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Ojibwe Rule of 8-sided Character : Scalia (Fail)

©2016 Turtle Heart Editorial Opinion
If we follow the history of the judicial majority and minority rulings and opinions stated the the passing life of the reprehensible justice Anton Scalia,we find nowhere in those tomes what the constitution might hope to be blind justice. In fact, looking at his record there is a very precise matching up of his works with the political right in particular. There is no question about this. His obvious zeal for the right was and remains reprehensible. One needs only look at the hysterical panic of the GOP leadership when the news of his death arrived. In mere minutes the highest voices of the GOP establishment yelled out “hell no”.

Most reasonable people I believe are somewhat, and perhaps even greatly relieved that Scalia is gone from the court. Very hopefully we might conclude it is unlikely that such a zealous and biased justice could ever be confirmed at this point. Whomever is put forward will be assailed with historic vigour.

65% of R…

Frozen Truth and the War on Terror

©2016 Turtle Heart
For years I traveled with a version of the Four Directions Unity Bundle you can see in the photo. In those days it had a handle (made from Elk antlers), and I just carried it through the security checkpoint. I would tell the security people just what it was. They always let me pass through. Some years ago that experience ended. For several years now the security inspections have become so invasive, so mechanical, that it has become impossible to subject sensitive, sacred objects, such as a sacred pipe or an eagle feather, to this process.
So I had to stop traveling with the sacred bundle. It has been a few years now that I had to do that. I do not like it. It is creating an increasing sense of grave concern.
Departing on a journey in full possession of the moving parts of that sacred bundle that it is my life to protect and share with the modern word is a great feeling. Traveling without those sacred tools is an empty experience. It feels like I am betraying the tru…

I punch Myself In the Face : Election 2016

editorial opinion @2016 Turtle Heart
The other day I was watching the news, the coverage of Flint Michigan…sort of grim news that was sneaked in between the Donald Trump coverage. The story of an actual Gov who took away elected officials, destroying democracy in his state (and somehow not being arrested for it)…a wormy, tiny, high-voiced pissy little white man. Flint Michigan with one school nurse for the entire school system. No grocery stores because the “big chain” supermarkets will not build in poor black communities. Thousands of children poisoned with toxic water. Thousands. For two years. The wormy Gov still not arrested.
I wept. I banged my head on my desk and tears poured down my face. My fucking country, the United States.
The Republicans. The GOP. In control of 37 states. They did this. The GOP. A party now so toxic, so stupid, they are dangerous to humanity, a threat to civilisation. Actual monsters. So I wept. In shame and outrage.
I read these stories. These outrages. Of…