the earth
and in my heart
I go ahead and pass through

@2011 Turtle Heart
Pantelleria Italy

An American Indian At ground Zero

I am an American Indian. A Keeper of Religious Ceremonies of the Sacred Pipe, a part of traditional American Indian spiritual life. I have had the unusual experience of carrying this Sacred Pipe on behalf of the tribal elders to two regions of this mother earth that are called “Ground Zero.”
The first Ground Zero Journey was to the White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico.

During the dark of one night I walked some miles, about 15 of them overnight round trip. My destination was the sight of the first Atomic Explosion. Using a good map and walking the magnificent desert during a full moon I found the little area where the tower that made the first explosion once stood. There is a modest monument there now. Nearby, in the hard sands I made a hole. I sat before the hole I made and sang an old American Indian song. When the song was finished I placed the tip of an 800 year old Samurai sword, blessed and made a sacred “Kami”, its other parts placed in 107 places around the earth….th…