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White Walkers, GOP 2016 : Part Two

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The zeal and passion of Trump supporters appears to also include brand loyalty. They say they will stick with their man in very high numbers. So far..
Looking in eight directions, I see shifting winds, new storms, gray apathy, surprises and no certain outcome. This period right now could in fact be one worthy of alarm. An actual cluster-fuck of possibly infinite chaos. When a mistake is made and repeated often expands from simple agitation into chaos as it is repeated and therefore magnified. Mr Trump is far more than just a mistake.
2012 sowed the seeds, arguably, for something very possible and very probable to shift and reshape itself in the GOP. An old astrologer might tell you that Pluto was right up in the middle of everything the GOP was about in 2012. Not knowing well what that means is exactly why the error was so able to advance to the pickle we have here right now. Something had to absolutely give in 2012. Either the GOP was going to man up and tak…