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WOJB - Woodland Ojibway Radio

This is a little radio station operating from the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.Sometimes the program lapses into Ojibway language. It is a small public radio station with a lot of spirit. The do a good job. They do not have enough money or support to run Ojibway culture 24 they fill out other program sections with all sorts of offbeat public programming sections. One day, a local DJ brought in tapes he made of his Big Band era 78 vinyl LPs. They occasionally offer long songs and segments of good tribal American Indian music.

Attached is an interview with Ojibway elder Harold Frogg. Not many places where you can hear Ojibway elders talking about what is on their mind. This is from the Podcast library.

To check out WOJB, follow this link......

They interview American Indians. Right now, some important ceremonial leaders have been interviewed about the Arizona sweat lodge event which has become well-known among American Indians. The local American Indians u…

James Arthur Ray || the anti-self

James Arthur Ray and Sedona Arizona

Warning. Reality may be further away than it seems in Sedona Arizona.

Sedona is the world capital for pretenders, imitators and self-worshiping. I have a long history and knowledge of Sedona Arizona and its endless parade of thieves like James Arthur Ray. In recent years it has become such a spoiled and lost blackhole in the desert southwest that I would never return there. Everybody in Sedona is (they believe) a sacred person, a sweat lodge leader and a pipe keeper. Why not? User beware.

Anyone who has three first names, and uses them to speak about himself, should always be viewed with suspicion. Tribal elders would rarely even look in the direction of a person holding and using such a name. This is the first warning sign. Yes, in this case I am using names. I am responsible for my words. This man's behavior is so offensive, it begs to be called by name.

James Arthur Ray is the ideal poster boy for everything that is immoral, incorrect and abusiv…

Ameri K a || While the Good Keep Quiet

It looks bad, from here....

watch this here......