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Solstice of Winter : Shadow Dreams

ring your heart like a bell sing your name, sacred up into the open sky dream your way forward goodbye to what could have been what might have been find  your open heart move your life, dream, song and name follow the open gate of the sky everything really could be better touch the earth, look up look down.  breathe silence is the prayer we share
solstice of winter 22 december 2015 5:48 am cet

The Words Coming Out of Your Mouth

Editorial: Turtle Heart ©2015 Being responsible for the words that come out of your mouth is one of the vital rules or principles of being a responsible, sane human adult. It is the difference between being a good person and in being an idiot, coward, divisive fool. This “rule” was impressed upon me from the very beginning of my education and experience with the old American Indians. I learned this lesson when I was very young. It did not come from the “Bible”, or from Sunday School. It was not a teaching at my high school or in the university. It was said in plain, elegant English by the old American Indians (Elders). Not in an isolated conversation in the shadows somewhere. By all of them. Everywhere.
Take. Responsibility. For. The. Words. Coming. Out. Of. Your. Mouth.
Today. Right now. The sheer volume of trash and invective coming out of the mouths of degenerate, self-worshipping clowns like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and the ghost known as Jeb…

Paris Blue Shadow Blues 2015

©2015 paris, 13 november twenty fifteen
dreams fall like bullets bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street the heartless shadows praised the darkness and reloaded smiling, innocent, alive just a moment ago pride, prejudice, religion transmuted into hate fingers on the trigger the people become the howling weeping truth, re-described as sacred bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street someone put a flower in a bullet hole lighted a candle on the bloody street played a piano to the bowing crowd huddled together in mystery and grief I was far, far away yet my soul was nearby, right there bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street hope, rage, forgiveness, revenge tears and silence in cold waves all of that buried me in screams where strangers gathered into family no one wanted to be alone bleeding onto the street bleeding onto the street I was choked in bitterness breathing flames into the cold dark night silence breaking my heart I could not turn away eyes open, heart on fire, I took a deep breath a…

White Walker Chronicles: The (GOP) Zombie Class

Editorial Content: The Republican Debates Copyright ©2015 Turtle Heart

The Walking Dead, aka the Republican Party, have lined up, edge to edge on your monitor. Brains. Zombie Brains are said to be delicious, but fluffy (to much air) and unsatisfying (to much salt, no sugar).
The carefully engineered dominance of the political right across the entire country…its control of states, local governments…and its cost in the billions of dollars by a handful of white men…seems from a distance to be a virus, exactly like the virus that creates zombi society on our televisions. If you look at a big map, it looks like a blight, a massacre perhaps. Given the diverse history of the United States, it does not seem a natural act. Like the zombie invasion.
America whither goest thou upon thy golden elephant? 

I got out ten years ago. Just in time. But Italy, my new country, is not America. I miss peanut butter and New Mexico green chilli and buffalo stew. I don’t miss Americans. Not a single one.

Equinox : September : Power of the Old Dog

23 September 2015 : 10:20 am CET

starlight gathering near my finger tips dream songs carry me in my sleep yes my friends the mysteries are all around us close by

I am sitting with memories, the shadows of my wisdom, distant ring of my experience, my elusive powers. 
Wishing I could do something to help the Waiting World. Retirement is upon me. Nothing. I don’t like it. Tears run down my cheeks as I read and watch the Troubles. Trouble. Everywhere.
I have been reading. A lot. More than ever. Like when I was a young boy. I stayed holed up in my room and read books. And comics. But lots of books. Thoreau. Julius Ceaser. Mark Twain. Marvel. Alexander Dumas. The Count of Monte Cristo is probably my favorite book. Also Talbut Munday. Robert E Howard. Lord Dunsanay. Books. Printed on paper. Today the books are on my iPad. Electronic books. They have lots of typos and bad formatting. Even the best sellers. Ebooks are kind of tacky and poorly edited. This seems so strange to me. Right from the start, …

Hilary Rodham Clinton : The American Indian Vote

I have preferred Mrs Clinton over Obama. All along. I have come to truly admire Barack Obama. He seems a geniunely good and intelligent man. His humanity on the stage of the world is truly beautiful. There remains a timidity about him that has disappointed me all along. I voted for him because of course voting for the manic and rather unstable John McCain was not reasonable. I am a registered Democrat, but I have voted in the past for a few Republican elected offices. I voted for Richard Nixon on the strength of his incredible, noble, and largely ignored and unsuspected support for and actions taken for American Indians. When Nixon died, American Indian drummers came from all over the USA to drum him over. Nixon was the only US President for whom the American Indians did this. President Obama was, in fact, adopted by the Crow Nation and given a ceremonial name. Yet what he has done for American Indians is timid, modest, and important but also inadequate. I am not sure Mrs Clinton wil…

Every Animal on Mother Earth Is In Danger : Dead World Chronicles

The long historical disgrace of our treatment, abuse, exploitation and murder of animals….
All of them, from the highest to the lowest. From the microscopic to the leviathans.
I liked every kind of animal right from the very beginning. My mother told me I used to walk around with insects parked on my arm or in my hand; talking to them. Telling them stories, Singing them songs. Even “Flys”, she said.
The betrayal and destruction of so many animals; the exploitation and brutality of the commercial and medical use of animals…all of it. There are billions, billions I say again, billions of animals used up one way or another. The absolute magnitude of the assault on the animal population of the earth is, to me, utterly unspeakable.
As a kid, I started out as a kid; I feel really let down. Every animal on earth is either in danger directly, or living in nervous fear of every human being around it in anticipation of danger. When I was a kid, the very idea that this portfolio of in…

South Carolina : I Am A Child of the South

Child of the South || The Shattered Myth, A New Southern Strategy

I am, perhaps not uniquely, a child of complex history. While in my adult life, my professional and spiritual life identifies with and works and lives within my American Indian ancestry, I was born in the south. I am a child of the southern culture in as many ways as I am or am not a worthy child of those Ojibwe ancestors.

I was born, in fact, in South Carolina; in Bamberg County, in Bamberg itself. Much of what is my nature, honestly both good and bad, is from my nuture experience as a child in a southern culture. My life-long work within the American Indian culture, also a part of my heritage, has often eclipsed that Southern part...but it is always there, some operational part of my attitudes and passions.
I remember, in these later years, so many sweet circumstances and adventures very precious to recall. Southern Hospitality was once legendary. Welcome everyone. Food was often used to bring everyone together. As a …

An American Indian Fourth of July : Not So Much

Herein, an editorial sampling of American indian ideas of the 4th of July. Like many other "holidays" on the American calendar, American Indian communities participate, because really everyone loves a holiday, especially the children. Yet we view them with some consternation, some suspicion, some dread.

Rezinate is an interesting blog narrative, often controversial, and clearly, like many of us, not enamoured of the myths, crimes, and corrupted plastic heroes of "AIM", the so-called American Indian is his latest post on 4th of July, for your editorial consideration:

HARRIET NAHANEE AND THE FOURTH OF JULYPosted by rezinate on July 4, 2015 Posted in: AIMbunko artistclyde bellecourtculturaal genocidecultural integritydennis banksHarriet Nahaneeindependence dayleonard crow dogpriderussell meansthe 4th of julythe environmenttraditionwomen warriors. Leave a comment “What I would like to see is people with [traditional] knowledge …