Monday, February 11, 2013

Abdication of a Pope || A Unique Historical Moment

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The first American Indian presented to a Roman Catholic Pope was in chains and presented as a curiosity, like a spotted leopard or an unusual potted plant. The Borgia Pope was this man. He signed a Papal Bull that established as a historical fact that Indigenous People (worldwide) were animals, without souls. He did this under pressure from slave merchants. The Pope had previously established that “Christians with souls” could not be sold as slaves. So the church defined their non-white human relations as animals. The Borgia Pope was in fact a shareholder in the slave merchandising business, at the wholesale level.

John Ratzinger never would meet with any American Indian. The fact that he established, or canonized, a so-called “American Indian Saint”, this magician’s trick is an old favored techniques of oppressors to disguise and mask over their real and actual treatment of the relatives of the canonized.

I was relieved when John Ratzinger abdicated the so-called Throne of Saint Peter. On reflection, however, it seems an act of questionable honor. Issues of personal honor and truthfulness have been a question with John Ratzinger from day one.

Now that he is soon to be a private citizen, some would ask if he will now be arrested, or at least questioned, before the bar of justice, about his well known participation in the protection of child abusing priests who populate, in considerable, protected number, the Catholic Church.

At least he is to be commended for getting out of the way. Once again the people of this waiting world can cast forward their hearts and minds and hope for a new leader who will make a difference. It is possible, even though unlikely. If the Cardinals had any courage and imagination they would put forward an unknown, lowly priest. What would have happened to Human History had the Church elected San Francisco as the Pope of Rome?

Old Pope John Paul included some American Indian religious leaders in a few and historic inter-faith formalities at the Vatican. I participated, with a number of Catholic Priests, in New York City an inter-faith ceremony about atomic weapons. I carried out in that ceremony a very Sacred Pipe, one that was held and blessed by many elders, over many generations. The Catholic Priests did not like it one bit.

Over the hours of news video I have been watching on the abdication of John Ratzinger, and when people are asked if Ratzinger was a “good” Pope, everyone starts out by talking about John Paul. Ratzinger is being “praised” only in the most neutral and passive phrases. As a long time student of body language; I found John Ratzinger’s eyes, hands and general way of speaking to be insincere. His hands looked to like tiny claws. There was not the warm friendly nature of a wave in his use of his hands. It looked artificial. Form over content. He was also a little obsessed with the rare and valuable vestments in the Vatican closet. He pulled out the most rare and valuable of the vestments for his appearances. I thought this was an odd fetish.

The College of Cardinals in Rome has a unique opportunity, unprecedented in fact, in human history. They have the power to put forward a formidable, powerful voice for change and reform, and peace….or just appoint another mediocrity. When one looks at the character and history of millionaire Cardinals: makers of favors, and empowerment agents for dictators, merchants and criminals, the outcome is predictable. For several generations now, the world is having a great deal of difficulty in establishing effective leaders anywhere.

As a Keeper of American Indian religious ceremonies, I will offer my prayers and meditations that the Church will find us someone who will make a difference. I invite all people of every religion and faith to do the same. There has not been a better moment in a thousand years for men in power to do the world a great service.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Hidden Obama || The Forgotten American Indian

Obama is the first United States President, in modern times, to be both a part of and embraced by the American Indian community.

He is the first United States President, in modern times, who has the power to change the world as we know it. He has the power, and a mandate, to change our relationship with Russia, China, and even the Middle East.

Yet he is damaged, limited and deeply infected with a strange timidity. Like many truly enlightened people, he suffers from an inability to take a full and conscious responsibility for his position, for his following, for the justified hopes of a waiting world

Obama has shown a disturbing preference for the corrupt and greedy financial barons, the one per cent of industrialists and corporate, financial executives that have so pillaged and endangered our world. He likes these people. He even seems to trust them….more than he trusts the old Indians who adopted him or the ordinary human beings who love him and carried him to his exalted position in human history. His strange desire to be loved by the elite militarists and corporate gangsters that have guided the war machine of the United States since World War Two is such a strange artifact. Obama has the power to cast them off, but embraces them instead.

Thousands of years ago, the wise scholars of ancient Chinese society warned the powerful and the mighty about the toxic nature of false modesty. False modesty is a condition that enables changers and leaders to prefer to insist they are just like everyone else, that they are not special. 

Over the next four years this part American Indian man could change the entire world into a truly safer and more beautiful place. Yet, the chances that he will actually pay attention and do this is very low, perhaps even impossible. Not because of his opposition. His opposition are essentially a collection of people so crazy, so stupid, and so lost inside their own bubbles and fantasies as to be powerless. Yet, like false modesty, the so-called forces of opposition are taken seriously rather than being laughed off the stage entirely. The leaders of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives are  a group of nearly unprecedented incompetence, yet they continue to define the agenda for the United States and serve as fools who continue to endanger the world itself.

We know Obama has a close relationship with the white men who are voices of the toxic United States war regime and its policies. It is sad that he has not taken one or two of the Old American Indians into his advisory circle. By surrounding himself with these consistent slaves of the military-industrial empire, to the exclusion of all other voices, practically guarantees that his potential will not be realized.

He has not looked for even a second outside of the bubble for voices to advise him. Every person around him is a slave to the status quo. There is not a single outsider close to this US President. His choices for the people he surrounds himself with are a product of his timidity, of his inability to really understand the unique position the world has put him in to bring the human race forward. His so-called patience and good manners are the consequences of being a person of color in a white-dominated society. Instead of overcoming and transcending the racists forces which cultivated these personality traits, he has strangely embraced them and accepted them as something good….instead of recognizing that these qualities were imposed upon him from the outside. Thereby he refuses to listen to the voice within and has made it all but impossible for a voice from the outside to be heard inside the bubble he has embraced by his well-intentioned timidity.

The old Indians would like to see Obama in a sacred Pipe ceremony, inside the Sweat Lodge or perhaps at a Sun Dance. These ancient ceremonies are called “Correction Ceremonies” by the old Indians. They serve humanity and community by requiring the participants to put, up front, their personal responsibility and awareness of their choices, of their personal lives. To the American Indians, these ceremonies are required of anyone in a leadership position. These ceremonies are powerful. Through these ceremonies the American Indian has survived generations of murder, genocide and destruction aimed at them from modern society. Those who embrace these ceremonies grow in service to humanity and gain personal power to keep faith with their inner vision amidst the noise and self serving interests of those who believe they are in power. They repair timidity and false humility and demand personal accountability to our responsibility to the seven generations.

These services are available to this United States President. Yet, the American Indian, even the part that is inside this US President, remain at the end of every line, at the bottom of every list and forgotten in every appointment.

If the American Indian inside this president would actually wake up and do something, the whole world would change. Obama should have waited for his chance. Really. Mrs. Clinton should be and have been our US President. Obama proves every day his promise, but also proves he was not yet ready to be the man the Mystery Life was building to help our world. But it is never to late to wake up. Perhaps the internal rot and explosion taking place in the GOP will help him, and us, yet realize his potential.

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