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Equinox of Spring : An ode to open doors

equinox :
a door opens yet another door, another passage who will follow their dreams to the other side
is there something you need to put down is there something more you could do is there a light to guide you is there something behind you you need to turn around and look see what is there in the long shadow of might have been
the great wind has carried you here the great light is showing you the way forward even as you are standing still yet you are carried forward perhaps there is a dream you remembered perhaps there is something you really wanted to say perhaps there really is something you can do yes, that door has opened once again for eight breaths eight heart-beats eight times a blinking of the eye
seeds have opened once again mother earth warm and sweet yes, a door has opened another chance to follow yourself find yourself, to pass through over, under and around a sacred life, inside a sacred heart
turtle heart for the world journey of a sacred pipe ©2015 words, tex…

Soldier's Lament : Arrest George Bush

Islamic state destroying artThe equipment worn by modern soldiersNetenyahoo….Our soldiers. Thousands of them dead. Gone. Their families devestated. Tens of thousands injured, broken, their lives changed forever into something less. Suicides. By the thousand. By the thousands. Suicides.For what?George W. Bush. Criminal. Liar. A disgraced American President. An non-prosecuted criminal. A liar. A coward.  A hallow and empty man. A disgrace to his country. A disgrace to human history.

When I was a young man, I loved to study history. In every country and culture. Part of this interest came into my young bones from the efforts of Mrs. Wells. Even after so many years I remember her great passion for history at Eastmoore High School in Columbus Ohio. Also her legs. She had such beautiful legs. It was her habit to sit on her desk, on the top, in front of the class, with her beautiful legs crossed..she seemed to get lost in the stories of things that happened a long time ago. It infected me and…