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The Sharp Knife and the Sacred Pipe

Late Spring Twenty Twelve

I am recovering these days from complicated and extensive surgery to my shoulder. As anyone who has gone through it knows, it is quite painful and a long time before the shoulder is once again normal, if it ever is. It Italy, home now of the World Journey Sacred Pipe...this was gratis, that is, free. I had to spend several thousand dollars coming and going from Pantelleria to Milan in external costs, like transportation, flying; food. I am very pleased with the doctor who did this work. I do not think in the USA I could have gotten this level of care, even considering the medical of the BIA and the Vetrans Hospital. (I am a Vietnam Veteran: HHQ, 1st Inf Div, 1/18th, "Swamp Rats" LRP).

This kind of thing is so distracting. Yet, the good life goes on. We keep the prayers and the candle on the bundle.

Consider donating some long-burning candles to the sacred bundle. We need more than 100 candles each year. You may in fact get a very good feeling knowin…