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Home From the War? Not quite yet. God Bless the Fourth of July…

Home From the War? Not quite yet. God Bless the Fourth of July…
I went off to the war in Vietnam. Training, waiting, arriving, coming back home. It changed everything. I came home and nothing happened. No one wanted to know where I had been, what I had been doing. Normalcy awaited. I did not participate. Not really. Not ever. Not then. Not now. There was no one to talk to. There was nothing to say. Inside I was filled up. All that stuff is still inside of me. With no place to go, even now, a half century later.
1969. Here we are in 2019. I look on national TV at the bodies of children floating face down in the Rio Grande; babies face down in the dirt of the Syrian desert; young people’s bodies filled with bullets from the police and from other random white men…in church, in nightclubs, at weddings, just walking down the street or trying to study in school. Maybe the entire nation has PTSD. Everyone but the GOP. They are stragely satisfied at the moment. With this POTUS. With this SCOT…

Solstice of Summer 2019 : When That Happens

solstice of summer : 16:54 CET
sing like a bird set free

escape like light from the darkness

rise like fire to the top of the mountain

stand like a stone inside your own skin

our solstice a sacred breath of the sacred earth….

we are in fact all together when that happens

(sculpture : the old man in charge of pipes)
Turtle Heart and Silvia Santi

Copyright 2019 Turtle Heart

Stunned Silence : Sacred Pipe Revisited

©2019 Turtle Heart O-say-go:
The last year has been conflicting and strange. I find the election and presence on this Mother Earth of Donald Trump and his gang, especially the GOP, to be so disgusting, so unacceptable that it has nearly stunned me into silence. If society can tolerate Trump, society is in a crisis. That there are in fact so many tens of millions of people so unattached, uninterested and just plain stupid as to be OK with Trump? It is a jarring situation.
Gradually I have come back to a more normal state of mind. I turned 70 years earlier this year. As you might expect, it is a sobering milestone.
One of the revelations is that my lifetime of experience and knowledge, gained from the old Indians and from carrying that into the Waiting World is all inside of me and not in many other places. This blog has something of the history and experiences, nit very much.
I am starting now to post archival documents representing the collevted body of knowledge that I have gathered f…