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Mudjeekwas (Equinox)

Equinox. Mudjeekwas.

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In these days I have had to gather up my body and go for some consulting with Italian doctors. I have a gathering collection of problems, some of them quite serious. On Pantelleria we have the equivalent of no medical care for anything except the most simple injuries. It is very sobering to have these problems. Sickness or injury comes to almost all of us sooner or later. My problems have really slowed down the work this year. On the positive side I have been able to focus time on myself and understanding more clearly where I want to go with my work with the sacred pipe.

For sure I want very much to stand in a few other countries with this sacred pipe. the thought of my life ending now is something i am not ready for. I want to make more progress with this work. Now I understand my time is limited. That is the most important new information I suppose…my time is limited.

My body feeds my senses. Sometimes it tells me that bringing s…

Notes from DreamTime

(Picture: Gigantic Pipe seen in a dream by an Italian woman on Pantelleria, Italy)

©2007 Turtle Heart, entire cotents.

“My friend, you must live. Yes, live and endure everything. That is contained in the promise you made when you became awake and choose this life, this red road. You must endure all and prevail with silence and without tracks. How far you have to go! Any fool can die. Any fool can quit. But you must endure right up to the very last moment. Everything you know, everything that you will become and what you will leave behind, to help all the others find the way, depend upon this. It is here, in your hands and there in your heart.”
…from the councils of the Tobacco Indian

I settled own, stretched out in the water
sacred water, rain water
heated by the sun and the old volcano
stripped bare, open to the touch of the wind
i floated and not quite dreaming
my belly was open and the sky went inside
endure everything
like the sacred water endures the sky
even stars have seeds
trails of …